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RED | avengers


F I R E Phoenix Stark is not the one you want to mess with. After a project gone wrong by Louis Kelton, her father. She became unstoppable. She wasn't even a baby when it happened. She was left alone, without both of her parents with powers that she didn't know how to control. And her uncle, Tony Stark, was the one to take her in, and became the father figure she always needed. After years of training, and learning to control her powers, she is finally able to go to a mission. And when she does, she realizes that it was even more difficult than she expected. More when she finds herself in a bind with a sprinter who loves to annoy her. [Fire/4] [english] [avengers] [marvel fanfic] [age of ultron] [pietro maximoff x oc]

Action / Romance
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oo. project

THE MAXIMOFF TWINS, weren't the first people to be alterned. And they aren't going to be the last. But as intelligent and brilliant that hydra was, they couldn't find the way of changing a person's dna. Until they found Louis Kelton, and his precious little alternate daughter.

Bad luck for them, the man had died years before. But Phoenix Stark was healthy and alive.

Taking advantage of the situation in which Tony Stark, her uncle, was at the moment. They kidnapped the ten year old, and used her body as instructions. She was tortured and used as a rat lab. Trying to find in her body the way in which she was able to have so incredible abilities.

But when Tony escaped, and found out that his niece was kidnapped, with his new personality and suit, he saved her. Destroying the base in which they had her and everyone who was in the way of saving her.

But he missed someone, and it was Wolfgang von Strucker, who scaped with all the documents that he could take about the project. And was that way, years later, that the twins were changed, with the only purpose of destroying Starks name, and everything that came with it.

Hi! I am the writer of this fanfic! I wanted to make a few notes so that you can understand more about this fanfic! So, this fanfic is originally written on Wattpad. where you can find me as @desirereality. Where i a plead much faster and i can chat with you guys!

Also, my first language is NOT english. So i apologize for any mistakes, please let me know if you find any!

This is it! Thank you so much to give RED a chance and i hope you like it!

Love, V!
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