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Paper Planes || Shota Aizawa


If you write down a note, and fold it into an airplane, and fly it out your window- it 𝗪𝗜𝗟𝗟 reach your soulmate.

Romance / Adventure
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PLANES. air planes flew into shota’s room. one, two, three, after that he couldn’t count how many came in. they were coming in fast, and how fast? fast enough that they could make a noise. “must be my soulmate,” he muttered. “shota, sweetie. what is that noise in your room? you better not be doing anything wrong in there!” his mother yelled from the other side of the door, knocking on it.

he sighed while carefully walking towards his door, not stepping on any paper planes. “it’s just my soulmate mom,” he whispered. she awed at her
seven year old. “she or he must be wanting a letter
back, you know.” his mother walked into his room, collecting up the paper planes while counting them all. it took her about two or three minutes to finish, and when she was done, she spoke. “twenty-three.” he looked at his mother, “twenty-three?” he repeated.

“go to your desk and write back to your soulmate young boy, don’t led them waiting!” she scolded him, “before you go, read these so you can know what to send to them.” she placed the paper planes all on his desk. ‘this is gonna take so long, i just wanna play my game boy.’ shota whined in his head, rubbing his temple.

he opened up his first plane and read. “what is your name?” he wrote back in black pen, noticing his soulmate wrote in yellow. my name is shota. he thought slow while writing down on the same paper plans his designed soulmate had made. the second plane red, “how old are you? i’m seven!” he groaned, responding and asking her a question as well.

this went on for about another thirty minutes, and shota was tired. all the airplanes his soulmate sent were sent back towards them. he walked out of his room and into his restroom, doing his routine and then kissing his mom goodnight. his father won’t be home until a couple hours later. “(y/n), wherever you are, you’re mine only.” he mumbles to himself before closing his eyes.

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