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“Fall with me” Songs in story do-not belong to me.”

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 Diagon Alley

Waking up Alora sighed. "Another day another hour another minute alone.' She thought getting up. Sighing as she got up and cracked her neck and got out of bed. "ALORA POTTER." She hears as she gets dressed.

Adjusting her glasses she walked downstairs and saw Miss Kim had a letter in her hand. "This is for you brat." She hands it to her and walks away. Going outside she started walking down the sidewalk her tattered sneakers helping her along the way.

Opening the letter she starts reading it.


Dear Alora Potter

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted into Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wardzdry. Please find enclosed a list of all necessary books and equipment.

The term begins on September 1. We await your owl no later than Jul 31.

Yours Sincerely

Minerva Moganagal


"What?" She questions as she takes out a couple more pieces of paper. School list and directions to Diagon alley. What this must be a joke. But that does make since ever since first grade she could do weird things slam doors without touching them when she was angry make the walls shake and she even turned her teacher blue once.

Well just her luck shes an orphaned witch. Walking down the streets of London she finds the Leaky cauldron. Walking in she goes up to the man. "Excuse me can you open the entrance to Diagon Alley."

He chuckles and nods leading me to the back he taps on the brick with a stick. "Rember this rhythm if you want to get in again." He says. Soon the wall opens up. Walking through Diagon alley she noticed all the cool things like floating toys in windows.

First, she needed money which means a bank. Walking around she notices a large building with big words around it saying Gringotts. It looked like a bank so she tried her luck and started walking up the steps.

Once she got to the big doors she opened them and saw a bunch of short creatures standing behind teller desks. She walks to the one in the middle. "Excuse me." She asks looking at the creature. Looking down a snare on his face he says. "Yes, child."

She thought about how she was going to ask as she had never done anything like this before. "Um, I need money for Hogwarts." She said slightly stuttering at the end. "Well we can't just give you money but you may have a vault here were are your parents. "I'm an orphan sir but I have my name if you need that."

She said looking at her fingers. "Oh yes, that would be helpful." He said in a sarcastic tone. "Alora Potter." She says. His eyes widen. "where is your magical guardian, Miss Potter." She looks at him. "I don't believe I know what that is Mr.," She says a small scared look on her face.

"Well, this is not good at all." He says as he beacons another creature over. "Take Miss Potter to Ragnook for a blood test." He says motioning to the small girl holding the edge of her tattered sweater. Nodding the creature motions her over. "Come on follow me, Miss Potter."

She followed a scared look on her face. As they walk down the winding hallways she begins to slightly panic. 'I hope I'm not in trouble.' She thinks as she follows the creature she didn't know the name of. As they stopped at a door the creature knocked three times before opening the door and motioning Alora to go in.

Going in she noticed as the door shut behind her. "Miss Potter please come sit," Ragnook said motioning to the seat as he sighed something with his other hand. She timidly approached the large desk and sat in the chair in front of it.

"Now Miss Potter your in here for a blood test how this works is ill hand you a special dagger and you cut a bit of your hand letting three drops of blood fall on the parchment I'm going to place in front of you." He explains as he clears his desk and grabs some parchment and a golden dagger. "Ok," She replies her meek voice barely coming out.

Handing her the dagger he watches as she makes a small cut on her palm and lets the blood drip exactly three drops before the wound heals. Taking the dagger Ragnook places it back in its drawer and watches as the parchment changes and lets off a soft glow as words show up.

Once they show up Ragnook was surprised to see what popped up.


Name: Alora Button Evans

D.O.B: Jan 1, 1980

Parents: Deceased Lilly Evans (Pureblood) and Deceased Narissa Black (pureblood)

Godparents: Alive Beatrix Lestrange and Deceased Saphire Minx

creature: Unknown Submissive

hight: 5,3

mates: Unknown

Core: Dark

Power level: 200


Lady to





















Equal to 400,556,546,462,524,695,85,5 Knuts 765,584,845,346,646,624,645,687,55,4 Sickles and 999,854,564,215,545,654,8456,845,564,546,648,678,678,648,687,687,123,321,24,657,953,54,5 Gallions


Blocks Charms potions and binds


Creature block

Core bind

Love potion keyed to Ron Weasley (Activates on Sep 1, 1991)

Blind Courage Charm (Activates on Sep 1, 1991)

Blind Braverey charm(Activates on Sep 1, 1991)

Bonded glamour

Emotions bind

Happiness bind(Activates on Sep 1, 1991)

Mate pull block

Obedience charm keyed to Albus Dumbledoor Molly weasely Ron Weasley Hermione Granger and Ron Weasley

Hatred charm Keyed to Slytherins

Hatred charm keyed to Tom Riddle

Hatred charm keyed to Severus Snape

Hatred Charm Keyed to Lucius Malfoy

Blind Stupidity Charm(Activates on Sep 1, 1991)

Core steal keyed to Albus Dumbledoor

All Administered by Albus dumbledoor and Molly Weasley


Transactions and Contracts

20 Gallions to Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger starting on Sep 1, 1991

554,777,897,55 Gallions to Dumbledoor Feb 10 1990

675,554,599,54 Gallions to Dumbledoor Jan 6 1989

548,585,654,985,56 Gallions to Dumble door Dec 8 1988

548,654,852,951,357,54 Gallions to Dumbledoor Nov 15 1987

Illegal Marriage Contract to Ron Weasley Sighed by Albus Dumbledoor and Molly Weasley


As she finished reading the contract she started crying. Ragnook was angry the child was only 11 much too young to go through all this strain from these ridiculous blocks charms and potions."We must get you to the cleansing chamber." He says knocking on his desk three times.

Three creatures come in. "Take miss Potter down to the cleansing chamber immediately." He said his gruff voice coming out in an urgent and angry tone. The three creatures nod leading Alora from the chair and out the door towards the cleansing chamber.

Once they got Alora in the chamber they gave her a white robe "Change quickly now." One creature said Before quickly scurrying off to set up the chamber with the other creatures. Alora stripped and put on the white robe. Walking to the middle of the room she was then told to lay in the middle of a circle of unfamiliar script.

Once she laid down the candles went out and soon the short creatures started chanting something she didn't understand. That didn't matter at the moment because all she could feel was hot pain everwhere.

She closed her eyes unable to scream as the pain somehow took away her voice. After a couple of hours, the pain and chanting had ceased. Once Alora sat up she felt like she was lighter and free of whatever was dragging her down. well, not all of it.

She still had her Anxiety Depression and Insomnia but it was nice. Walking to a nearby mirror she looked at herself. Her body was inked with intricate patterns and flowers. Her skin was no longer tan but pale blush making certain parts of her body pigmented. Her hair was now straight small curls going down to her knees.

Her nose was different it was small and straight. Her ears were smaller and she also noticed that she could see colors lining shapes in the room through her blind eye. She also had changed in body shape. She wasn't long and lanky anymore.

Now she was more hourglass-shaped. She had a big butt and her waist was small but full not just flat making her look like a box. It looked like she was wearing a corset. She had not developed fully as she was still 11. Her thighs were thicker along with her hips.

Feeling her body she noticed it was smooth but still had scars from getting beaten up by Miss Kim or the children. They were lighter so not as noticeable as they were when she was tan. That's when she saw her hair was no longer black but half white. Her lips were full and her eyebrows were two different colors.

One black and the other white. She liked the way she looked. So she walked and changed back into her ratty old clothes. She was definitely going shopping for some new clothes now that she could afford them. Walking down the familiar hallway she found Ragnooks office.

Nocking three times she then went in glad she remembered the door. Seeing Ragnook she walked to the chair and sat down in it. "Can you tell me what's going to happen to the people who are stealing from me and my magical guardian." She says no longer timid as she needed to know this information.

"Well if you wish we can emancipate you and then take all the stolen money back with interest. As well as ripping up the dreadful contract." Ragnook says a small smirk on his face. She nods. "So if I were to be Emancipated it would mean I wouldn't need a guardian as I would technically be an adult." She asks.

"Yes, this would make you Lady of all families you are heir to since you are the last of all those bloodlines." She nods. "What do I have to do?" Soon they spend a couple of hours sighing contracts going over payment methods and accounting business.

"Now that you have accepted all of your rings and done your apparition test the last thing I have to tell you is about your creature inheritance. This will give you one or more creatures that increase your power and give your mates. You will come into your creature inheritance when you turn 13. That's all the information I have to tell you now have a good day."

Ragnook says as he goes back to writing away at a scroll Alora hadn't noticed was there before. Getting up she walks out of the door and back down the winding hallways. When she gets to the main room she walks past the tellers and through the giant doors to the outside world. First things first clothes.

Walking down the stairs she goes to a clothing shop cold Madam Malkins. Walking to a woman with a name tag she taps her shoulder gently. "Excuse me miss Nancy." The woman turns around her blond curls bouncing with her as she does so. "Yes, dear?" The woman asked looking at Alora. "I have come here to buy a whole new wardrobe as well as Hogwarts uniforms."

Alora says playing with her fingers. "Of course sweetie right this way." Soon she standing on a platform getting measured. "Now ill fetch your Hogwarts attire you can go and pick anything you want in the shop out and ill adjust it to your measurements when were ringing it up at the counter. Any allergies hunny?" She asks. "No, But I would like your nicest fabric as my skin is sensitive," Alora says softly. The lady nods and walks away to get the uniforms.

Alora went and grabbed a basket. Walking around she snagged whatever caught her eye. Including shoes. After getting a bunch of clothes cloaks and shoes she suspects her basket is charmed. She just shrugs it off and walks to the counter where the lady was waiting for her.

"Got everything you need?" the lady asked as she cast a price finding charm over the clothes Alora had just pulled out of her basket. "Yup," Alora replied as she pressed her ring on the piece of paper with the price on it. Soon her clothes were put in bags. Grabbing the bags the thanked Nancy and walked out. Now for her school list.

The first thing she was going to get was her trunk. Walking to Festers Trunk Shop she opened the door and saw lots of different trunks. All different shapes colors and sizes. She got a White trunk with a library potions store and a place to make potions s well as a large closet and a basic space to put her school things in. All were blood protected.

After that, she got her things off her school list. Once she finished getting those things she got a bunch of books so she could learn of her world. Once she had gathered those she walked to the magical pet store. Going through the pets she feels a pull to a Black Panther cub. Going over she smiles. "Hello, little one." She says as she strokes its head with her finger.

"Hello human I am Moon You must be my master." The Cub says as it stares at her. "What do you mean?" Alora asks as she looks at the cub. "I'm your familiar this means I'm paired to you I'm meant to help you. My soul is attached to your magical core making me able to send magic to you if you're in need. You also can speak to me in your mind and locate me wherever I go when I mark you as my master."

Alora nods."Ok then ill go get an employee." She says walking over to a man. "Excuse me sir can ring up that panther cub I also feel a pull to that black and white egg." She states to the man. "Of course Miss ill fetch the cage of the Panther and the egg. Do you wish to get the things needed for the panther and Phonix egg?" He asks as he grabs his wand levitating the panther cubs cage and egg to him.

"yes please." She answers. Soon shes stamping the parchment with her ring. Getting the panther cub out of its cage she then slips the cub into her pocket. After that, she softly outs the egg in her trunk making sure there's enough room in it.

Her last stop was the wand shop in Diagon alley as she didn't trust Ollivanders. Walking through Knocturn alley she quickly makes her way to the wand shop at the end of the alley. Once she makes it through the door she walks to the counter. A woman comes from behind the curtain. "Your here for a homemade wand yes?" The woman asks.

"Yes, I am." Soon the counter is covered with woods. "Now close your eyes and let you magic choose the ingredients." Soon after a couple more times of doing that Alora was walking around the shop as the strange woman made her wand. She saw a wand holder for her arm and got that as well as a few pieces of jewelry that caught her eye.

Setting those on the counter she waited patiently for the lady to come out. About five minutes later the lady came out with a box in her hand. "The most powerful wand I have ever made more so than the elder wand." The lady said handing Alora the black box. "Take care of it you will achieve great things with that wand."

The lady said smiling fondly at Alora. "Yes of course thankyou," Alora said leaving. Once Alora finished her shopping she was apparating to the Ravenclaw lakeside cottage. She picked it because it seemed like a cozy place.

This was going to be an interesting summer.
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