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Chapter Two Studying

Alora spent the next weeks moving in and getting familiar with her new home. And if she wasn't doing that she would be studying anything and everything from the Hogwarts curriculum to pureblood edict. She liked a lot of old magic like runes Rythem magic and Parcel magic. She found out she could speak it from her soulmate.

At least she had a small hint about one of her mates. She also was working on charms and wandless magic along with wordless magic. All of this constant studying made her sleeping schedule bad meaning she was studying and napping not ever solidly sleeping anymore witch didn't affect her as she had insomnia making it difficult for her to sleep anyway.

She didn't have a house-elf even though she could have one. She prepared everything she needed herself and she liked it that way. Her familiars marked her each at different times. When her phoenix hatched it was a month before it could bite her and mark her but her panther did it about three weeks after.

She named her Phonix Smoke. She had also made adjustments to her Hogwarts uniforms making all the skirts and blouses into dresses. She checked Hogwarts rules and it said it was fine as long as they were not too showy or colorful. Also, she could wear heel and heel boots so she was going to do that.

She loved feminine clothing but also loved masculine clothing as well. She didn't care for the male uniform so she just chose the feminine one. She would surprise a lot of people since she wasn't like how the books described her to be.

As she read all the time she slowly started passing simple books to higher-level books. And as she did so she started working on her anxiety depression and confidence. The books she read helped her through it. She started going out to her local village more and talking to people more. She also started hyping herself up and accepting compliments.

It didn't fully disappear though she had her moments and she was still working on it. But she was now confident enough to stand up for herself and ask questions. Her favorite subject was potions as it was like when she was little and was able to cook in the orphanage.

She had an easier time learning as she was interested in anything snd everything frequently adding to the library she had in her cottage. he also found a huge library in her cottage. She read every single one as summer progressed. Her Phonix loved to get her owl orders and silver letters for her when it came to thanking shop owners for her large purchases.

She could practice magic outside the castle since she was emancipated also she could sign what needed to be sighed paperwork wise for Hogwarts. As she learned more and more she wrote lots of notes making her buy an endless journal since she was constantly improving spells charms and potions.

She also started to make rune jewelry. Putting protection charms and weapon summoning charms on all of her jewelry including her familiar's collars. As she worked on her magic she noticed she needed to work out and stretch as having a good amount of muscle was good or doing things like trying to protect herself physically or just improving her look on herself.

She was thinking like an adult something she had been doing for her whole life. She enjoyed what she was doing as now she would jog and do pushups squats reps and planks. She was glad she bought working out for wizards book 4.

As the School Year approached she started to prepare for it. Her dreamless sleep potions and calming draught stores were getting low so she decided to start on those. After about two weeks she noticed her home was littered with papers and random books in weird places and lots of empty viles of whatever she had drunk in the last months.

She had a whole day of cleaning since she swore off magic when cleaning since she didn't want to get lazy. After a whole day of cleaning, she was done and resting on her loft reading a book by her favorite potions master. Severus Snape

He became a potions master at twenty-one and she planned to surpass him by becoming one at twelve. She was going to ask him if she could be his apprentice since she already had invented a lot of potions and they just needed to be looked at by the board as well as a paper signed from who she was apprenticing under saying she had surpassed his expectations and he accepts her request to go to the board so she can become potions master.

But for now, she was just going to enjoy her book. She may or may not have a crush on him. HEY, it's NOT HER FAULT HE IS SO GOOD LOOKING. She can easily fix the potion's effects of the crooked nose greasy hair and bags from bad potions affects. Like damn he's only 30.

anyways after her book, she was suddenly awake she decided to do some research on Lord Voldemort who apparently killed her moms. This didn't add up with her memory. She had an eidetic memory and she remembers specifically and an old man going in there with a good looking man following behind him whose eyes were glazed over. And then suddenly a flash of green came from the good looking man's wand and her moms were dead as they tried to protect her.

She was pretty sure if Lord Voldemort did do such a thing it wasn't from his own will. Most of these burnt down villages were from the order causing fights with the dark and lighting the village on fire when the dark who were just there to fight them back ho end up helping there own out of the village as it burnt to the ground. But that's not what recorded in the newspapers as the order botch it.

Many villagers tried to talk to the newspaper but weren't able to since most were dark families or just villagers who believe in the old ways. This was ridiculous and Albus dumbledoor was an ass who is the headmaster of Hogwarts and decided to change rules and close down classrooms all for the greater good. He is also the leader of the light surprise, surprise.

He fucked her life over and then decided to steal from her and bind her as well as fuck her over with spells binds potions and whatever other shit he could come up with. She also searched through the books for Weasleys who are blood traitors since they broke a pureblood marriage contract that was generations old for the young Lin Weasley to marry a Muggle.

The other pureblood family was irate and the contract made the Weasleys lose 90% of all their money old weapons jewelry and books to the Malfoys who were already well off. This labeled them as Blood traitors witch she completely made sense to her.

She shook the thoughts from her head. 'Voldemort has to be a alter ego so how do I figure out who Voldemort really is?" She questions as she flips through her book. The first thing that came to mind was trying to find names from the name so she took the letters and wrote them down. Using a small spell to be able to rearrange the letters she gets to work. After an hour she comes out with Tom Marvolo Riddle. She figured it out the name could be arranged into I Am Lord Voldemort.

"Well damn." She says surprised at the information she just figured out. Finding a picture of the man she gets a nose bleed."Another crush is added to the list." She says after grabbing a handkerchief. 'Now I must get in contact with him.' She thinks Grabbing a letter. Once she has it laid out in front of her she starts writing what she needed to tell him for sighing it closing it and sealing it with her emblem before giving it to Smoke to deliver.

"Do be back with an answer smoke." She says to the bird. "Yes of course mistress." The bird says flying through the window. "Now I need to sleep or so lady magic help me in casting a blackout spell on myself." She says stomping up her stairs to her loft.


The next day She woke her brain already thinking before she could understand it all. Sighing she got up and stretched her hair tangled and everywhere. 'Silky hair my ass' She thought walking to her bathroom. Once she got in there she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like a kitten that was all about to change.

She stripped and got in the water adjusting to super hot. She washed her hair and then put in some conditioner tieing it back with a ribbon. Then she started washing. After washing herself she untied her hair and went into the water brushing it out easily. Once she got out her skin was red.

She started patting herself dry after that she dried her hair and then put in her stay in conditioner and hair oils before blow drying it making it soft. She brushed it out one last time before getting dressed and applying a bit of eyeshadow making her eyes have a pretty but tired look to them. Then she applied a bit of lip gloss and eyeliner.

Easily putting on her jewelry she then put on her shoes. In her opinion she was cute. Walking out of her bathroom she goes to her stairs and makes her way down. She goes to her kitchen and starts her kettle. Going to her cabinet she pulls out her coffee grounds sugar and coffee mug. Walking to the counter she puts her items down and grabs the creme from her cold cabinet. She then grabs a spoon a coffee strainer and a cheesecloth.

Going over to her teapot she grabs it and sets it on the counter. Soon shes putting the strainer on the hole in the top and then she adds the cheesecloth so it keeps the coffee grounds from her coffee. Soon the kettle was whistling so she got it and poured the hot water slowly over the coffee grounds making coffee. Once the water was out she set the kettle on the stove.

Walking to the counter she takes the cheesecloth and banished the coffee grounds before putting it in her sink for washing later. Going to her coffee pot she pours her creme and sugar in before stirring it. Then she grabs her coffee pot and walks into her living room sets it on her coffee table. Using her magic she accois her coffee mug to herself before pouring herself some coffee.

Just as she took a sip she noticed a letter on her table. Adressed to her. 'Oooh' She thinks picking it up and looking at it. Putting her coffe down she then rips it open. "Its from Riddle." She says out loud her thoughts to full to think about it.


Deer Alora Evans

I accept you request to meet but it must be at my manor. I will have my most trusted with me just encase I hope to see you there.

Floo - Riddle manor

Time - 12 : Pm


'He's so dry.' She thinks laughing to herself. Soon after a few hours reading and drinking coffe she gets up and strightens herself out before walking into her fireplace with her panther. "RIDDLE MANOR." She says loudy as she throws the green floo powder.

Popping out of the fireplace on her face she gives a chuckle. Her eyes glowing as she lets her power out. They needed to see her as a ally and not a child. So she needed to act like one. She noticed Riddle waiting for her Severus snape and Lusius Malfoy behind him.

"Greetings Riddle." She says her green eyes sparking with power. The men stood shocked. "Greetings Lady Potter." Riddle says a smirk on his face as his red eyes shine with power. Her panther comes from the fireplace walking beside her.

"This is my familiar Moon she is here for my protection if anything happens the order can be pesky." She says walking past them. They watch as she went and on chair. The men all sit separate. She cracks her neck.

" Now i came here because unlike what people perceive me to be i am quite smart and figured out your name from Volodmort. I needed to meet you because i figured you would like to know i am not against you quite the contrary actually i quite like the dark side and would like to be seen as a ally not some pesky child."

She says petting her panther who is sat at her feet looking at the men with calculating eyes. "Yes this is great news i glad i have another alyy but i wonder why you wont join." He asks looking at her his eyes showing a little anger.

she chuckles. "I am not one for following someone who is weaker than me. you are quite powerful but i am more powerful. Plus who wants to feel your anger through an annoying mark." She says unhooking her cloak showing her dress and tattoos.

He chuckles. "So you are cocky." Her eyes flame as she gets up. "Dual me then if you so wish oh great Dark lord." She says a smirk on her face. "Fine." He says walking through the walkway and down the hall. SHe walks behind him.

The two men roll there eyes at this and get up walking towards eachother. Soon leaving the room holding hands. Once they get to the dueling room they separate.

Alora stands facing away from Riddle and Riddle the same way. Soon a go is herd and Alora is easily deflecting his spells. She casts a strong shocking spell throwing him off with three Expelliarmus's. A shocking spell hits throwing him of his footing from it being so strong. She then cast a wandless crusius curse towards him.

It him him in waves making him collapse. Her eyes glin with green. "Alora Potter wins." I voice says from a house elf who was controlled by the duel spell. She takes the crucius curse off. "Im the cocky one?" She asks a smile sets on her face. "Ok fine now Lets talk about some things catch up?" She says walking towards the door.

"Yes of course it seems we should get to know eachother as allies." He says following after her. A small smile on his face.
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