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Unrequited love


She had been though a lot but can she tell them how she feels or will it be too late.

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Chapter One

Walking into class I sit down in the back pulling my hood over my head. Closing my eyes I rest on the desk.

Trying to make myself very small I make sure that no one is looking at me. My mother works long hours as a cleaner and we're scraping by.

That's why I applied to UA. UA is a music school that if you go there you get accepted to music labels like Endeavor and Allmight.

Allmight is a retired rock God and was the number one spot but when he retired endeavor took his place. I have been training my dancing and singing as well as doing various things with instruments.

I also study so I can keep my grades up and work out. I am getting about six hours of sleep every day so I'm pretty tired all of the time. No one notices me I'm like the invisible girl but I still keep my place as first in all of my classes.

I write in my songbook and then that when I hear everyone quiet down. "Today we are going to talk about what you going to be doing after today." He then throughs all the paper up in the air.

(Skip sorry I don't really remember what he said.)

"I have three applicants who have signed up for UA Katsuki Bakugo Izuku Midoria and Sin Misori" I hear whispers around the room. "WHO THE HELL IS SIN MISORI?"

I keep my head down he then huffed moving on to Midoria he then threatens him. I sigh and just continue righting in my songbook.

Hearing the bell I gather my things and go to my next class.
(Time skip entrance exams)
Putting on a pair of boxer styled underwear I slip on yoga pants and a black crop top with a matching cropped hoodie. I put on my black sneakers and then I put in my piercings and I put my hair In a loose ponytail at the back of my head.

My hair goes to my knees so I Decide to just French braided some pieces and wrapped it around my hair tie. Putting a black bandana around my head I tie it and then I pull the front strands out so it frames my face.

I don't really do anything but put on some lipgloss and I decide to wear my glasses and not my contacts today since there really old and my glasses are not.

I grab my small black backpack and I put my wallet and phone in along with some earbuds. Walking out of the house I leave a note on the fridge saying I went to the entrance exams.

Walking out of the little apartment we have I lock the door behind me. We have one room in it and my mom put up a big black blanket in the middle of the room so I have my own space.

I work a part-time job at school helping the teachers with whatever they need. I get paid about six dollars an hour.

I work part-time four days a week about six hours a day so I cook dinner for mom since she gets off at about eight-thirty. The extra money I make helps a lot and helps us eat every night.

Finishing my ten-minute walk I go through the gates and into the first room. Mic is explaining we will be there till about seven forty pm.

After hours of waiting it's finally my turn I'm the last one so I decide to play the song I wrote.

Picking up the air guitar I start playing it. "That's my shit that's my hmm do it like that." As I play I notice everyone surprised. Singing along with my guitar I rap too.

After I finish I put my guitar down. "Your the only girl we've seen do something like that your talent is good and you can improve it...In UA Congratulations you have made it in.

Mic comes down and hands me a keycard with my photo and name on it from my application. My eyes water. "Thank you very much this will do so much for me."

I wipe my tears and give them a half-smile since I'm exhausted. Putting the keycard away in my backpack I make my way out.

Once I walk to the apartment I unlock the door and see mom not back yet. I make dinner and out hers in the microwave. We have no school for two months so I just go straight to sleep.
Time skip the beginning of the school
Getting up I take a shower shave and do my lady things. Putting my hair in boxer braids I put on my underwear and black leggings on.

I then put on a cropped black shirt with a cropped black sweatshirt. Adjusting round glasses, I also fix my black choker and piercings. I put my matching black boots and my bandana on.

I have green eyes and I decided to put on some makeup. I walk to the door and soon I'm unlocking it and leaving. Locking the door behind me I leave towards UA.

Walking down the street I plug my earbuds in my phone and play my music. Moving my hips to the music I scan my keycard and walk through the gate.

As I dance to my music I walk through the halls of UA. Soon I find 1A it has a big door. Opening it I see lots of instruments and comfortable chairs.

I sit in one of the chairs and start writing in my songbook. I notice a boy with split hair and a pair of beautiful pair of Mitch matched eyes.

I remember seeing him once before I came here. When I came to the gym earlier than usual because I couldn't sleep I saw him working out with a red head man who was pushing him really hard.

I started my usual order. Stair stepper treadmill then I went and did bench press. Pushups and other things. The last thing I did was punching the large blue punching bag.

Wrapping my hands I then go at it the employees ready to replace it three more times. After a few punches, it broke off the hook. I notice the red-haired man see me and started to talk to the beautiful boy.

After about an hour I had gone through three more bags. Unwrapping my hands I grab my water bottle and drink. Soon I picked up my training bag and walked out of the door.

Shaking my head I then see Eraser head come through the door. "Hello, class today I want you to go to the field and do a singing test."

Getting up I walk out of the door towards the field with everyone else. This is going to be an experience.
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