Harry Potter One Shots and Preferences


Word Count-299

(Sorry, this is a kinda, short one)

Being Ron Weasley’s S.O. was nothing short of an adventure. With him being friends with Harry Potter and having George and Fred as his brothers, Y/n was never bored.

Y/n and the Golden Trio were sitting at the Gryffindor table for lunch, the four of them talking about the trouble Harry had gotten into again. Y/n looked at Ron to see his reactions to what Harry was saying when they realized he wasn’t paying attention to his friend,” Ron, stop eating five minutes and listen to what Harry has to say.” He looked at Y/n wide-eyed before saying,” I am listening. I’m just eating at the same time.” “Really, then what did he say?” Ron couldn’t remember what Harry had said, so he just said,” He was talking about Lord Voldemort.” That, of course, was easy enough to answer because that was the main subject of a good chunk of their conversations. Y/n just sighed in defeat, knowing there was no way to argue Ron out of eating.

A few minutes passed, and Ron wondered why Y/n’s mood had changed so quickly in such a short period. “Are you hungry sweetheart?,” Ron asked, rubbing Y/n’s back lovingly. Y/n nodded, looking at their boyfriend with begging eyes,” Can I have some of your food. Please.” Ron hesitated greatly before sliding his plate over to them,” Only because I like you so much.” “Thank you,” Y/n said, hugging Ron with a huge smile on their face. Ron could hear Hermione whisper to Harry,” Is he sick or something? He never shares his food.” Ron just shook his head a little and ignored her. He then went to whisper in Y/n’s ear,” I’d share my food with you anytime, sweetheart.”

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