Harry Potter One Shots and Preferences

Blaise- Get Out

Word Count- 458

It was another day of lying in Blaise’s dorm and reading. Y/n and Blaise would normally be next to each other, reading different things. They both have their own genre that they like to read, so having their own book was just easier. Y/n was continuing a book they had started about a week ago while Blaise was reading about a murder mystery, even though he knows they all turn out the same with the same tropes.

They had been reading for about three hours when Pansy walked into Blaise’s dorm without knocking and sat close to him. Y/n briefly looked up from their book to see who walked and watched Pansy sit next to Blaise, a little closer than Y/n was comfortable. Y/n and Pansy were friends, but Pansy always had a crush on Blaise, so when he and Y/n started dating, she was pretty jealous. “Do you need something, Parkinson?” Blaise asked, not looking up from the pages of his book. She scooted closer to him and leaned her head on his shoulder,” No, I just wanted to spend time with you” He nudged her off of his shoulder,” That’s great and all, but I was enjoying my time with Y/n, so could you leave?” Pansy stood up, scoffing,” You two weren’t even talking. How could you be ‘enjoying your time with Y/n’ when you aren’t doing anything?” Blaise opened his mouth to answer her but stopped when he saw Y/n stand up and start walking over to Pansy. He shook his head, knowing that Pansy was going to be crying by the time she left.

Y/n was standing in front of Pansy, towering over her slightly since they were a little taller than her. “Pansy, I have tried and tried not to lose it on you, but if you keep hitting on my boyfriend, I’m going to have to put your ass back in line.” Pansy was clearly trying not to look upset, but you could see her hands shaking. “Get the hell out, Pansy, and stop hitting on Blaise.” Pansy huffed and stomped out of Blaise’s dorm. Y/n turned to sit down and saw Blaise smiling at them,” What’re you smiling at?” He looked away briefly before making eye contact,” Nothing, nothing. It’s just nice knowing my S.O. will fight for me.” Y/n rolled their eyes playfully,” You’re ridiculous.” Blaise took their hand and pulled them down to sit with him,” You love it, though.” “ Yes, I do,” Y/n said, leaning into him.

The two of them laid down in silence and quickly fell asleep. If they were lucky, no one else would barge in on their peace and quiet.

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