Harry Potter One Shots and Preferences

Fred- What are you doing here?

Word count- 585

Happy Birthday, Fred and George!!

I got this idea from my friend Ella, she did a George version on her account @ella719

Y/n was sitting on their bed doing homework for Umbridge’s class. They had been working on this essay for three hours and still weren’t done. Y/n started mumbling to themself,“ Merlin, I’m never going to get this done. That woman is absolutely f-” They were interrupted by a tapping on the window. The curtains covered most of the window, to the point where all Y/n could see was a large, pale hand pressed against it. Y/n set down their work and walked up to the window, “ What the bloody hell is that?” They hesitantly pulled back the curtains to see their boyfriend, Fred Weasley, sitting on his broom. He gestured for them to open the window, and Y/n did. He climbed in clumsily because of his unnatural height,” Took you long enough. I was outside, freezing. I started to wonder if you really love me, leaving me out there.” “ Frederick Gideon Weasley-” “ Don’t you middle name me,” Fred interrupted, but they put their finger to his lips to shush him. “ Why on earth are you here? You should be at your flat with George, not here in front of me,” Y/n poked him hard at the end of their thought. Fred looked down at Y/n and smiled,” I missed you, darling.” He pulled them into an enormous hug, his arms almost double-backing around Y/n’s upper body. “ Is something wrong? Or did you just feel like showing up at my dorm, late at night, without any warning?” Y/n asked, looking at Fred, trying to pull away, as to not strain their neck looking that far up. Fred chuckled at Y/n,” Nothing’s wrong, relax. I just missed you.”

After a minute or two, Y/n pulled away and sat on their bed, Fred looking at them a little confused. ” What’s wrong, love?” Fred asked, sitting down next to them. Y/n huffed,” Hogwarts is a bloody mess right now Freddie. Between N.E.W.Ts, that snake Umbridge, and Dumbledore’s Army,” Y/n whispered the last part before continuing at a normal volume,” It just feels like the school is going to cave in on itself before the term is over. It doesn’t help that you’re not here with me.” Fred chuckled lightly,” At least your brother is wrapped around Fudge’s finger.” “Oh right. How is Molly doing with that?” Y/n asked. Fred scooted further back onto the bed and laid down,” Mum’s doing alright, she just misses Percy. As much of a git as he is, he’s still family.” He then opened his arms. Y/n didn’t move so Fred grabbed their arm and pulled them down next to him, causing both of them to let out small laughs. Fred looked up at the ceiling and let out a deep sigh of content. “What was that sigh for Freddie?” Y/n asked, moving so they were leaning on their elbows. Fred smiled,” I’m just so happy. You make me so happy, love.” “ Do I really?” Fred nodded childishly,” Well you make me unmeasurably happy.”

After the couple laid together and caught each other up for a few hours, Y/n remembered that Fred would have to leave. “ Freddie. You have to leave soon, don’t you?” His huge grin turned into a slight frown,” I do. I’m sorry, love.” “It’s alright, let’s just enjoy right now,” Y/n said moving closer to Fred. And they did enjoy then and there for as long as they could.

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