Harry Potter One Shots and Preferences

Sirius- Home

Word Count- 604

When Y/n and their boyfriend, Sirius, graduated from Hogwarts they went on the boats that brought them their first year. They sat on the boat with Lily, Marlene, and Mary. The Marauders sat on their own boat, being one of the groups that stayed together for those seven years they all wanted to sit together. On Y/n’s boat, they all talked about how their years at Hogwarts were over and what was in store for them next. Sirius and Y/n had been together since 5th year and neither of them had any intention of splitting anytime soon.

When the boats hit land, the Marauders helped Y/n, Lily, Mary, and Marlene out of their boat. As everyone started to say their final goodbyes and walk away from the boats, Sirius held Y/n back. “ Sirius, what are you doing? I want to go say goodbye to everyone.” Sirius took both of their hands,” I want to savor this moment with you. The lighting compliments you perfectly, darling.” Y/n lightly laughed at his words. They stood there for a moment before Y/n said,” Come on, let’s go say bye now.” Y/n started walking, trying to pull Sirius with them but his hand slipped out of theirs,” Sirius I will go witho-” They were cut off by the sight of Sirius on one knee in front of them; a beautiful ring shining in the light. “ Y/n M/n L/n, when we first met on the Hogwarts express, I had no idea that I would be here one day. I spent a year and a half trying to get you to go on one date with me because you made me inexpressibly happy and you still do. Every moment we’ve spent together has been heavenly; among other words. I don’t want to waste any time with you. You are the one thing I have ever been truly certain of. So, will you marry me?” Y/n was at a loss of words except for one,” Yes.” Sirius put the ring on Y/n’s finger. They threw themselves into each other’s arms, both of them crying. Remus, James, Peter, Lily, Mary, and Marlene were watching from the side the entire time. James was crying the hardest by far,” Pads, I knew you could do it. Congratulations, mate.” Sirius got up and hugged his friends as Y/n did the same.

Y/n thought about this day, along with their wedding, every day after Sirius was sent to Azkaban. There were weeks where James, Remus, and Lily had to come over to console them. Sirius was gone and Y/n was in pieces. They knew he probably wouldn’t come back and if he did he wouldn’t be the same. Y/n spent those years living at 12 Grimmauld Place, waiting for the day Sirius would come home. So when word got out that he made it out of Azkaban and was running around somewhere, Y/n was very hopeful that their love was going to come back to them.

Almost an entire year went by before there was a knock on Y/n’s door. They went to open it and found a shaggy black dog standing outside it. A huge smile grew on their face,” Snuffles! Welcome back.” The dog went inside and Y/n shut the door. After the door shut all the way Snuffles transformed into a man with long, curly black hair. Tears formed in Y/n’s eyes,” Sirius.” He held his arms out,” Y/n.” And after twelve years of waiting, Sirius and Y/n were reunited.

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