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Newest Manager

The Volleyball Club


Ugh, what the hell? Time to wake up already?


Shit. How long has my alarm been going off?

Oh my god, it’s 8:30! School starts at 9! You run around your room to put on your school uniform and wash yourself up. As you walk down the stairs your father hands you a bento box and a plastic container of rice with an egg on top for you to eat on the way to school.

“Have fun today!” your dad says.

Fun? is he crazy? I’m already stressing out and on top of it, I’m going to beLATE!


As you approach your new high school, you take the last few bites of your breakfast and hear someone screaming your name.

“Y/N! You are so late! What happened?”

While you walk towards the loud girl, you just yawn and continue walking.

“Y/N, are you so stressed out you won’t even talk to your best friend?” she asks.

“I guess not, Asuka,” you reply.

Asuka is your best friend in the whole world, okay well also pretty much your only friend, but you also had the feeling that today was just not your day.

“Ya know, I was standing outside waiting for a while. You should have called.”

You realize that you should have called your friend and apologize to her, giving her the biggest hug, and thanking her for being with you on your first day.

As you walk inside, Asuka tries to get your mind off of school by talking about completely random nonsense. Eventually, you cave and tell her about what Yutaro mentioned to you yesterday.

“Seriously? You got invited to watch a bunch of sexy guys play volleyball and you said NO!”

You shrug. It’s not a big deal to you. You enjoy playing volleyball, but don’t see a point in watching your cousin play when you can just play another time.

“You know what,” Asuka says as she stops walking.

“Asuka we’re going to be late, come on.”

“No! You owe me. I waited outside for soooo long” she whines.

You roll your eyes. “Okay fine, whatever. Now can we please go to class” you ask as you try to pull her along.

“YAY!!” Asuka screams.

Why is she always so loud!?


At lunch, you and Asuka walk to the courtyard outside and find a bench to sit at. She begins to question you about the volleyball team.

“You’re boy crazy,” you say bluntly “you know that right?”

Asuka shrugs. “No. You just are boy stupid.”

You begin to blush at the fact she called you boy stupid. You haven’t really interacted with many people since elementary school so you didn’t have a rebuttal to your friend.

Asuka sighs “I don’t get how you aren’t excited.”

As you two continue to eat your lunch, you see Yutaro walk by with a bunch of guys. You wave to him, thinking nothing of it, and he nods back.



“Now Iknowyou know those guys,” Asuka whines “it’s not fair.”

“Asuka. You’re the worst, you know that right?”

“Whatever Y/N.”


“Let’s go look over this way!”

Asuka grabs you by the wrist and pulls you to a large building. After about 10 minutes of searching for the gym the boys are practicing in, you finally found it.

You and Asuka quietly walk into the gym to avoid messing up the practice that already started. As you watch you notice that the whole team is really good.I’m glad Yutaro has a good team to play with. They’re all so much better than me. I hope he enjoys it!

As you’re watching the boys play, you notice Asuka squirming around in her seat.

“Sit still,” you quietly tell her “please don’t distract them.”

“But I want to distract them so bad. They’re so hott!!!”

Even though Asuka is typically the one talking about guys, you decide to give Asuka what she wants.

“Okay fine,” you say “which one is it.”

“You want me to pick one?! Y/N that’s practically impossible.”

Even though she claims it’s impossible for her to pick one, you decide to wait for her to make up her mind, knowing she will find a way to answer your question.

“Number 2”


“What do you mean,what?” Asuka retaliates. “do you want me to explain my answer?”

“I wasn’t trying to be mean, I-”

Asuka cuts you off.

“Please. Let me explain,please!”

“Okay fine, I am interested in why you picked him. I thought for sure you would say number 1.”

“Hey Y/N let’s make a bet!”

“What is it?” you ask.

“Which one do you think is the one those girls are freaking out about?”

You look over to your right and see three girls practically drooling over the sight of the team playing volleyball.


You look back at the team and see number 4 working hard with a couple of other boys on the team.

“I’d say number four. He’s kinda-”

“Oh my god, you think he’s cute?”

As Asuka says this, your face turns bright red from embarrassment.

“No! I just think it’s probably him. He looks like the ace.”

“Y/N-chan, you’re blushing!”

“I’m not, Asuka! But fine, which one do you think they like?”

“Number one, Oikawa!”

“How do you know that?” I ask

“Because I heard them. Now you owe me 2 meat buns.”

UGH. You roll your eyes at her.

You look over at Oikawa setting to one of the other guys on the team.

“I mean he’s a really good player so I can see why-” Asuka cuts you off again.

“Y/N-chan, you’re so cute. They don’t care about his volleyball skills. Well, I’m sure they like it, but come on.”

As you continue to watch Oikawa, you agree that he is good-looking. However, he’s just not really impressing you other than his volleyball skills (especially his serves and sets)!

“Okay well, I also can’t have Yutaro-kun since he’s off-limits.”

“Yutaro-kun? Really Asuka?”

“Y/N he’s cutteeeee,” Asuka whispers so that you won’t hear (but you do).

“If you want Yutaro, go for it, but I doubt he’ll focus on anything besides volleyball.”

“Y/N-chan I gave you my answer already! Number 2 remember?!”

“Oh right,” you remember “he’s not a bad player.”

Asuka rolls her eyes at you and you both continue watching the boys practice.


As you are about to go talk to Yutaro, the girls drooling over Oikawa walk up to you.

“Excuse me,” says one of the girls in a snobbish tone “do we know you?”

“No,” replies Asuka.

“Why are you here?” asks another.

Being completely fed up with this Oikawa fangirl crazy nonsense, you decide to shut these girls up for no reason whatsoever except that you’re kinda cranky.

“Look. Neither of us is here for Oikawa nor any of you so we’re done talking now. Bye!”

As you walk away Asuka gives you a small smile.

“Hey, that was kinda badass, Y/N-chan.”

As you walk over to your cousin, Asuka calls out to him.

“Hi, Kindaichi-kun!”

You shoot her a glance as if to say“seriously”and she catches on. Of course she would call him by his first name only when he’s not around.

Yutaro calls over some of his friends from the volleyball team.

“Hey guys this is Kindaichi, Y/N,” he says “she’s my cousin.”

In unison, the boys that came over say “Thank you for supporting us by watching!”

Asuka giggles “the pleasure is ours,” and bumps me with her elbow.

“Of course,” I say.

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