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More Then Friends (James Potter X Reader: fanfic)


You are 6th year. This is a James Potter and you love story James never had feelings for Lilly but always had a a friendly liking for her. And she always hated you and James,Sirius,And you Your name is Y/N (your name) Black (you are Sirius twin and HATE your parents as well) You have always had a close and part of Marauders as soon as you meat James and Sirius. Voldemort never happens in my story. After Snape called Lilly Mudblood she starts hanging out with the Marauders. I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE OF THE PEOPLE IN THIS STORYLINE

Fantasy / Romance
Age Rating:

Chapter 1 Time To Get Out Of This Hell Hole

You wake up to your twin brother shaking you and saying "Wake up Y/N and get dressed and packed it's time to get out of this hell hole". You start to wake up and you tell your twin brother "Ok I'm up I'm up" as you sit up. Then he make sure you are waking up and you look at him and say "Sirius I'm up, you can go now". He says yes with a nod of his head then you roll out of bed.

You stand up and walk over to your dresser and grab a pair of baggie black pair of jeans that are ripped, then you walk to your closet and pick out a black leather jacket and and plaid flannel and a gray shirt that says "Death Note" and a pair of combat boots. Then you walk to the side of your bed and grab a thick black belt. You walk to your bathroom and put your clothes on and brushed your teeth. You started to brush your black shoulder length hair when you hear a nock on your bedroom door "come in" you yell and see Regulus "what's up" "Are you almost ready" "yes still got to pack I see you still in your pjs". Regulus walked off and you finished getting ready and you put your rings and chan. You started to put your dark red lipstick on and the your eye liner the mascara. You walk out the bathroom and start packing.

When you get done you walk down to the kitchen and you see your mother "Why do you always look like that" you mother yelled as you seen Sirius walk down the stairs you grab two red apple and as you walk pass Sirius you grab his shirt and pull him to his room "Sorry didn't want you to get yelled at" you say "it's ok thank you". As you two are talking Regulus walks in eating a green apple "you guys ready moms wants to leave" you both say "Yes"
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