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More Then Friends (James Potter X Reader: fanfic)

Chapter 2 The Carving on the wall

Once you got to the platforms Sirius gets out the car and grabs his and your bags. "Ugh why did I give birth to you" your mother said as you got out you flicked her off and Sirius gave you a high five as you grabbed your luggage. "Hey Reg when are you going to stop being a mama's boy" Sirius said as you died laughing. "When are you to going to stop being emo jerks" Regules said in defense. "Never that's are default" you replied

As you are walking to the brick wall to go in to Platform 9/3 you see a boy with sand colored hair with scars all over his face "Moony" you screamed running to him and giving him a hug "missed you to Foxy" (that is your nickname because your Animagus is a fox) he said as he let go to hug Sirius. "Let's go it's almost time to go" Remus said.

As you get on the train you walk to the compartment that you guys normally sit in with "Moony, Woemtail, Padfoot, prongs and foxy compartment only" caved on to the wall. Sitting there was James, and Petter. You felt butterflies in your stomach and you felt nervous this was unusual, "Hey prong and Wormtail" "hey foxy" they replied as the hugged you guys James hugged Sirius then you then Remus Petter was the opposite starting with Moony ending with Remus.
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