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More Then Friends (James Potter X Reader: fanfic)

Chapter 3 the Doors

A/N: hey guys SOOO SORRY we are moving (we have been for the past 3 months cuz stuff keeps happening that holds us back) I will be trying my best we HAVE to be out of our house next week... and also I was getting made fun of because I do this (from friends) but I got some motivation from this thing I read. Here it is.
A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.
The man who never reads lives only one.
— George R.R. Martin
Ok time to get to the story.

You get off the train after a long ride, you grab on to Sirius's shoulder and pull him back "Blimey Y/N" "look" you say as you point over to where the Slytherins are walking "Reg is talking to the death eaters... do you think-" "No" Sirius said sharply "He is a Slytherin yes but I don't think he has the stomach for it" he says as he hugs you for comfort you as you are close with Regulars. "Hey guys something wrong?" Asked James. "No we are fine" you say with a annoying tone to annoy James.

As you step in to the big large doors that you have walked into many time over the last few years, yet you still feel if it's the first time. You look up and see the dark sky even though it's just bewitched and to the side and see candies in midair. "Everyone talk a seat as we welcome the new first years" an old gentle voice said loudly. You walk to the table and clap as new first years get into Gryffindor and welcome them if they sit by you "welcome to Gryffindor over there is out head of house" you say with a welcoming hand shake. As the feast begins you grab a chicken leg and take a bite "yo Moony this chicken dry" you say as put the chicken down.
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