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From being a slave to a egotistical father to becoming a Magicians plaything, we follow the twisted and demented life of Kinta Kakeyama, a new hunter with a thirst to fight, to get stronger and to take revenge on her father. She makes an unexpected ally with an unruly man nicknamed the "Grim Reaper". To most, Hisoka is a terrifying force to be reckoned with. But to Kinta he's fascinating, fun and a means to her getting stronger. Will Kinta get her revenge? Or will the Reaper destroy her before she gets the chance? This is a Hisoka SMUT Fanfic, it's the first fanfic I've ever written and I took it way too seriously. 😅 If you are uncomfortable with BDSM and gore, I don't recommend reading this. But if you are okay with this then please enjoy!

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

The Magicians Exam

“A Clown? Really? Clowns are creepy enough without the bloodlust rolling off this guy.” Kinta sighed as she watched the applicants arms dissolve into flower petals.

Getting bumped into is annoying, and not apologizing for it is just rude but I would have simply dislocated the shoulder he hit me with. Dissolving his arms like that was over-kill. The clown was probably just trying to send a message to the other applicants that he wasn’t to be messed with.
‘Fine by me.’ Kinta shrugged as she sat on the ground with her back against the wall. ‘So long as he leaves me alone I’ll leave him alone.’ She thought to herself.

She’d decided to rest for a while while she waited for the exam to start, closing her eyes, she honed in on her hearing to pay attention to what was going on around her. Every bit of info she could get from her fellow applicants would help in the hunter exam, but she wasn’t about to go out of her way to talk to people.

While listening to everybody else she picked up on some idiot by the name of Hanzo bragging to anybody who would listen that he was a ninja. While he may not seem very sharp mentally she could tell by his aura that he would be tricky in a fight and made a mental note to keep an eye on him. Another man with Pins all over his face caught her attention too, his name was Gittarackur. He moved like a rusty machine but the aura he gave off told her that he was not to be messed with either. As well as the man who dissolved the applicant’s arms into flower petals of course, who’s name was Hisoka apparently. But keeping an eye on him shouldn’t be too hard considering his bright red hair and strange clown-like outfit.

While tuning in to everybody’s conversations she also picked up a man walking around to everybody offering juice as a “Toast to friendship.” while simultaneously listening to another group snicker and call him “Tompa the rookie-crusher.” Kinta wouldn’t have accepted his silly offering of juice anyways, and she wasn’t interested in having a conversation, so when she heard his heavy foot falls coming her way she sighed again.

“Hi there!” Tompa said as he approached. “My names Tomp-”

Tompa didn’t even have a chance to finish his sentence, Kinta simply turned her head slightly and glared at him. Allowing some of her blood-lust to seep out and direct it towards him. All the color drained from his face and he simply turned and walked away, muttering something about strange rookies.

But now Kinta felt eyes on her and when she looked up she realized that the damn clown was looking right at her. ‘Great, now I’ve caught the killer-clowns attention.’ She thought to herself as she rolled her eyes at him. The man smirked and walked away.

Not long after that three more applicants showed up. A blonde haired boy in a robe-like outfit, A tall black haired man with glasses in a suit carrying a briefcase and a little boy, no older than 12 with dark green hair. She listened as Tompa approached them too. They introduced themselves as Kurapika, Leorio and Gon. She was morbidly curious to see what exactly was in the juice when they accepted. But couldn’t help but chuckle when Gon spit the juice back out and complained that it tasted funny.

When Tompa stormed off he was approached by another boy with white hair, asking for more juice. Even Kinta became a little concerned as he chugged down several bottles of juice, but when the boy assured Tompa that he was immune to poison Kinta simply chuckled again. ‘This exam definitely won’t be boring.’ Kinta thought to herself as she heard footsteps coming from behind a closed gate and started to stand up. “I’m starting to get excited.′

“Good afternoon everyone, sorry for keeping you waiting. I am Satotz.” The examiner said as he stepped out in front of the group. He was a strange looking man, seeming to talk through his mustache. He was very tall and lean built but nicely dressed in a purple suit. “The exam will now begin.”

‘Running? Thats it?’ Kinta thought to herself as they jogged along the dark corridor. They had been running for quite a while, a lot of the applicants had already dropped out. But this was a breeze for Kinta, she went jogging for fun and could out-endurance everybody that she knew. Hell she could outrun just about everybody that she knew.

“This is just too easy” She grumbled as she jogged around another collapsed applicant. However it was getting rather warm so she decided to take off her leather jacket and tie it around her waist. She had tried to dress so she was prepared for anything. She’d worn a black leather jacket, a black fitted tank top and loose fitting faded green pants to allow full range of motion and comfort, as well as her favorite pair of black boots.

A light at the end of the tunnel pulled Kinta out of her thoughts, she picked up the pace, excited to finally get out of the dark tunnel. When she got to the top she realized the examiner had stopped and they were at the edge of a swamp.

A couple minutes after Kinta arrived the gate to the tunnel slowly closed, she listened when Satotz explained that the waiting period is over for the remaining applicants and that all we have to do next is follow him through this swamp. Of course we were then warned of the strange monsters that live in this forest that would surely try to lure us to our demise. As if on cue a man holding an ape looking similar to the Satotz appeared. He claimed to be the real examiner and accused Satotz of being a man faced ape. Kinta had to admit it was pretty convincing, even though she found herself questioning if he was the real examiner.

’But aren’t the examiners hunters?” Kinta mused. ‘Would an experienced hunter really allow themselves to be captured by an ape?’

After a moment, Kinta felt a burst of bloodlust. It only lasted for a fraction of a second, then the newcomer fell to the ground with playing cards sticking out of his chest. When she looked back at Satotz he held two play cards. Hisoka had thrown the cards at them as weapons, he explained that the real examiners were hunters and that a hunter could have easily deflected that attack.
Kinta couldn’t stop the smile that played across her lips. ‘Of course, that would be the easiest for us to know who the real examiner was.’

As the examiner turned to lead them into the swamp Hisoka caught her looking at him, grinning like an idiot. She realized what she was doing and quickly looked down. Untying her coat from her waist, she heard a soft chuckle as the man jogged away. Kinta shivered, the guy is pretty creepy. She shoved on her coat as she jogged after Satotz.

Running through the swamp became a little tricky, she’d been running in what she thought was the middle of the pack but suddenly the people behind and infront of her disappeared instead 2 giant tortoise-like creatures circled her. Kinta chuckled, “You’re really gonna make a meal out of me? Little ol’ 5′2 skinny-ass me?” She asked the monsters. Not really expecting a response.They started to close in on her and Kinta rolled her eyes. “They probably picked me out because I look like easy prey” She grumbled. The monster behind her struck, lunging forward expecting to snap her up in its jaws. At the last moment Kinta leaped up, the monster’s face hit the ground where she had been standing, hard enough to leave a crater in the earth. Kinta was right above it’s head now, she flipped and used the momentum to strike the monster on the back of its head with her heel. There was a loud CRACK and the monster slumped to the ground. Now standing on the dead monster’s head, she waited for the next one to attack, releasing her bloodlust at the beast. Unfortunately, the monster groaned and ran away from her.

“Oh well.” Kinta shrugged as she hopped off the monster. “Better catch up with the group.” As she looked up she noticed a red head disappearing behind a tree. Had that damn clown been watching her??

She decided to follow him hoping for two things. One, that he knew the way back to the group and two, that what she was following was actually Hisoka. It’s a good thing she was good at hunting, she was able to follow Hisoka by following the tracks he left behind. When she saw that red head peeking out of the fog in the middle of a clearing she decided to hide and see what he was upto. Creepy or not she wouldn’t mind seeing the man in action.

Hisoka was surrounded by 10 men, they were trying to threaten him into never taking the Exam again. The man called him an idiot when Hisoka said he wouldn’t need to take it again as he intended to pass this year.

‘You are the idiot.’ Kinta thought. ‘For thinking you could corner him like this, and actually stand a chance.’ Hisoka didn’t have to release his blood-lust for her to see it in his eyes. It sent chills down her spine. This was very exciting.

The men lunged for him at all at once and then suddenly froze in their tracks, sending more chills down Kinta’s back. She had expected him to be fast, but not THAT fast. He took down 9 of the men with essentially a flick of his wrist. The men collapsed, and Kinta practically drooled as he toyed with the leader. Following close behind him as he crawled away, begging for help. But Hisoka sent a card into the back of his skull when it started to get old. When Hisoka noticed the other two applicants apparently hiding in the bushes Kinta snapped herself out of her trance. This man was dangerous, and this was not the place she’d like to face him. If he caught her here, it would be a struggle for her. So she took her chance to move away while he was still distracted.
“He does look like fun though.” Kinta mused to herself as she jogged towards the group. “Dangerous sure, but that’s part of what makes it fun. And clowns are supposed to be entertaining right?”

She eventually caught up with the group and decided to stick closer to the examiner this time. She caught sight of Hisoka carrying Leorio on his shoulder, this struck Kinta as odd since he didn’t seem to be the lend-a-hand for no reason type. Even though the man gave her the creeps he was also fascinating to watch. And Kinta’s morib curiosity got the better of her common sense.

“That’s awfully nice of you.” She commented as she jogged up beside Hisoka.

Hisoka gave her that creepy smile, “I’m not always bad~”

“But why help him to the next stage?” She pressed. Curiosity killed the cat.

“He passed my test. But he’s not quite ready yet, I want to make sure he and his friends continue to grow for the time being.” He chuckled.

“So he tried to fight you, obviously lost but you see potential in him. So you’re going to let him become stronger before fighting again, so that it’s more fun for you?”

Hisoka stopped as they arrived at their destination, giving her a look that said ‘Did you really just call me out?’

Kinta put her hand on the back of her head and smiled nervously.

“I was wondering when you were going to pluck up the courage to talk to me~” He smiled as he set Leorio down under a tree.

“Me?” Kinta laughed. “You had plenty of opportunities to “pluck up” yourself mister. Don’t think I didn’t see you watching me when I killed those monsters.”

“Yes, I’ll admit you impressed me.” Hisoka said cooly, leaning against a tree and closing his eyes. We had arrived at our next phase and were now waiting for the rest of the applicants.

“Why were you grinning at me when I killed that man-faced ape?” He asked suddenly.

Kinta’s face immediately turned red. “I-I just thought it was clever.” She stuttered. “It was the simplest way for us to know who the real examiner was and it was entertaining seeing somebody actually have the guts to do something like that.”

Hisoka cocked an eyebrow and smiled at her again. “Perhaps you’ll make a fun toy too, little fruit.”

Kinta turned even more red, realizing she had just complimented the killer clown. Great. Did he really refer to his toys as fruits? Creepy.

Satotz saved her from the awkwardness as he announced this was the end of the first stage and that he would be taking his leave. The gates slowly opened and the new examiners asked them to enter.

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