100 Promises [Niragi S. × Reader]


"I want to make a new promise!" Before the current situation, life was quiet. You had gone off to college after highschool, leaving the abuse and bullying you had gone through. But you didn't leave him. In fact, he went with you. Even after graduating from both highschool and college together, you had never left each other. But one day, he disappeared. Police searched for him, but couldn't find a single clue. It was like he disappeared into thin air. Then, it seemed you woke up, and everyone in Tokyo disappeared. So what's the first thing you do? Go to the place you were with him last. The balcony of your apartment complex. I'll write a better one soon! Just so you know, this book contains: Abuse, alcohol usage, drug usage, sexual inuendos, and very cringy content. I'll put warnings at the beginning of each chapter for what they specifically contain as well! Also, I do have this book on Wattpad!

Fantasy / Thriller
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So, this is a Niragi × reader, as you already know

The first few chapters will be kinda long, so sorry

But other than that we're trying!

I have this book on Wattpad, and I'm trying to find new places to write as Wattpad is taking down their spicy stories! It's taking me a while to write the first chapter, but I swear it's on it's way! Also, I put it for 16+, but am not sure if it's going to contain smut or not yet, so yeah... But it more than likely will in the future, or have like implied smut, anyways
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