Still Alive


Hello everyone! This is a zombie apocalypse story about a teenage girl who finds herself thrown into a terrifying new world. I hope you all enjoy it. Please keep in mind this is my first ever story. I hope there will be more stories to come, I am sort of obsessed with anything apocalyptic!

Horror / Thriller
Tiffany Tidwell
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Chapter 1

Panic. That's what I felt the split second after I opened my eyes seeing light from the sun flooding in through my bedroom window. I'm late for school! I thought, then suddenly remembered that it was Saturday. I let out a breath of relief as I tossed my covers off and rolled out of bed. Normally I would have threw the covers back over my head and went back to sleep, but today wasn't just any Saturday. Today I had plans. Of course these plans were not to take place until this afternoon but it would take me a while to get ready. You see, I was meeting some friends at the arcade and one of these "friends" just happened to be Skyler. Skyler was a boy, not just a boy but a very cute boy whom I had crushed on for the better part of a year. And now it was finally happening, I was finally getting to hang out with Skyler outside of school. Okay so there were going to be other people there too. It's not like this was a date or even like Skyler was coming to hang out with me specifically. It just happened that we both got invited to hang out with the same group of friends. Maybe today was the day that Skyler Morrison would finally notice me.

I went straight to the shower and turned it on, stripped down and jumped inside. The freezing cold water sent a shock to my system knocking me out of my Skyler induced daze. I had forgot to let the water heat up before jumping in. Finally the water heated to my liking and I began my every day routine in the shower. First washing my hair with my Herbal Essences shampoo, then leaving the conditioner to soak into my hair while washing my body. I sat down and paid more attention than normal while shaving my legs as I planned on wearing a new pair of shorts that mom let me buy. Dad calls them booty shorts. I would definitely be trying to get out of the house before dad saw me in them. I also planned on wearing a hot pink top, not because I liked the color, in fact I hated it. My best friend, Sherry, talked me into wearing it because she was going to wear her a hot pink dress and wanted us to match. The shirt did look good on me though. Once I was done with my shower I got out, dried off and put my clothes and makeup on and straightened my hair. I checked myself out in the mirror and almost decided against the shorts. I wasn't a particularly out going person, in fact I was pretty shy. Although I considered myself to be pretty it always seemed like I was the one person to go completely unnoticed most of the time. That was okay with me though I guess. I didn't much care for attention anyway, but Skyler was the one person I wanted attention from most. "Okay" I said to myself "Ill keep the shorts".

The plan was that my friends and I would meet at the arcade around one o'clock. I however, decided to leave my house at one. I mean that's what you're supposed to do right? As to not seem desperate or something like that. I grabbed my purse with the one hundred dollars I had got for my 15th birthday and crept down stairs keeping an eye out for my dad. I saw mom standing in the kitchen holding a spatula. "Good morning baby" she said when I stepped into the kitchen. "Morning mom, is dad here?" My mother just laughed and said "He went to the hardware store about an hour ago, so if your planning on going out in those shorts you had better hurry".

I took moms advice and hurried out the door. The arcade would be about a 20 minute walk from my house if I walked slowly, which I did so that I wouldn't be sweaty when I got there. As I reach a point in my walk where I was a little more than halfway to the arcade, my phone started to ring but was cut short after just 2 rings. The missed call notification popped up reading "missed call Dad". What does dad want? What if he saw me walking in my "booty short's"? But then why had he hung up? Ugh! I decided I better call him back. I pressed the call button next to dads name and put the phone to my ear. Nothing. No answer, no ring, just silence then the call dropped. Maybe he was trying to call again. I kept walking with my phone in hand. I had made it to about 30 feet from the entrance when my phone started to ring again. I answered it quickly. "Eve!" I heard my dad almost yelling into the phone, then dead silence for several seconds. "Ca... ... .ear me?" The phone was cutting out. "Dad? You're cutting out" I told him. Then the call dropped. I tried calling him back several times with no luck. I gave up and started to walk inside when two kids nearly knocked me down running passed me out into the parking lot. "Jeez" I mumble, looking back at them as I stepped inside. When I turned my head to look forward I stopped dead in my tracks at the sight in front of me. The place was packed as it usually was on the weekend. But kids weren't laughing and playing like you could expect to see on any other day at the arcade. They were running and screaming. Some running towards the door and others trying to find their friends or family. One kid I saw was bleeding from his shoulder while his two friends were trying to help him to the door. What in the world is going on here? Where are my friends? Are they okay?

I frantically scanned the room and was so relieved that Sherry made the plan to match wearing hot pink. Her dress stuck out like a sore thumb. I spotted them in the back right corner of the arcade and started to make my way towards them. My heart was beating hard and my adrenaline was sky high, I slowed my pace when I saw Sherry, her boyfriend, Carlos and our other friends all crouched around something on the ground. I slowly walked up on them, now staring down to the floor. When I saw what it was my stomach turned and my head swam with dizziness. A boy covered in blood was lying on floor, his eyes were closed. It wasn't just any boy, it was Skylar.
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