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Mr. teacher (teacher x fem student)


Y/N’s teacher Mr. Smith gets in a car accident and dies and then she gets a new teacher and his name is Mr. Davis and little dose she knows how hot he is and how she’s going to fall in love with him (this is my first time writing so if you could give me feedback on what you would like to see that would be great also may contain mature content but ill put it in the chapter as a heads up if you want to skip over it have fun and enjoy!)

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Chapter 1

Y/n walks in her 1st period and sees her classmates whispering that mr smith died in a car accident and first y/n though it was just a rumor spreading around the school but then the bell rang and the principal Mrs. Garcia stepped in the room y/n could tell that Mrs. Garcia was not happy and the next words out of that brown haired lady was not going to be a good thing

“I’m sorry to announce that your teacher Mr. Smith has passed in a tragic car accident”

The class froze in shock y/n especially she was very close to Mr. Smith he was one of her favorite teachers she had just ran into him at target the other day y/n thought how crazy the world works and how someone can be here one second and then just be gone the next

~Time skip 2 weeks later after having random subs the school finally found a teacher~

Y/n walked in the classroom knowing there was going to be her new teacher he was at his desk but she couldn’t see what he looked like because these girls were surrounding him y/n could tell these girls just wanted to sleep with him since she could tell how they faked their voices like some plastic Barbie doll y/n hated girls that acted like that she mostly hates them for acting like that for a teacher y/n knew it was wrong for a teacher to date a student more less sleep with one

The bell rang and all the plastic Barbie dolls went to there classes half of them weren’t even in this period but they left and then y/n saw him the most gorgeous human being he had dark brown curly hair, black glasses, and light brown eyes y/n watched him get up to introduce himself

“Hello my name is Mr. Davis I will be your new teacher for this year I have heard about your teacher that had passed recently and I’m sorry but hopefully you can all think of me as your new teacher and we can move forward together”

he was tall about 6’2 maybe even 6’3 his voice was not too low or too high it was perfect he had the voice of a angle and y/n was falling for it

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