My Little Fairy


In which Jimin found himself a fairy

Fantasy / Children
Age Rating:


Its in the evening when a boy really really confirm his decision, nothing can stop him, he really choose this way to get rid all of his problem.

"aye what are you doing?"

Jimin startled almost stumbled forward and nearly fall at the edge of the building when he suddenly heard someone ask something from behind him. He just chose to die,so here he was standing like a statue at roof building, not untill he heard that voice.

He closed his eyes frustrated it is a hard decision he just chose, but someone interject in, in his life decision,he just hoped it just his imagination somewhere in his mind just messy with him.

He then slowly opened his eyes and keep repeated in his mind that he not just heard any voice, and tried to jump again. One of his feet already on the air ready to jump off of the high building, he tightly shut his eyes but
it snapped open back when he felt like something or someone slightly tugged on his back shirt and giggling sound could be heard again.

He sighed annoyed, he's about to jump from here but have an annoying giggling made him stop.

But were someone following him? Why suddenly a person talk to him? Is really someone stood behind him to stop him or what? How did they know he want to die?

He rolled his eyes and turned around to see that voice or someone that kept burden him within the life or death, to found nothing. It just an empty rooftop and only just him stood there.

He puffed his cheeks, after that annoying sound, now he felt he's not ready yet to jump nor kill himself, he's so ang-

"aww is the little mochi is angry?"


What was that?

"Hey who ever there dont come near me!" shiver ran down his body when he got nothing in response.


"W-who is there?!" he asked with a hint scared in his tone, and he swear he almost peed on his pants.

"I SAID WHO. IS. THERE.??!! I-i will sue you! Yo-"

"hey calm down your tits man" you chimed giggling.

Blinking his eyes "who said those,huh?" jimin angryly snarled back while hold his bag with right hand upwards as his weapon, head went left and right to searching that voice.

"Im right here" you playfully put your hand in the air and fly towards him and stood on his left shoulder.


This time jimin was for sure heard that annoying voice on his left ear, slowly he turned his head on the left side and widened his eyes when he saw the small creature, the creature is small, like a tiny human maybe it a girl he guessed, but it size more like one of his longest finger he had
and have a pair of shiny purple
pastel wings.

"Hi! Im y/n! Im is a fairy, your hope!"


A/N: I hope you like this story!

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