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The Girl Who Fought


Nova Lily Black is many things. She is strong. She is powerful. She is beautiful and she knows it. She is the entertainment. She makes one-fourth of the golden quartet. She is Harry Potter's best friend. She is the daughter of two gay men (not that she knows that). She is the daughter of a 'mass murderer'. She's been through hell. Will she stop fighting for what's right, for what she believes in? Not a chance. This story will start with her third year to her seventh year. *DISCLAIMER* all rights to JKR I only own Nova and her storyline

Fantasy / Adventure
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Nova Black is the last of the Black line. Not that she wants to be. The name Black is only a burden in her eyes. A burden filled with betrayal, hate, and darkness. A burden she did not wish to have.

Black converses hit the ground as the youngest Black walked silently through the woods. While the full moon caused both physical and mental pain to many, it proved useful, for once.

Upon entering a clearing, Nova laid on the cool ground. Gazing up at the stars, the Black Heiress found herself naming every star and constellations she knew. However, that did not stop her from naming new ones out of random patterns in the stars.

At the sound of a twig snapping, Nova shot up, grabbing her wand out of instinct. Soon did she find she did not need to do such action.

Emerging from the tree line was a shaggy black dog. Slowly, the dog strutted out of the shadows. Its silver-grey eyes on her honey eyes. As harmless as the dog seemed, Nova did not lower her wand.

The dog stopped and sat in front of the golden-haired beauty in complete and utter awe.

Finally seeing the dog meant no harm, the young lioness let out a small laugh. The dog smiled.

“You’re not dangerous are you, boy?” the girl asked the dog as if it could respond. “What are you doing out here?”

The dog cocked its head as if asking the same thing. Little did Nova know, it was asking the same thing.

“Well, Snuffles...your name is Snuffles, right? Well, too bad, I’m naming you Snuffles.” Nova stated. The dog smiled...if a dog could smile. “I needed a break from everything.”

The dog-Snuffles- watched with a frown as the thirteen-year-old girl in front of him took a swig of whatever was in her flask. Once the smell hit his nose, Snuffles knocked it from her hands.

“Snuffles! That was the last of my Firewhisky!” Nova protested. Snuffles gave her a reproachful look. “Oh, don’t give me that look! You aren’t my father.”

The dog frowned. Nova furrowed her brows.

“It’s not like my father is much of a father anyway,” Nova stated, her voice steady. “He abandoned me. Left to go kill someone and in the process got himself locked up.” Nova paused. “My mother is dead. So...I’m stuck at the horror house.”

The dog looked sad. He rested his head on the girl’s leg as she sat on the ground.

“Luckily, I’m only here for six weeks. Then I’m home, Hogwarts. Not that you would know anything about that.” Nova informed.

Snuffles resisted the urge to laugh. He knew more about Hogwarts than most. He knew every knock and cranny in the castle and he was proud of it.

“That’s where my family is. That’s where I belong.” Nova announced. “They might not be by blood, but they are my family.”

Nova hesitated. She looked at Snuffles. He seemed interested in the conversation...as much as a dog could at least.

“First, there’s Hermione Granger. She’s basically my sister. She’s muggle-born. However, don’t doubt her. She is the brightest witch of our age. Merlin help anyone who calls her a mudblood.” Nova laughed. “Once, Draco Malfoy, who strongly resembles a ferret, called her that. My friend, Ron tried to hex him. his intentions were gold, but his wand was broken and the hex backfired on him.” Snuffles seemingly winced. “I, however, resorted to muggle combat. Long story short, he had a broken nose that was bleeding like Niagra Falls, two black eyes, and a broken jaw. Unfortunately, the greasy bat gave me a month’s detention with an egotistical fraud.

“Then there’s Ron. He is one of the seven Weasley children. He’s basically my brother. He is a member of the Golden Quartet with me and Hermione.” Nova explained. “Then there’s Fred and George. They’re twins and Ron’s older brothers, and completely inseparable. They’re pranksters. We share the Marauders Map.”

Snuffles perked up and smiled at the mention of the map.

“Then there’s Minnie. She’s like a mum to me. She’s pretty badass if you ask me.” Nova stated. Snuffles smiled in agreement with the young girl. “She claims not to like the nickname. Then again, she claims I’m not her favorite, which is a downright lie.

“Then there’s Hagrid, my favorite half-giant. He was in Gryffindor, but I personally think the hat made a mistake. I think he should be in Hufflepuff.” Nova said. “There isn’t anything wrong with Hufflepuff. I just feel like Hagrid gives off Hufflepuff vibes.

“Then there’s Ginny. She’s in a year below me, but she is pretty wicked. She lives in her brothers’ shadows. However, something tells me that when she steps out from the shadows, the world won’t know what hit them.” Nova stated. “She was possessed by Voldemort’s memory last year.”

Snuffles looked up at his daughter in horror.

“She didn’t know what she was doing. At some point, she unlocked the Chamber of Secrets and petrified muggle-borns with the basilisk, Hermione was included.” Nova stated. “Then she as taken to the Chamber where a young sexy Voldemort wanted to consume her life force or whatever.”

Upon hearing Nova call Voldemort sexy, Snuffles gave the girl an incredulous look.

“Oi! Don’t look at me like that! It’s true! Lucky for you, he isn’t my type.” Nova defended. “Anyways, Ron, Harry, and I went into the Chamber to save Ginny. We brought our DADA teacher. He was a right old fraud. Tried erasing our memories and all, but it backfired on himself. Harry and I got separated from Ron and Lockheart. We ended up saving Ginny. I pulled the Sword of Gryffindor out of the Sorting Hat. I stabbed the basilisk, and we destroyed the diary Moldyshorts was using it to possess Ginny.”

Snuffles looked at Nova in awe as she talked about pulling the Sword of Gryffindor out of the hat and she killed the basilisk.

“Speaking of Harry, he’s famous. Harry James Potter. He looks like his dad; unruly hair and all. However, he has the most magnificent emerald green eyes. He’s told that a lot.” Nova stated wistfully. The youngest Black could’ve sworn the dog perked up at his name. “He’s my best friend, you know? We do everything together. Before we left school last year, we managed to dye The Greasy Dungeon Bat’s hair neon pink. He wasn’t very happy. Minnie tried to suppress a laugh but gave us a small smile. She muttered something about being just like our fathers, but I ignored her.”

Snuffles sniggered, but in reality, he was proud of the thirteen-year-old.

“Anyways, Harry is the youngest Seeker in a century. He joined in first year. I joined in second year. However, I play chaser. It’s much more interesting. I’d rather not be hovering over the pitch looking for a golden ball.” Nova informed. “Harry defeated the Moldyshorts. Although, his parents died. He’s famous, but doesn’t like the attention or let it get to his head. He’s brave, loyal, and funny. Although, ’Mione and I constantly have to fix his glasses. Merlin, is that kid blind! You wouldn’t think someone with that bad of eyesight would be a good seeker, but he’s the best.

“It wasn’t until he and Ron saved me and Hermione from a troll did we all became friends. It’s more like they tried to save us. I can save myself.” Nova stated. “Hermione was helping Ron with charms. After class, he was being an arsehole and talked shit on her. Naturally, she heard him. Let’s just say, he ended up with a black eye. I will neither confirm nor deny I was the person who gave him it. Anyways, I followed ’Mione to the bathroom. That’s when we were attacked. Harry being the dumbass he is decided to jump on the troll. I was standing in front of Hermione, protecting her. In the end, Ron knocked it out. That’s when we became friends. We gave Minnie a heart attack though. Then again, we-more specifically I- do that a lot.”

Snuffles observed the girl with undying love and pride. She’s a prankster and puts her friends before herself.

“In second year, the wall was blocked which prevented us from getting onto Platform 9 3/4. Our brilliant idea was to fly the Weasley’s car there. That was fun. Then we landed in the Whomping Willow, or as I call it, Satin’s Tree.”

For the next two hours, Nova told Snuffles all about her adventures. When she finally returned to the Horror House, Snuffles once again became a human.

A man. A man named Sirius Black.

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