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Ultraviolence | Harry James Potter


Marina Wright loses her memories during her third year at Hogwarts. Harry Potter, a classmate, discovers his memories had been erased as well. Friends, teachers, and family have even forgotten all about Marina and Harry’s sudden disappearance. No one knows anything other than certain points of third year like Sirius Black’s escape and quidditch matches. Nothing else.

Drama / Romance
regina !
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Chapter 1

"No, this is ridiculous," Marina argued, "I'm fine on my own." Marina's parents, Lydia and Chandler, stood across from her with a blank expression on their face. They knew she wouldn't like their decision of having someone watching over her.

The world wasn't as bright as it was before. The population of wizards and witches were decreasing day by day while Voldemort's death eaters roamed around.

"His name is Nicholas and he will keep you safe during school," Chandler stated, "Nicholas is a student as well so you will have some alone time." Marina rolled her eyes and checked to make sure she had everything.

"We just want you to be safe, darling. I understand you feel upset now but hopefully you'll have a change of heart." Lydia said as she pulled Marina's hair out of her face.

Marina sighed and decided to try not to be angry at her mother. Marina was always close with her mom and could never be upset at her for too long. She then gave her a hug and left off to the train.

The train wasn't quite full yet so finding a seat wasn't hard. Marina sat down and pulled out a book she adored and started reading.

Her focus on the book soon died off as a person walked into the compartment.

"Are you Marina Wright?" the boy asked. Marina looked up and her mood darkened. "Yes, you must be Nicholas." she said, her feelings of him shown through her tone of voice.

Nicholas didn't reply, instead he sat down at the seat across from her and stared out the window. Marina, with her curious self, decided to use this time to study him.

Nicholas was very handsome and tall, maybe 6-6'1. He had these piercing blue eyes that even if he were spying on you, you would know right away because of how brilliant they were. His cheekbones and jawline were shown extremely well, and his hair soft and combed well yet looked almost as if he didn't even touch it.

"What's more fascinating me or Pride and Prejudice?" Nicholas snickered. Marina didn't get flustered by his comment and instead let out a chuckle. "Nothing is more fascinating than Pride and Prejudice," she corrected,"I'm just examining who will be stalking me for the next few years."

"Stalking?.." Nicholas asked with a hint of mockery,"I'm sorry but I'm sure you know your father hired me." Marina crossed her arms and looked into his handsome face. "Of course I know, I just hate the fact i'll have someone on me like a fly."

Nicholas chuckled and shifted in his seat. "Don't worry, it'll be like I'm not even there." Nicholas went back into focusing outside. "Yeah right." Marina whispered and grabbed her book.

The compartment opened again and revealed not one but three people standing outside. "Oh sorry, I thought it was empty." the boy with round glasses said. Nicholas looked towards the trio in disgust then looked away. Marina noticed and smiled, deciding to piss him off.

"That's alright, we have room for you three." Marina said and motioned for them to sit down. Nicholas gave her a glare which she ignored and talked with them. Marina wasn't an outsider, she knew who the trio was; Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

Marina had never met Harry Potter or Ron Weasley, only Hermione granger when she needed help in potions. "How are you, Hermione?" Marina asked. "Quite well, just trying to keep Harry here safe." Hermione replied. "How nice of you." Nicholas sarcastically said, referring to Marina's dissatisfaction of him.

"Sorry about him, he's very impulsive." Marina said, giving him a glare. Hermione laughed awkwardly while the other two boys stayed silent, only giving each other looks. "I've never properly met you two, i'm Marina Wright." Marina introduced herself and held out her hand.

"Ron Weasley." Ron shook her hand and smiled. "Harry potter." Harry shook Marina's hand as well and had a cute yet awkward smile on his face. Their handshake seemed to last quite long and probably wouldn't have ended until Nicholas coughed loudly.

The two snapped back into reality and laughed awkwardly. The train ride after that was fun for Marina, she got close with the trio and they loved everything about her. The compartment opened again and the trolley lady spoke, "Anything from the trolley, dears?"

The trio said their things and even Nicholas decided to speak to get some snacks for himself. "Marina, aren't you getting anything?" Hermione asked. "No, I'm not hungry." Marina replied. Hermione nodded her head and closed the compartment door. Nicholas looked at Marina and thought it was his turn to examine her.

Marina had big, brown eyes that if you dared to stare into them, you'd see yourself lost in a trance. Her hair was jet black and waved perfectly down a little more under her chest. Her posture was straight, not surprising since she had come from a wealthy family and lastly she had these light freckles on her cheeks and nose.

Nicholas stopped looking after Marina turned to look at him. Marina wouldn't ever admit it but she did feel herself get a little warm. "You're in slytherin house, right?" Harry asked. Marina looked at Harry who seemed a bit upset and put on a forced smile. "Yes, that's right." Marina responded.

"What house are you in Nicholas?" Ron asked as he stuffed jelly beans into his mouth. "I'm in Slytherin as well." Nicholas answered with a displeased face of Ron'a disgusting way of eating.

Silence grew upon the group and it stayed that way until the train arrived at Hogwarts. "It was nice meeting everyone," Marina told the trio, "Hope we can talk during eating hours." Nicholas rolled his eyes next to Marina and brushed past them. "Hopefully only you." Ron chuckled. They all giggled and said their goodbyes which led Marina to go to the Slytherin common room on her own.

"I am not eating with those Gryffindors." a familiar voice said as she walked towards the fireplace, the only source of light. "You don't need to," Marina said, "It's not like any of us want you to." Marina turned to walk up the stairs to her dorm until a hand grabbed her arm roughly. "It is my job to protect you. I don't care how much you despise me, you're never leaving my sight." Nicholas snapped.

Marina looked deeply into his eyes— he can see how furious she was inside. "Don't ever touch me again." Marina ordered. She shoved him away then continued to walk up to her dorm.
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