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Ultraviolence | Harry James Potter


Welcome to Ultraviolence!

This is a Harry Potter fanfiction written by Godofstars_ (on wattpad). I believe in Harry supremacy so I had to write a fanfic with a little plot line. It may not be what you would want to see in a fanfiction which I apologize about but this is what I visualized in my head and wanted to write out.

I am not a professional writer at all and I do have a lot of progress I need to work on till then so please try to not hate on my writing. It may be a little repetitive or have some errors so if you'd want to help, you are able to comment any corrections which I will check and see.

I will be adding very little/small "spice" to the story, I APOLOGIZE TO ALL SMUT LOVERS. It's just a little difficult for me to take seriously, maybe once I start to get comfortable with writing more. Don't lose hope!

Lastly, the cover of Ultraviolence has the characters from Deadly Class, Reign, and Harry Potter. Mary Stewart (Reign) and Marcus Lopez (Deadly Class) is who I imagined to be the characters I created because it just fits their personalities well. There are other characters I created but I might just leave it to your imagination.

All characters belong to JK Rowling except for the character I created.

( I do not support JK Rowling at all. I am in full support of the trans community and will not tolerate her behavior. I am only writing for my love of the characters. )

Hope you all enjoy my story!
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