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If We Were Lovers


"Secrets bond the soul." Bexley looked at him from across the room, longing to be held by him. "We must be pretty bonded then?" Sirius returned her look, longing to hold her. Bexley Morgan has been aware of the Marauders presence for years and quite frankly found them slightly irritating. But when she's paid to go on a date with one of their members, will her opinion change? Or will her secret come to light and threaten to tear apart all they have fought for? And in a search for her real family, will it be closer than she thought?

Romance / Adventure
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Bexley Morgan was a witch. But in her world where witches and wizards were around every corner, it was not this that made her extraordinary. Instead, it was the burning secret she kept, constantly glowing in the pit of her stomach. Bexley had kept it successfully hidden for 17 years, but when she returned to Hogwarts for her seventh year, that secret began to course its way through her, fighting to escape.

The sun illuminated the Great Hall and there was the normal level of chatter expected for a Monday morning. The students were all tucking into their breakfast after a heavy nights revision, they were only a couple of weeks into the term, but with the threat of their N.E.W.Ts looming over them, everyone was cramming in as much revision as they could. However, Bexley was transfixed in a daydream, twisting her rings around her fingers, a rather nervous habit of hers.

"Bex, don't you think you should eat something?" This voice belonged to Lily Evans, the only person with who Bexley trusted her life with, and her secret.

"I can't seem to stomach anything at the moment, guess it's just nerves, what with all this revision and Quidditch try-outs." Bexley continued to twist her rings around, staring at them as if they would make her feeling of sickness disappear.

"Come off it. You know you'll be perfect! Stop doubting yourself and have some cereal." Lily poured choco puffs and milk into Bexley's bowl and forced the spoon in her hand. Maybe Lily was right, Bexley thought, maybe tough loving is exactly what I need to get my arse in gear, but she'd never let Lily know it. Bexley tucked into her cereal when loud whooping noises erupted from the other end of the Gryffindor table. A few heads turned, but Lily and Bexley just rolled their eyes.

"Honestly, you'd think they had no respect for others, the Great Hall is a community space, not their private space." Lily sighed and retrieved her Transfiguration book from her bag, getting in some extra reading before their lesson.

"I know a certain Potter would love to have you in a private space," Bexley muttered looking up at Lily from her cereal.

"Don't you start! I have absolutely no interest in a boy whose brain is probably smaller than a pixies, thank you very much." Lily huffed and turned back to her book, but Bexley was sure she saw her glance in James Potters direction.

"Easy on the eye though?" This time Lily didn't tolerate Bexley's remark, she took out her wand and with a lazy flick of her wrist, Bexley's cereal bubbled and spat at her face.

"Can't say the same for you though dear." Lily smiled a sickly sweet smile. Bexley mopped up her face and tied her short hair out of her face, just in case Lily did the same again, she had milk in her hair before and it was not a fun experience. Hooting was heard from over head and the two girls looked up and saw the daily mail arriving. A few owls landed before their owls reached them. Bexley stroked Jules gently and gave her some choco puffs as a thanks. She untethered her mail and Lily did the same.

"I still don't understand how you got such a beautiful owl." Lily admired Jules.

"She could sense I too was good looking." Bexley wriggled her eyebrows and opened up the copy of the Daily Prophet her parents had sent to her. She scanned the pages looking for something interesting.

"Anything good?" Lily questioned as she opened her weekly letter from her parents.

"Nope, unless you're interested in buying a bottomless cauldron? Blimey! Fifteen Galleons! Well, we know who'll be coming in with one of those next week." They both sneered over at the Slytherin table where Narcissa Black sat, with an heir of authority about her.

"Oh how pleasant, here comes her equally snotty boyfriend." Bexley remarked as Lucius Malfoy came striding down the Hall to Narcissa, placing a kiss on her forehead. "That is exactly how I like my mornings to start!" Bexley spoke with clear sarcasm.

"Come on, we don't want to be late for McGonagall."

"I don't know what I'd do without your time keeping skills Lil." They finished up their breakfast and slung their bags over their shoulders as they headed to the exit.

"Probably be late everywhere." Lily sighed.

"Hey Evans!" A cheery voice called behind them and Bexley turned to Lily, as if asking what to do.

"Keep walking." Lily muttered and before they could continue, a hand was on Lily's shoulder. "Oh for Merlin's sake."

"Didn't you hear me calling you?" James Potter, lovely guy, don't get me wrong, he just can't seem to take no for an answer Bexley thought.

"I did hear a certain noise, but I though it was just the owls screeching." Lily answered sweetly.

"So, when exactly are you going to let me take you on a date?" James asked cockily. Bexley stood there awkwardly, praying this would end soon.

"When I'm forty, childless and desperate I'll send you an owl." This remark awarded Lily with whoops from the rest of the group who preferred to be known as the Marauder's.

"Lily you definitely got feisty over the summer."

"Sirius." Lily spoke as a greeting.

"Morgan! You definitely got something over summer." Sirius eyed Bexley from head to toe, his eyes taking in every inch of her.

"Black, I'd rather you didn't objectifying me sexually in front of first years. Now, if you dogs will excuse us, well especially you Sirius, we have to get going." Bexley grabbed hold of Lily's arm and dragged her away from her squabble with James. "See you later Remus!" Bexley called behind her.

"God! They just infuriate me! I don't see how Remus can stand to be around them! Or Peter for that matter!" Lily readjusted her robes as they walked to Transfiguration.

"Peter is just Peter, and well Remus..." Bexley trailed off. She had a good friendship with Remus Lupin, they had grown up only houses apart after all, but when school started, well they found different friends. They were still close of course, but something just wasn't like how it was when they were young and innocent, Remus had become steadily distant, and Bexley could not find the answer to his withdrawal.

"Do you think I should just say yes to James to get him to leave me alone? You know, one date, it goes dismally then he'll realise just how much of a prat he is and apologise profusely?" Lily turned to Bexley in approval of her plan.

"Or, you could go on the date, actually enjoy yourself and date James?" Bexley shrugged as if the idea was absolutely idiotic, but Lily for a moment pondered on the idea, Bexley was sure of it. They reached their Transfiguration class and saw some Ravenclaws waiting patiently outside, Bexley saw Vincent Vaine, a close friend of hers and waved. Vincent flashed a dazzling smile and Bexley offered one back too.

"Sure there's nothing going on there?" Lily questioned suspiciously.

"What? No, he's just a friend. A friend who happens to be pretty good looking but a friend nevertheless." And that was the truth. Professor McGonagall opened her classroom door and the students ushered in, but as they went to settle in their normal seats, McGonagall stopped them.

"Due to the incident last lesson." McGonagall shot a look towards Xenphilius Lovegood, the incident being that Xenophilius was far too interested in staring at his partner, Pandora, that he turned McGonagall's desk into a rather large slug. "I have decided to move students around, please look to the board for guidance."

"You've got to be kidding me." Lily's mouth was wide open, there was her name, paired with James Potter.

"See, this is the universe telling you it's meant to be!" Bexley exclaimed with a giggle at the end.
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