Where Jimin and Yoongi fight for the innocent omega. Warning - crossdressing, profanities, Mpreg, Werewolves, poly relationship

Romance / Fantasy
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Miracle | Mistake

15 years ago

Queen Seokjin is walking around the palace garden while rubbing his 9 months round belly. The royal doctor said he was near to having labor that is why he needs relaxation to avoid the stress that may trigger unwanted complications in delivering the child.
While he was near the benches to have a rest he felt a sudden pain making him stumble a bit and saw water trickledown his thighs indicating, “It’s time my queen” the servant said at his back.
He simply nodded with a small smile despite the pain he was happy that at any moment his little prince will be in his hands.
In the delivery room, A panting Seokjin was laying on the king-sized bed, he was very exhausted and barely see the situation. A blurred image of the doctors holding his son wiping the blood around the infant.
Then Seokjin heard a faint ‘oh no’ before fully passing out from exhaustion. The doctors panicked. There was no sound. Silence No cries of an infant. King Namjoon barged in the room and slammed his fists on the glass where nurses were examining his child.
“WHAT'S HAPPENING?!” The doctors flinched and the nurses grabbed some machines and connected some tubes to the child.
“TELL ME! WHAT IS WRONG?!” Namjoon yelled grabbing the head doctor's collar.
“T—the child w-w-wa-sn’t breathing” Then Namjoon dropped the head doctor and tears dropped from his eyes then he grabbed the head doctor and pushed him inside,
“THEN DO SOMETHING! ANYTHING! SAVE MY CHILD!” The king was now fully sobbing.

one week later Seokjin was muffling his sobs with his left hand while his right one was caressing the glass that separates him from the infant lying at the tiny bed connected in tubes and machines that helps it breathe.
Namjoon can do nothing but hold Seokjin’s shoulders while tears run down his eyes. The maids passing the hallway felt sympathy for the King and queen. Seokjin couldn’t take it anymore and just left the nursery to go to their room...


King Namjoon stayed to look at his son for a long minute before he felt a tap on his shoulder to see the head doctor who’s looking so nervous and hesitant.
“What is it?”
It could be seen by the doctor's features. fidgeting, sweat covering his forehead, eyes cast down avoiding the King's cold peircing eyes.
“Is there some problem?”
The doctor opened his mouth but no words come out, he wasn’t sure how to inform the King.
“Say something before I fire you” Namjoon coldly stated making the doctor gulped and immediately lifted his gaze.
“Base on some tests it states your son is an omega meaning he has a weak and fragile body, which makes more difficult that—” the doctor took a deep breath. “I'm afraid there is no chance for him to continue” the doctor said in a shaky breath, also sad for the little prince.
Namjoon could only burst into tears silently.

Two weeks more

“What?! No!, we can’t bring him there!”
“But why?!”
Seokjin has been persuading Namjoon to bring their son to an enchantress to cast a spell of possible that can help their son.
“Seokjin I can’t just bring my son to a non-conceptual stranger”
“But I want to hold our son!, Can’t you just understand how desperate I am?!” Seokjin finally burst into tears and sobs.
Namjoon immediately hugged his mate while patting his back.
“I sob just want to see him open his eyes sob and cry while I sob cradle him and sob hold his tiny hands”
Namjoon can’t take this sight of his mate and agrees to hire an enchantress. one month later The enchantress was giving the infant a prayer every night and it was slowly affecting the infant's development,
Every night the enchantress will recite the kingdoms sins and good deeds in exchange for an improvement from the child. The enchantress said he can fully heal the child but there is a great sacrifice needed that is why she can only bring improvements to the infant.
But one night something unexpected happened. Machines were beeping loudly and the infant is turning pale indicating it was dying.
Seokjin was sobbing hard and Namjoon was begging the enchantress to do something.
“PLEASE!! I BEG YOU TO DO SOMETHING!!” Namjoon desperately kneeling making the maids and servants gasped in pity cause their king was kneeling for his son’s life.
The enchantress gave up and agreed she told everybody to be out of the room she placed candles around the corner and chanted the spell.
An hour later, A loud wail was heard.
The king and queen burst into tears of happiness thanking the enchantress and holding their precious in their arms.

A year later

The whole kingdom was celebrating the birthday of a certain boy with a boxy grin that brings happiness to the whole palace.
Prince Taehyung grew up to be a Smart, Pretty, Friendly, cute, kind, and respectful boy. He was adored by many and his parents love him so much.

While he was done showering after the big celebration he walked into his dad and mom’s room to say good night. He tipped toed and knocked his little fists on the door.
“Taebear, do you want to sleep here?” Seokjin said crouching down his son’s level.
The boy did a thinking gesture before nodding happily and jumping on the bed.
Their peaceful embrace and sleep was interrupted when the little boy keeps shifting his position in the middle of his parents.
“Bub, What’s wrong?” Namjoon asked brushing the bang from his son’s eyes.
“Can’t, s’itchy can’t sweep” the boy murmured. Seokjin then opened a few strings at the back of his pajamas to see a little black ink tattooed wolf located by his shoulder.
Seokjin gasped. The next day they went to the enchantress to consult it.
“This is bad.....” the enchantress frowned. She then gave the king and queen instructions they need to do. They locked taehyung in a room where no windows and no light.
Then one day a loud howl was heard in his room the king and queen went to the boy's room to find a little white wolf but his fur started to become black. And that night they witnessed their son’s abilities.


The king and queen decided to enroll their child in a special school for royal bloods with special abilities, Although they made sure that the teacher for practicing their abilities was gonna be quiet of taehyung’s powers.

Taehyung - 6 years old

Taehyung plopped on the bed after a long day at school immediately remembers what the bullies told him.
‘You don’t even have powers’
keep echoing in his mind. It was true, although he has powers but his momma told him not to show it to others but Mr.Jung, his only teacher who knows his powers.
His momma said he still can’t control so he still can’t use it. Seokjin peeked through his son’s dark room which his son weirdly liked.
“How’s school hun?”
“Momma why can’t I show my powers” Seokjin sighed. “We can’t risk it remember what happened the first time it showed?”
The boy only nodded before hugging his momma saying he understands and dashing through his bathroom.
Seokjin bit his lips in shame, that he and his husband were the reason for this mess, that his son’s supposed powers were cursed in exchange for his son to live, he feels ashamed but he doesn’t regret it.

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