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hq au one-shots


Au One-shots made by me Disclaimer:: — the story plot are all mine, — the characters i've used in the story are not mine, they are from Furudate sensei — Their personality was changed by me, as I say my own plot — some of the characters are made by me :)) I'm a beginner so don't judge me...please

Other / Erotica
Ryuichi Okami
Age Rating:

Unknown Feelings

“~we're here standing and looking at each other, holding your hand as it's precious to me” the man in white said as he took his lover's hand and held it gently, the other looked at him preciously as he listens to the words his lover says

“...you were just dumb actually, up until now,” as he said that line people chuckled and laughed he continued

“but...even though you're dumb, I love you from here to there” he said as he pointed to his heart towards his lover's chest which made the latter smile sweetly

“Those arguments, quarrels were worth it. It led us to the point that we’re getting married now...” He said as he wiped the tears that was spilling down through his lover’s eyes

“How lucky am I to call you mine? Your love and trust makes me a better person, each and every day. For all those times that we've been together, there's always been a mutual understanding that's only shared when two people love each other truly.”

“You were there for my greatest challenges. You encouraged me to grow. You helped believe in myself and become the person that I am today. In your arms and by your side, I know I can do anything. I'm proud to call you my love, darling, baby…..husband...” he said those words gently cupping his cheeks

“I, Tsukishima Kei, take you, Kageyama Tobio, to be my husband, to have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death us do part, according to God's holy law, in the presence of God I make this vow” He slipped the ring to his hand and kissed it lovingly before losing consciousness

*ring ring ring*

Alarm ringing throughout the room made Tsukishima wake up in surprise huffing loudly as his tears fell right through his eyes streaming through his pale face

He and Kageyama were kidnapped by one person they love the most… He gave them a day to escape but they failed, they hide at the storage room sniffing lightly as they heard knocking sounds

“I know you’re there… come out and come to daddy my love, hmm? I won’t hesitate to kill you” A deep voice said as the sound of metal was heard screeching towards them…

His heart dropped when he heard a slice near him, blood rushing out like a fountain scattering all over the floor, paint of blood on his mouth as if he drank it deliciously, he tasted the blood… smells sweet and tasty

“I told you to come out Tsukishima-kun….” A pair of hazel eyes stared at his golden brown eyes which made him shiver…

“Sho...” this was his last word before he passed out once again

Waking up dizzy is the worst thing just like Kei, groaning because of pain he felt waking up

“Where am I?” He whispered then the door creaked, sound of opening doors

“You’re awake Kei, Hi love” a voice said making him look at him

“...Shoyo? What am I doing here? Where’s Tobio?” He asked, making himself confused..

“Who’s Tobio…?” He mumbled making Shoyo smirk lightly

Shoyo hitted him that night that made him lose some memories though he knows that he will remember him soon but he didn’t care, he even snickered knowing those

“Kei, I love you” he said lovingly making Kei smile cheerfully

“I love you too, Shoyo” He said giggling, that was the last time…. He never thought Hinata Shoyo a dumb friend of him would do this smart things….

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