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hq au one-shots


18+ / smut
vulgar and explicit words used


a light moan escaped his lips as his lover was hovering cupping his grown hard bulge

“Sakusa… who was the girl you were with? huh?” atsumu was steaming of hot because of jealousy he was feeling

“Are you jealous babe?” Sakusa answered with a smirk, it made Atsumu swear beneath his sighs

“Yes because that fucking girl was clinging unto you! Fuck her!”, “no you're the only one who'd I fuck 'tsum” that line made 'sumu lost his mind and kissed Sakusa roughly

— Flashback —

Atsumu was walking out from the mall with his friends, they were talking to each other loudly, they were having much fun not until one of his brother asked something

“Say Twin, where did Sakusa go again?” his twin asked looking somewhere

“He said he was meeting his friend why?” Atsumu answered back still looking at his phone reading Among Us story

“...He didn't tell you what gender?”, “He said it was a boy.. stop asking questions Samu, I'm trying to read this story about Among Us!” He said irritated

“...Atsumu-san you should see this” Hinata's sound made Atsumu worry

Atsumu looked towards Hinata where you can see him looking somewhere, that made Atsumu look

Atsumu was fuming in jealousy when he saw his lover with a girl clinging onto his arm

Sakusa never let other people touch him, not even himself! Shocking am I right?

Atsumu bid his goodbyes to his friends before going home walking furiously


Atsumu was thinking so much that his head aches

He groaned because of frustration, he was thinking so many what if's

‘what if Sakusa is cheating on me?’
‘what if he'll leave me?’
‘what if he doesn't love me anymore?’

he was thinking so much he didn't notice the knocks, but it was stopped when he heard the keys opening

He turned his head towards the door that's creaking so loud because of the silence surrounding all over the sound

Atsumu stared at the man who was removing his coat and his shoes along with his socks

“I'm home...” said the man

Atsumu stood up silently and made his way on their shared room going to the bathroom planning to go shower

Sakusa was surprised and knowing Atsumu, he's a clingy type, noisy and nosy

Sakusa walked towards the room following his lover, Atsumu

He knocked the bathroom door knowing he's there since he heard the water running

“What do you want, Sakusa?”

Sakusa was surprised and worried, he just heard Atsumu calling him ‘Sakusa’

“Come out.. We need to talk, now”

Sakusa demanded but Atsumu just chuckled

“We're already talking though..?”

His response made Sakusa sigh deeply

“Babe please just come out… I'm worried”

“I'm glad you are”

Sakusa heard the water stop and the door creaking lightly

“What happened? Huh? You ignored me earlier, you aren't yourself Tsumu… You didn't give me a kiss too...”

“Get it from the girl you were flirting with tch”

Atsumu said walking away laying down on the bed

“...You saw me earlier with the girl right?”

Atsumu covered his whole body with the blanket, getting comfy

Sakusa walked towards him and hugged him from behind spooning him

“What are you doing? Go away! Go hug that bitch ugh”

“Your jealous huh? hehehe”

Sakusa grinned as he chuckled teasing Atsumu who's covering himself tightly

“You don't have to worry okay..? I did meet my friend and that girl..she's my adopted sister, she was adopted few weeks ago and she's a clingy type just like you”

Atsumu was relieved but was still sad because his lover did not tell him about his soon-to-be-sister

“are you still mad at me baby?”

Sakusa said as he kissed Atsumu's neck leaving soft marks as he removes the blanket that was covering his body

“No and stop touching me Omi...”

Kiyoomi stopped and stood up

“Where are you going? We're not done yet...!”

Atsumu stood up and got in into their shared closet, he was changing into something surprising

He got out and Sakusa was drooling when he saw his lovers body

You can see him wearing tight and revealing clothes

and there…

Sakusa was held up

• • • • • •

Sakusa was suffering so much, he was being cuffed up by his beloved bottom and now... He's the bottom tonight

Atsumu was smirking so much teasing the top- I meant... the bottom

Sakusa's hands was cuffed with tight blue rope connected to his neck

Sakusa never imagined himself being a bottom

He was nervous and excited not knowing why

While the other one was teasing him by kissing him lightly

Atsumu teased him more and more making him impatient, he whined to him asking him why he did those

“That's your punishment Sakusa Kiyoomi”

And that's what happend before things got wrong

Atsumu was gone wild, thrusting like he's never been before

Underneath him where you can see a mess Sakusa Kiyoomi, he was moaning so loud

They were making out so wild as if they were the only ones

They didn't know that someone was watching them from the door

Who was it?


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