Peggy Carter: Into the Future


Agent Peggy Carter fought alongside Captain America in World War II but after he went into the ice something happened when Peggy was fiddling around with a cryochamber created by Howard Stark and she ends up being pulled out of it by non other than the Avengers but it is no longer 1947 it's now 2015.

Action / Other
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Introduction to the Story

So this is the new story I'm doing I know I still haven't finished the 5th Natasha's Secret book or Selene Romanoff: The Daughter of The Black Widow but I had an idea to write this so I will. Hope you enjoy.

This is all before the "Blip" and the blip doesn't happen because I want all characters to stay alive. :)

By the way I know that Peggy became Tony Starks godmother and things I will make it so that Howard still made Peggy his godmother but that she wasn't there when it happened.

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