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Repair each other (Kakashi x OC)


-Will include lemon🍋 -TW! (Suicide, Self Harm, Mental Illness, Drugs) Estella Nara falls into a deep depression after her younger brother, Shikamaru Nara, attempted suicide. After month of suffering she realised she could not live with such pain and also tries to take her own life, but the attemp fails and she gets into Konoha's psychatric clinic for recovery. There she suprinsingly meets a certain white haired jonin, you guessed it, Kakashi. What will happen if they come close to each other? Will both of them be able to love without being afraid of loss? Read to find out... :) -Doesn't follow the original plotline of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden -All caracters, besides Estella, belong to Kishimoto -Cover art is from pinterest (@forbiddenhataky)

Romance / Erotica
Age Rating:

Estellas life so far🖤

TW!!! (Mention of suicide, attempted suicide, depression, selfharm)

If you struggle with any of these things please don't read and find someone to reach out to, it isn't a shame to ask for help. You can always text me as well.


Flashback (Estellas pov)

I open the door to my little brother's room and as soon as he sees me standing in the door a forced smile appeares on his lips. I hate that sight, when he smiles at me thinking I wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't true. He'd been like that for a while now I think as I tell him to come downstairs for dinner. I am worried, for sure I am, but I also know nobody is able to crack his fassade. Not dad, not mom, not me.

"I've gotta go, I am meeting Neji, Ten Ten and Sasuke." I tell my parents as we all are sitting at the dining table. A worried look crosses my face when I look at Shikas plate, which is still completly full. Since when did he stop eating. I sight out loud, get up, walk over to Shika and carefully ruffle his hair. "See you later assbutt (hopefully someone will understand the refrence haha)." are my words towards him as I leave the house, earning a glace from my dad.

Time skip -> After the meeting

I start to head home, knowing my parents don't like it when I stay out too long.

The meeting was...interesting. I actually ended up making out with Sasuke, who is a heavenly good kisser, and Ten Ten and Neji were also doing stuff.

Just when I was about ten minutes away from home I hear someone call my name. I quickly recognize the voice. "Iruka Sensei" I greet in concern caused by the ecxausted look on his face and slight hesitation in his eyes. "You alright?" I asked confused, not understanding what is so important for him to run all the way up to me. "Stella, the Hokage wants to see you". I look down to the watch on my wrist, 9 p.m. "What?Now?". "Yes, immediately!" he replies, looking extremly worried. Whats up with that dude today.

Time skip -> The Hokages office

I walk all the way up until i stand in front of the office door, something inside of me is telling me not to knock. But after a couple seconds I decide to be a good shinobi and knock. Once...twice.."Come in" I hear Tsunades voice on the other side of the door, pushing it open gently. My confusion only grows when I see mom and dad crying, leaned against the wall. "What is going on? Why are you crying?" My chest starts to feel thight only imagine what the cause could be..."Nara Estella, I am so sorry to deliver you that message, but you need to know". That isn't good at all, okay breathe, keep it together. "Princess Tsunade, could you please tell me what the fuck is going on" I say trying as hard as possible to stop the tears from escaping my eyes. Silence. I can't stay calm much longer. I need to know whats the matter of this. Why the hell didn't they order Shika here anyways. "Estella. Your brother, Shikamaru...He was found dead in the park about an hour ago. I am so sorry Stella" Tsunade says, I could hear my mom sobb at her words. A shiver goes down my spine and all eyes are on me ecxpecting some sort of reaction. I stand in the middle of the room and all the things around me are fading. Nothing. Numbness is the only thing fulfilling my cold body. This isn't real, it cant be, he wouldn't do that, he would never do that to me. "How?" I hear the words escaping my lips as if I was watching myself from above. "He wanted it, he did it himself" dad says, his words cutting me like a knife. No! This is my fault, fuck. I should have been there for him when he needed me.

I simply turn aroud and leave without another word. Not a single tear, no sadness, no anger. Nothing. All i can sense is numbness. I don't know where to go so I just hide in a tree behind a playground and all I do is to sit there convincing myself that this is only a nightmare until I actually fall asleep in the tree. I hate my self so much, how could I let this happen.

Time skip -> 4 Month later

I didn't went to school ever since. I don't do anything really. The first 2 month Sasuke and Neji often came over to look after me, but now I've lost all of them due to never putting any effort in the friendship. I don't put effort in anything anymore. I barley even get my lazy ass out of the bed, but who cares, I will fail everyone anyways, just like I failed him. I look down on my thigh as I finally have the strengh to sit up. It didn't stopped bleeding yet. The cuts and scars are hugging my thigh comfortably , showing that I am still a human in fact, even tho I don't feel like I am. I don't feel anything. I've never cried about him being gone, if I would, I'd get lost in the unbearable pain, so I don't allow myself to cry. I have to bandage this son of a bitch I think while I grab the bandages from the drawer, ecxidently hitting the frame with a picture of him. I hear the glass break as soon as the picture hits my floor. What a drag.

Time Skip -> 3 Month/Talk to a therapist

(Her parents made her see a therapist, so here she is)

"Estella right,can I call you Stella?" the women in front of me asks. "No, you can not!" I reply. "Ehm-" ,I shoot her a glance, "anyways, Estella, how are you today?" she continues. "I'm good, no need to be concerned" I answer her sarcastically. Our talk continued just like that until she starts to talk about him. "I know that your brother, Shikamaru, took his life about half a year ago and-..." I cut her of mid sentece "You don't know anything about my brother, so shut your ugly ass mouth". Anger heating up my body as I speak. Oh come on, don't get emotinally now. Hide it, jeez. "I am sorry ma'm" I apoligize to her. "It's fine, but please don't hide your emotions. You have all right to be sad, dissepointed, angry or whatever, you are only human after all." "I don't feel human. I don't feel-" I stop my talk when I feel a long forgotten feeling rising up inside of me. Pain. So much pain. A single tear crossed my cheek, kissing my lips goodbye as it fell onto the ground below. Stop it, I don't wanna loose control, please, it needs to stop. "Its fine, let go." I hear the voice of the women hollow in my head pushing some sort of a trigger, cause suddenly I burst out in tears. I can't take the pain. Make it stop. Shut it off. I lost. I storm into the small bathroom and lock the door behind myself. The tears won't stop floating towards the ground. Cut.Cut.Cut.Cut. I take out my blade, put it on my arm, where my watch once sat and pushed-.

Time Skip -> 1 Week

I open my eyes slowly being blinded by white, bright walls and flashed by a significant smell. Why the fuck am I in a hospital? Suddenly the door opened and my dad walks in, looking like he hasn't slept in 2 years. " Are you awake?" he looks at me in disbelief as I nod my head "Yes dad. What happened to me?" "You don't remeber?" His smile fades. "Look at your wrist" "What the hell" I said in shock as I see the huge scar crossing it. "How did this bitch get there?" I asked. "Stella, you remember Shika. Seems like you both really have a lot in common" he says, struggling to get his words out. It takes me a good minute to figure his words out and then it hits me like a rock. I did this to myself. "I am so sorry dad, I am so sorry, please tell mom I am sorry." He doesn't reply.He kisses my forehead and before he heads out he says:"We are going to put you in rehab, I cant lose you too, we truely love you. Keep that in mind."

Time skip -> 4 days later/introduction to the psychiatric clinic

"Thats your room from now on" the nurse says, flashing me a cute smile. "Tanks, its-...well...not ugly" I reply trying to sound as friendly as possible considered that the last place i wanna be at is this stupid clinic.


AN <3

Heyy. If you read this, I m super thankfull for your time. This is my first storie, so pleace be nice. I defently take constructive tips. And sorry for the spelling/grammar errors, it's way too late and english isn't my native lenguage. I hoped you liked the first chapter and if so i would appreciate it soooo much if you could leave a like. Well, have a nice day/night/whatever haha.💖

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