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Psycho--Kai Parker


Kayley Henning has been in love with Kai Parker for 16 years and when she does something terrible she is sent to a prison world where someone awaits her.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Kayley's P.O.V

Flashback to 15 years ago

In a flash, I was snapped out of the real world into a world where someone was waiting for me to arrive, but I didn’t know that. I was in the wood but something was different. There were no people. Not one.

“Hello!, “I shouted.“Is anybody there.“I heard a sound in the leaves.” Motus“and someone is sent flying into a tree.“Ow”.I heard and I ran over to see who it was,

“kai?” I see a pair of blue eyes looking up at me

“Hey, Kayley.” And he wigged his fingers waving up at me. I grab his hand standing me up. I hugged him as tight as I could.

“Wait what are you doing here?” He asked.

“Well..... Um... I accidentally burned down my house with everyone in it.” I look down at the ground.

“That’s my girl.” If you are wondering why I’m not afraid of him it’s because he and I were best friends when we were growing up. We use to tell each other everything. He uses to come to me crying when his father was yelling at him for being different. I was on vacation when he was sent here. When I came back he wasn’t there. I asked around for months until his sister Jo told me. I cried for weeks because he was the only one that didn’t hate him for being like him..... a siphon. I was trying to light the fireplace when my mother came in and started to yell at me for doing magic and I snapped. I was tired of everyone telling me I was dangerous, so I locked them in the house and burned it to the ground.

“When your dad found out he said’ you deserve to be trapped in a place with someone as evil as you.′ And so he sent he here.”

“I’m sorry,” He said hugging me.

“It’s fine. At least my best friend. I’ve missed you so much.”

“I’ve missed you too.” And I did something I never had don’t before, I kissed him. I pulled away.

“I’m sorry.” He put his hand under my chin to make me look up at him.

“No, I’m sorry.” He smashes his lips to mine and pushed me up against the tree, picking me up by my leg, hooking them around his waist.

(Cue Klaroline scene)

Time skip to the morning

I woke up in Kai's bed.“Good morin-” I see no one next to me “Was it that bad?... Or was it that good ?” I put on his shirt that reached my thighs and walk down the stairs to the kitchen and see Kai cooking breakfast in his boxers. I wrap my arms around his waist and resting my head on his bare back.“Good morning.” I said Sleepily placing kisses on his back.

“Good morning you too.“He turns around kissing me and picking me and sitting me on the counter next to the stove. He pulled away and smiling and just me one last peck and returned to cooking.

“What do you want to do today?” He asked.

“I don’t know. What do you do when we are the only two people in existence?”

“Um... we can to the mall. Oh, You can get all the clothes you want.”

“We if there is no one there to stop me then I just must buy all the clothes.” I laugh.

“We here's your breakfast.”

“What are you? A professional Chef.”

“Well, I try.”

Time skip to after the mall

“You got so many clothes.”

“You said I could get whatever I wanted and I wanted the whole mall.”

“But where are we going to put all of these?” He asked.

“We’ll find somewhere.”

“Oh god. Is it going to be like this forever?”

“Well, we are trapped here so probably.”

“We if you are here then I’m fine with that.”

“Yeah.“I said wrapping my arm around his neck and he wrapped him around my waist.

“Yeah,” He said leaning down the kiss me.

“I’m tired.”

“But we haven’t got to the fun part.” he pouted.

“Oh, And what is that?”

“Really. Really. Really, hot shower sex.” He picked me up bridal style and ran upstairs. I screamed for him to put me down but he didn’t.

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