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Little Wolf-- Isaac Lahey


Carmen is a normal girl at Beacon Hills High School when is one night everything changes when she is bitten by Derek Hale and she meets Issac Lahey one of the kids on the Lacrosse team at her school. Someone who has always caught her eye at school.

Adventure / Romance
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Chapter 1

Carmen P.O.V

12:30 am

" Mom I’m going on a run”.“Ok Hunny be safe”. ” I will”.

I grab my running shoes. My keys, phone, and headphones.

I start running, past the graveyard when I heard a noise.

“Hello, is someone there?”

Wow, I’m Dum what is the murder said’Yes’.

I turn back around and there Is someone in front of me.

“Oh my god, you scared me.”

“Oh um sorry, I’m Isaac.” he says with a kind smile.”

“I know you are on the lacrosse team.”

“Oh, you go to my school.”

“Yeah, I’m Carmen,” I said smiling like a fool.

“Isaac will you hurry up. will have to go.” A voice came behind me.

I turn around and here is a blonde girl behind me. I turn back around and Isaac has glowing yellow eyes and sharp fangs. I start running as fast as I can but the girl that was behind me caught up to me and grab me.

“What do you want from me.” I sob.

" You” a low voice comes from a man standing in front of me with red glowing eye

“Why Do You Want Me,” I say in tears

" Hi, I Derek”. the guy says but I won't look at him, I just look at the ground.

“Let me get to the point.” He starts

“How how you feel if you never got sick. If you could have the world at your fingertips. If you could protect yourself from your father.”

“How do you know about that,” I say look up to meet his eyes. They were dark and terrifying.

“I know a lot of things what if I could make it happen.”

“That's impossible.”

“All it takes is one bite and that all could happen,” he states convincingly.

“What do you mean,” I said still looking into his dark eyes.

Derek: I mean that we could give you everything you want. Carmen if they let me I could turn you into a werewolf and you could have everything you want.

“Everything,” I say with my voice cracked a little.

“Everything.”He says Maybe I could stand up to my father.

“Do it.”

“Ok, Issac hold her down.”

Isaac grabs my arms hard and puts one out and Derek grabs my arm and bites into it. I scream out in pain. When he’s done I fall back into Issac's arms feel faint.

“You need to get back her home. ”Derek says to Isaac.


And with that Isaac picks me up bridal style and brings me into my room through the window I leave open in my room. He puts me in my bed under the covers. I check the time it’s 1:30 in the morning.

"You need some rest. Find me after school in the parking lot I’ll be waiting for you to take you to Derek's place so you can talk to him and ask any questions you have."

“ok,” I say sleepily

“Goodnight Carmen”

"Goodnight pretty boy". I say not realizing what just said.

He laughs quietly and jumps out my window.

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