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TRIGGER WARNING/ CONTENT WARNING!!!!!! MENTAL HEALTH DISORDER AND EATING DISORDER! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! She hated food, she hated the sight of eating. She felt like she didn't like eating at all, but she just really thinks it's what appropriate for her to fit in. She made herself believe that eating is a sin, and that if she over ate she'll need to vomit it out. he however loves food, he loved to fll his mouth with treats, candies, and meals that to him was heaven. He loves to eat, indulge everything in sight. He would never choose to skip a meal. the only thing they have in common is their houses, she's a rich muggleborn, and he was a poor pureblood- who didn't care much about his blood status. She grew up spoilt and miserable, and he grew up learning about morals and respect. She loved to stay indoors and lay on her bed consumed with dark, sinful and depressing thoughts, while he lived to go outside and laugh and play all day-like a child. Everything was going smoothly, but one day he manages to build the courage to speak to her-that he's been waiting to do for years, not only that touch her. Will she completely give in? and would he give everything up for her?

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Chapter 1

author’s note: in capslock



️A B I T E

′ Heather ′

It was another dreadful year at Hogwarts. she’s been stuck in this god-forsaken boarding school to what seems like her whole life.
it’s her Seventh year to be exact, with the threat of Lord Voldemort’s return surfacing, Cedric’s Death and Bellatrix Lestrange escaping Azkaban. It really was dreadful.
well for her it felt like it was, she’s felt alone and constricted in Hogwarts-the moment she’s stepped foot on that boat, and she wasn’t really the peacock in her year like harry potter who’s two years younger than her.

she was silently reading a book. she never knew why the sorting hat placed her in Gryffindor. She wasn’t as brave as Harry Potter or as Chivalrous as Ron Weasley. She’s certainly not as smart as Hermione Granger, she was a girl who preferred sewing the dress than wearing it, and she wasn’t very outgoing she’s shy and timid.

mind as innocent as an old blank parchment-filled with brown-yellowish color but blanked. she knew about the dirty thoughts and deeds happening in hogwarts, but she’s never really experienced it. Maybe if she spoke to a guy she might’ve, but who’d ever think to pursue someone like her- after all she thinks she’s nothing but a basic inexperienced weirdo. No she didn’t wear glasses or spoke weirdly- she just wasn’t like everyone else, and she cared too much what other poeple think.

You could imagine the shock when she found out she was a witch, she was always spoiled by her parents- not much but enough to know elegance and family ties. They gave her everything she needs, want and desires. not until in her fifth year- where her world crumbled, and depression was always tailing her. Her father passed.

she figured that a house she would be placed in was Ravenclaw, but she wasn’t. The hat placed her in Gryffindor. she found it confusing- her traits were always Ravenclaw.

in her defense, she was still proud to be Gryffindor, but she still wished she was placed somewhere like Ravenclaw- a house that many people think was never really seen- something she enjoyed, she felt like she didn’t belong in Gryffindor, because she never had traits of being one. Only if she knew that getting through her personal problems everyday was considered brave, or that stopping her self from self harm years back she would’ve understood one of the reasons she was placed in Gryffindor House.

admittingly, she had a lot of traits in Ravenclaw-she badly wished to be there so that she didn’t have to be in the wildest house. Who threw the most outrageous house parties, almost topping off Slytherin House. Where alcohol was considered as water.

she didn’t Listen to Dumbledore’s announcement it was always the same thing every year- and she felt like she’s the only one who noticed, not like everyone wanted to pay attention, especially when Dumbledore speaks about what Mr. Filch reminds the students- she almost felt sorry for the man, if he wasn’t a bickering bully, who seemed to have no respect to any student at all.

It was not until, an old woman in all pink, her short hair curled, and looked as if she owned the place started to talk-she was supposed to ignore it, i mean it was just a new teacher in DADA (defense against the dark arts) what could possibly be important about her? maybe she’s come to make sure she stays for long and not a year’ heather thought quickly laughing. It was one of the thing she found in herself weird was she was able to just suddenly make her mind laugh with her own thoughts.

She was from the ministry and ‘she’s a bitch!’ she thought to herself- anyone from the ministry to Heather was a bitch for her, she wasn’t open much about it, but she’s got a bitter side for the ministry for disregarding her father’s murder, because he was and she quotes a ‘muggle’ Her smile was so irritating it infuriated her- how could someone smile like that after what her organization did? Heather wasn’t easily pissed off with people, she’s just met, but there was something in her gut that didn’t like her. No it wasn’t the outfit, but maybe that too.

" Heather?” Melody called beside her. melody had curly blonde locks, and her beautiful adoring brown eyes glistened slightly when she stared at heather, her lips juicy looking due to her gloss, and she’s always worn slight blush to make herself looking fresh every once in a while, her porcelain skin was smooth as silk and her accentuated cheekbones certainly highlighted the blush, her perfectly shaped brows slightly going up and down awaiting to speak again.
“Aren’t you hungry? The food is amazing! Try the turkey!” She urged- suggesting the turkey perfectly cooked the smell of it’s roasted skin filled her nostrils, Her insides felt like it wanted to gagged out. She’s not used to eating meat anymore- she tells herself it’s a sin to do so.

“No thanks I already ate back home” She lied, trying to escape the prying eyes of Angelina who also seemed quite curious. “But that was a few hours ago Heads” Melody mumbled while eating the whole chicken leg- for a second Heather has admired her bestfriend’s openness with themselves- Melody didn’t care about proper etiquette to which Heather thought was admirable, she’s always thought that proper etiquette amused men, so the conscious girl she is, decided to always act like this elegant girl, so that she seemed prim and proper and 'desirable'. Melody decided to call her ‘heads’ late last year because it’s short for Heather- so Melody says.

Heather didn’t mind, after all melody’s the only friend she ever had. Heather knew she was never good with people, or atleast she thought she just never tried.

“You new here? ” One of the Weasley Twins asked, she was confused, she could never tell them apart, and how could she when the twins always made it a laugh whenever people confused them from each other, she never tried, why would she care? They joked, Heather ignored it- she always just assumed it’s never good to be with the Twins, it always seemed like troubled

As much as possible she didn’t want to be associating herself with the Weasley Twins they were trouble, they remind her so vaguely of the school 'bad boys' of high school back in the muggle world.

and just like the muggles she would avoid them, why wouldn’t she? Muggle Teenage boys were the worst- they get you into al sorts of trouble, and The Weasley twins didn’t even have to try, they just do.

you’d think muggles were dangerous, well you haven’t met the twins, they were as wild as Peeves the Poltergeist.

“Hey? You deaf or something?” One of the twins ask, cackling- Heather ignored them, she thought that if she just avoided them they would just ignore her “what you reckon Fred? Deaf or scared?” George ask his twin. In this case it seems like they weren’t going to stop pestering her.

“I’m not scared! ” she suddenly said sharply. Her sudden confident outburst blew up like a bubble within seconds and she felt like she wanted to bury herself underground right now. Angelina sat beside the twins eyeing her too.

“Ooh! Feisty!” one of them said laughing and ate their Turkey leg. The way the lad bites into his turkey seemed attractive to heather, she ignored it- ‘again stay away’ she thought.

“You should try the Turkey leg! Look at yourself! Your skin and bone!” George mocked. She’s now got a pretty good idea who George was, he called the boy beside him Fred- who was taking a bite in his turkey all attractive.

The twins laughed, she stayed silent. She didn’t want to seem like she wanted to speak to them, it was the last thing she wanted to do.

she felt like her body was fat, when in reality George was right- she’s skin and bone, not quite but nearly there. But she doesn’t want to believe it, it was hard for her to believe when her father was constantly obsessed with keeping her body weight intact, but what her father didn’t know was that to have an intact body weight she’d have to starve herself- Heather’s Parents owns a Media Corporate and as a child she was conditioned to model for that Corporate, and there are qualifications she needed to pass such as ’weight'.

“Yeah Heads you’re literally Skin and Bone! Have you been eating well?” Melody asks, her voice full of concern. ” of course I have, I have been eating so much before I came to the train station! Don’t worry! ” she lied and semi- snapped at Melody. She wanted the conversation to drop, Angelina and the twins listening in too and she felt embarass.

“Well it’s not much is it?” George chimes in. George was right, but she wasn’t just about to admit it, she didn’t like people caring too much- not now she can’t handle it well.

she really didn’t want to associate herself with these two, she has managed to make it to Seventh Year without trouble, one more and she’s out of there. One more dreadful year and she can leave and back in the Muggle world, away from everything. away from all the invalidation people didn’t realize they gave her.

“Are you new here?” Fred asks he was joking she’s sure. she didn’t reply and continued to read her book. Seconds after Fred Grabbed the book she’s reading- Fred became impatient he wanted her attention which clearly she wasn’t just willing to give. “Can you listen for a minute” he said sharply but not as serious he wanted to still laugh it off to hide his shyness. “What could you possibly want from me?” she seethed-acting tough wasn’t her forte.

One thing was for sure, she was a bit of a hot head, when she didn’t like things she easily gets mad- mostly emotional. Like right now.

“I asked if you were new, you didn’t answer. I called you a few times you didn’t answer! Now I pull your book away and you’re the one who gets mad?! What the fuck?” Fred seethed as well- he wasn’t supposed to feel angry he’s just completely frustrated that’s he’s managed to speak to her but she’s not interested, why would she? she didn’t like him in any other way. She at first didn’t understand why he asked why she was new here, when they’ve bumped into each other a few times already.

“Atleast I had a reason to have ignored you! You didn’t have a reason to grab my book disrespectfully!” she answers back. She wanted to act tough in front of him to hide her bursting emotions, emotions she’s holding back to avoid crying.

Melody pulled her robes from under the table, signaling her to stop.

Everyone knows you do not want to be in bad terms with the twins, but what Fred Weasley did was completely unnecessary. At least felt like it, she wasn’t having it today or ever, ‘the weasley’s needed to stay away’ she reminded herself, she’s not about to feel anything for them- because she’s realize how easy she can be captivated and dis-interested in under a minute.

“Whatever give it back!” she said. having her perfectly shaped fingers showing and her palms, and revealing how long her natural nails are.
“On one condition, you have to answer our questions ” he said. Fred was slightly challenging Heather- he wanted to know how much attention she could give.
“Question’s’ ” she said quoting on the ‘s’
“Yes, we have two!” George says beside fred.

she could slightly identify George Weasley easily more now, he was more muscly than Fred he had his hair slightly longer, Fred however was broadily built and a bit of muscle in his arms that wouldn’t show unless he flexed it. He also had a bit more straight hair than George more proper. Also Fred seems to be the leader or more in charge while George was more the following type. But how would she know? She’s never officially knew the Twins, especially Personally.

“If it takes you two to stop pestering me, what is it?” she asked. They looked at each other and smirked. which sent a slight struck of goose bump through her arm.

“Okay, first are you new here? Because honestly I didn’t see you last year” Fred asks. His voice insincere he was clearly joking. she rolled her eyes not having it.
“And would you be interested in buying products from us?” George now asks.

“I was here since first year. And No!” she said and pulled her book back with all the force she could muster.
she was definitely introverted if Fred was actually serious with his question, and probably if she ran like a mental all over Hogwarts no one would know who she is.

“Alright” they both answered. Then the food disappeared and students started to stand up to head to their dorms.

“Are you sure you didn’t want to eat? Are you sure you’re not hungry? ” Melody ask while they walked back to the Common Room. Behind them was the twins with Angelina talking ” Yes” she answered simply.

“Really? I’m just a bit concerned is all, you look so thin and frail, you’ve gotten skinnier. It’s alarming, I mean I didn’t even notice you a while back in the train!” Melody said frantically, she caught her breath after. But heather felt fat, how could she possibly be so thin? she asked herself.

she really didn’t feel hungry- she conditioned herself not to. “I’m fine Melody, I’m not hungry” she said, lying even to herself.

she didn’t understand why people commented on her weight, which just made her more conscious and anxious about herself, insecurity worsening.
she wished there was a spell to make her skinny.
they had settled into their dorms, she was with Melody along with Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell. Both of them on the Quidditch Team. Except for her and Melody who were always the crowd, Heather would’ve wanted to join, but ‘Models aren’t athletic’ her father’s words echoed.

~hello everyone please call me vie, it’s my first time on this app, please let me know your thoughts to this story.

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