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No one took him seriously. No one believed him. No one could see what he could. He tried to warn them but no one listened. Except for one who was long gone. He snapped and broke down. Pleading for the madness to stop. Laughter was heard. Tears fell. Screaming was loud. "Someone please help them. Save them. Save him....................." I do not own Five nights at Freddy's or its characters.

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The Party

The restaurant was bubbling with the laughter of children. Well except for one child. He sat down in the corner and watched the other kids have fun. He tried to smile but he could bring himself to do it. He was just afraid and he didn’t know why. The boy had a feeling something terrible was going to happen. He sighed and got up to walk around for a bit. Sneaking past the employees, he wandered to a restricted area. Soft cries could be heard if someone listened hard enough.

The boy followed the sound despite his gut screaming at him not to. There was a door at the end of the hall. It was unlocked and slightly open. He grabbed the nob and pushed the door open slowly and quietly. What he saw scared him for the rest of his life. There was a child being stuff into a suit. A stranger held the suit in place as he smiled at the child who was whimpering. Then he let go. The suit fell down and a sickening crack was heard. Blood started to pour out of the suit as the child stuffed inside let out a muffled scream. Tears fell from the boy’s eyes as he covered his mouth to prevent him from making a sound.

The stranger turned to the door and saw that it was slightly ajar. A wicked grin plastered itself one the man’s face. ‘A new game to play.’

The boy ran down the hall as quietly as possible. He couldn’t see the stranger’s face. Only his back but the boy felt that the man he saw was someone he knew. The child sneaked back into the family play area and hid in his corner. Shallow tears continued to fall but no one noticed. He hugged his Golden Freddy plush which was given to him by his father.

“Matthew? Where are you? It’s time to go home.” A woman cried out. “Matthew? Matthew! Someone help! My son. I can’t find my son!”

A employee ran over to the frantic woman. “Ma’am please calm down. I need you to tell me what happened.”

“My son. He’s not here.” She cried. “He was playing with his friends but they said he had to used the bathroom and they haven’t seen him since.”

“Ma’am we will do everything we can. Someone has already called the police. Please come with me.” The frantic woman followed the employee to a table.

‘So his name was Matthew.’ Tears were overflowing on the child’s face. He wiped his face but the tears wouldn’t stop. A hand touched the boy’s shoulder.

“Come on Frankie.” The boy looked up and saw his big brother.


The boy, Frankie, got up and held his brother’s hand. The two brothers walked out of the restaurant and headed home. By now the tears had stopped.

“How was your day Frankie?”

“It was ok. I don’t like the robots too much.”

His brother, Jack, let out a chuckle. “Why not? They can’t hurt you.”

All Frankie did was shrug.


Frankie couldn’t get much sleep. His mind kept replaying what he saw in the back room. He could hear the child’s scream as the suit collapsed in itself. The blood pooled slowly. What scared Frankie the most was that just before the light dimmed from the child’s eyes, they stared at each other for a few seconds. He could almost feel the pain the young boy felt. His terror was clear in his eyes but Frankie could do nothing but watch as the boy died.

The boy’s bedroom door creaked open. “What’s wrong bud? Trouble sleeping?”

“Yes daddy.”

“Want to talk about it Francklyn?”

He shook his head. “Can you stay for a bit daddy?”

Francklyn’s father smiled and walked into the room. He sat on the bed next to his son and played with the boy’s hair. Frankie calmed down a bit and closed his eyes. Soon enough he was sound asleep. The father stood up and quietly walked out the room.

“Did he fall asleep?” Jack stood outside his brother’s door waiting for his father to come out.

“Yes he just did. Don’t wake him up.”

“Ok dad.” Jack walked back to his own room and closed the door behind him.

The father sighed as he stalked to the living room. ‘I wonder what bothers Frankie so much about the restaurant.’

The phone began to ring. He got off the couch and picked up the phone.

???: Hello. You there?

???: Yes I’m here. What’s wrong Tim?

Tim: Where you at the restaurant today Vincent?

Vincent: No why? Did something happen?

Tim: My son is missing. Rebecca called me frantically earlier.

Vincent: I’m sorry. I was home in my office all day today working out the budget for next month.

Tim: It’s fine. I was hoping you would know something I didn’t. I can barely sleep knowing my son is out there somewhere.

Vincent: I’m sure the police will find your boy. Now get some rest. Destroying yourself won’t help you find your son.

Tim: You’re right. Thanks bud. I’ll call you tomorrow.

Vincent: Night Tim. Say hello to Rebecca for me.

Tim: I will. Good night.

Vincent hung up the phone. ‘Is that what’s bothering Francklyn? Did he see something?’ He sighed again, cleaned up a bit and then went to bed.

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