Another Evil Grandpa?!


A Percy Jackson/Harry Potter Crossover. Sirius discovers some shocking information that may or may not lead to problems in the future. Will Riddle's heir follow in his footsteps or carve a path of his own?

Fantasy / Adventure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

Chapter One: Finding Out

|Third Person Pov|

12 Grimmauld Place was eerily quiet. Sirius walked upstairs to a random storage room. The Black family tree took up most of the wall in the room.

He traced his own branch back to the top. He sighed when he looked at his place on the tree. Burned off. Disowned. Sirius shook his head and began to walk out of the room when he noticed something.

‘Tom M. Riddle.’ The animagus stared in shock at the tree. His name was tied with an Amelia Grayson. They had a daughter. Sally Jackson-Blofis. And to make matters worst Sally has a son. ‘Perseus A. Jackson.’ Sirius ran downstairs. He quickly called the Order over to have a meeting.

“What is so important Sirius?” Minerva asked.

“It’s easier if I show you.” He leads them to the black family tree and pointed to the Riddle branch.

“That’s not good,” Remus commented.

“We should let Harry and his friends know.”

“No way! They are too young.”

“Molly they just finished a war with the worst wizard who ever lived. They are grown enough. You can’t protect them forever.”

She pouted but agreed. “Tell them after dinner.”

The red-haired woman left to begin cooking. Sirius looked at the rest of the Order. Minerva was trying to figure out the best way to handle this new information. Remus was worried like always. Alastor was hard to read. Snape was indifferent. Kingsley was still processing what he was told and Arthur went down with his wife.


“HE HAS A WHAT?!?!?” Harry was practically hysterical. His fists were clenched around the edge of the table.

“Harry sit down. Please.” Sirius asked him.

Harry took a deep breath and tried to control his breathing. He was furious.

“With the Dark Lord gone, his followers will most likely seek out someone to take their master’s place. This heir would be the obvious choice.” Professor McGonagall told the Golden trio. “His grandson doesn’t know about his magical heritage. It is important that we get to him first before the Death eaters do.”

Harry growled to himself. ‘He’s probably just as evil as his granddaddy.’

“I would like Harry, Remus, and Sirius to join me in retrieving the boy.”

No one opposed so Minerva told Harry to hold on to someone’s arm as they apparated to New York.

“This is New York?”

“Is it not what you expected Harry?”

“I thought it would be I don’t know cleaner?”

His godfather just chuckled and led them away to Voldemort’s grandson’s apartment. After many twists and turns, they finally made it to the apartment building. Remus looked at the paper with the address on it.

“This looks like the right place.”

The wizards took the stairs up to the fourth floor. They cautiously approached the Jackson-Blofis apartment. Remus knocked three times. They heard someone yell ‘In a minute.’ and a few moments later the door opened. A brunette woman opened the door. Her apron was covered in flour and blue food coloring.

“Hi, may I help you?”

Professor McGonagall spoke first, “We are looking of a Perseus Jackson. Is he here?”

The woman in the doorway sighed and mumbled, “What did you do now Percy?”

“He doesn’t live here anymore but I can call him. Please come inside. My name is Sally.”

Harry looked around the apartment. He was half expecting the place to be dark and malice. Maybe with some heads of innocent people.

“Would you like some cookies?”

Sally placed a plate of blue cookies on the coffee table. She then went to her bedroom to make the call.

The wizards stared at the cookies with curiosity. Why on earth are the cookies blue? The Golden boy instantly assumed they were poisoned and that Sally was trying to kill them. Remus didn’t smell anything foul from the cookies so he picked one up to eat.

“Oh, these are good. Try one.”

Sirius ate one and smiled. Harry refuses to eat anything made by Voldemort’s daughter and McGonagall just wasn’t hungry.

The cheerful brunette came back to the living room. “Percy will be here in a few minutes.” She then went back to the kitchen to make yet another batch of blue cookies. Sally had made blue spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. She was expected Percy over anyway. After about five minutes, the door opened and Sally heard Percy’s voice for the first time in a while.

“Hi, mom.”

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