The Hogwarts Founders


It's tenth century Scotland. The Wizards and Muggles are locked in a brutal war for power. The muggles are led by a ruthless war lord and celebrated witch hunter. When the powerful and sadistic Salem Slytherin enrolls the witch hunter as his puppet it tips the scales on the wizards, plunging their world into chaos. In the midst of this war, an informal school is started to house children whose lives have been disrupted by the war. An unlikely friendship is formed between four teenagers who couldn't be any more different. These teenagers will grow to be the greatest witches and wizards of their age but will their friendship survive...? ~~~~~~ The cover is not mine!! Tag the owner if you can❤️ *Slight gore, please don't read if you are sensitive* *Characters belong to JK Rowling and I'm playing around with ger work. The plot is all me*

Fantasy / Adventure
Kimberley Cheru
Age Rating:

Rowena and Lupita

Not for sensitive readers!!!

A dark and cold mist hung over the little village of Hathaway as an overcast sky showed every sign of impending rain. The villagers were not hopeful, however, as the sky had not yielded any rain for a full decade despite the permanent dark cloud settled above the poorly built, rickety brick houses.

Crooked chimneys exhaled pitch black spirals of smoke into the air, adding to the already dreary atmosphere that characterized Hathaway village.
The inhabitants were rarely active in the street and conversation was kept short and precise. Laughter from children was quickly hushed and the thick blanket of suspicion and superstition which covered the little village was carefully kept in place.

Hathaway was located near a large vineyard which was three times larger than the village itself. It belonged to a noble overlord called Sir Robin The Third. All the villagers from the youngest to the oldest worked in this vineyard from spring pruning to fall harvest. The villagers extended their services to the winery and a chosen few would go on great journeys once in a while to deliver wine to the noble families.

In exchange of all this Sir Robin would provide the villagers with food, shelter, clothing...and protection.
Protection from the evil that seemed to be slowly devouring their world whole.
The evil that was witchcraft.

Rowena groaned slightly as her mother shot her a warning look from across the room. She quickly let the grape that she had been levitating out of sheer boredom fall and burst on the floor. Another purple blotch on the already dyed out floor of their little lopsided two–roomed house.

She gave her mother an innocent smile as she started picking up the grapes that littered the floor.

"Rowena, I have told you a million times–"

Lupita muttered reprovals at her daughter as she flustered around the dirt–browned curtains that barely concealed their cramped little kitchen from prying eyes.
Rowena finished picking up the grapes and placed them in a little bowel... she'd crush them and make juice later. She sat down on a little wooden stool and folded her arms stubbornly

She averted her eyes from her mother's as she focused instead on a hole in her ragged dress. Ragged. Her whole life was ragged.

Lupita's mutterings slowly died out but she continued casting fearful glances through the window. After what seemed like hours, she gave a heavy sigh. Rowena stole a glance at her mother.

It was like she was seeing her for the first time. Her curtain of jet black hair was now streaked with little white strands. Premature wrinkles danced about her forehead and her honey–colored eyes no longer had the spark she'd grown accustomed to seeing. Her skin was still flawless. It shone beautifully in the sun and it was the color of 'dark chocolate'. But Rowena had never seen any chocolate before, only ever heard other kids talking about it.

"I know it's hard, my love."
Her mother's voice cut into her thoughts. Rowena quickly looked away.
"I know you want to go play with the other kids and... I'm sorry about all this and...and.."

Rowena did not want to hear it anymore. She'd heard it a million times from the day she was born. Which was twelve years ago. She was sick of it. Sick of seeing other children play outside and not being able to join them. She didn't understand why. Her mother had told her it was because they were different. Because they were witches.

Her mother spent countless nights by her side telling her tales of other witches and wizards who'd done amazing things. She'd tell her about other magical creatures like goblins, elves, giants, centaurs and other fantastic beasts. When she was younger she'd loved the stories. They made her feel special and unique. Like she was part of a world that most could only dream about.
But now the thought of it all made her feel bizzare and alone.

She wished she wasn't a witch. It seemed more like a curse than a blessing. She wondered how many kids like herself were being forced into isolation because of their abilities.

"But why can't we just leave this place mother? Isn't there somewhere we can go? Somewhere we won't be alone."

"I'm afraid it's not that easy, my darling."

Rowena sighed frustratedly and stood up, nearly tripping over the hem of her slightly too long dress. Lupita extracted herself from the kitchen window and laid a tentative hand on her daughter's curtain of curly brown hair.

Rowena blinked rapidly as stubborn tears formed in her eyes. Lupita sighed once more and scooped the little girl into her arms, hugging her furiously and her hugging back.


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