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Still With You | liskook


Lalisa, a very cheerful girl who posses postive energy with her met the one and only, Jeon Jungkook. ©2020, FLUFFJUNGKOOK

Fantasy / Romance
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Disclaimer: This book is a work of fiction. Everything that comes out and happened here is the pure imagination of the author. Any scenes that you have read or watched in others are all coincidence. They are all plans and ideas of the author.

You might encounter some grammatical errors and wrong spellings. It might also have mature themes and strong languages that are not suitable for young readers or audiences.

Reminder, don’t steal someone else’s work. Plagiarism is a crime.

“Love, wake up.” a very lovely voice woke up Jungkook from his deep sleep. He shooked his head, still, eyes closed hugging the naked body of his girl under the sheets. Well, they had a rough night.

She smiled, even though they’ve been together for four years he never changed. Both of them are still the same.

“Love, we still have schedules to do. Wake up now.” Lisa tried to wake him up but it still, didn’t work. “Lali~ let’s just take a rest for today, I know you’re also tired from yesterday,” he stated, bringing back the hot moments they had last night.

She sighed, “Okay, but let’s inform our managers first, okay?” she said, to which he immediately agreed. After informing their managers, the couple cuddled with each other, no plans on getting off the bed since it’s raining hard and very cold.

“Ah~ I can’t wait to marry you,” Jungkook said to his girlfriend- no his fiancé. She smiled at him, “I can’t wait to marry you too, love.”

“I love you,” Jungkook mumbled on Lisa’s neck. “I love you too, and this little bean inside of my womb.” Lisa casually said.

He nodded, “Hm yeah- wait you’re what?!” he exclaimed as soon as he realized what she just said.

Lisa took something from the drawer of the side table beside their bed. It was a pregnancy test, a positive pregnancy test. She handed it to him, as he looked at her in shock.

“Is t-this true?!” he asked her, shuttering a bit. Lisa nodded her head. He hugged her not tight so it won’t hurt the baby.

“Thank you, baby!! Thank you for this!! God!! I love you so much!!” he exclaimed and showered her face with kisses as she giggled at his actions.

Cupping his cheeks before saying, “Thank you for this too, love. I love you too.” she pecked his lips and smile at him.

And they fall asleep again in each other’s arms, that beautiful smile not leaving their faces.


all rights reserved. strictly no plagiarism.

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