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Its Athena Potter's 6th year at Hogwarts. She was hoping for this year to be a good year with no drama and she was going to try and make sure she wasn't stuck in the middle of it. She bumps into someone on the train to Hogwarts and falls into there lap she seems captivated with there gray eyes and she doesn't know what she should do. It's a Slytherin boy who hates her brother its Draco Malfoy the boy she hated the most at Hogwarts but this year it seems like this are about to turn around not going the way she had hoped to...

Romance / Mystery
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(Hello everyone thank you for reading this story :) This is going to be a DM fanfic and i really hope you guys like it in this 1st chapter we will start off where Athena Potter in on the Hogwarts Express on her way to Hogwarts this year she is going to be in her 6th year and she just bumped into someone making her fall onto Draco Malfoys lap but she doesn't know it him until she looks up.)


Athena is walking down the train to find an open compartment as she does she bumps into someone and falls into the lap of someone in an open compartment. " I'm so sorry I didn't mean to.." she looks up and sees blond silky hair and she immediately knows who it is.

She feels her face turn red and she looks up and see's she fell into Draco Malfoy's lap.

Draco looks down at her and then he smirks "wow Potter I knew you wanted me but didn't think you would go this far". I quickly get up and scoff "you think I would ever want someone as pathetic as you". I see the smirk wipe off his face and then he starts smirking "sure that's not what you face said when you turned all red looking up at me".

Her smirk leaves and I turn mad " fuck off, you think everyone is in love with you when there not and I'm not gonna be like pug face over here and follow you around like a lost little puppy".

He scoff's and Pansy glares at her. Out of no where Draco grabs her hips and makes her sit of his lap. She look him with his hands still on her hips and she pulls herself off "wtf Draco?!"

He chuckles and pulls her wrist bringing her down and whispers in her ear " I know you loved it". He smirks and then lets go of her. She ragging now and I push him back "fuck you Draco" he smirks and looks into my eyes "oh please do".

She looks at him with a surprised face "go fuck yourself Malfoy". His smirk leaves his face and he grabs pansy's wrist "come with me now Parkinson" she happily follows him and he takes her to the restroom.

Athena rolls her eyes and keep on walking and then she finds a compartment but there is someone in there. she opens it "um excuse me.. but do you think i can sit here.." he looks up at her with a smile on his face. "yes". She puts her stuff down and the sits down in front of him " I'm Athena.. Athena Potter".

He looks up at her with a surprised look on his face " oh so your harry potters sister right? " she sighs "yes.. yes I am". He smiles up at her "well I'm Flynn, Flynn black" She looks at him with wide eyes and then straightens up her posture. She smiles at him " Like Sirius Black..?" he nods at her and smiles.

He smiles and she looks out of the compartment and sees Draco. She sighs and then sits up "um Flynn.." he looks up at her confused "yes.." she sighs "look I know I just met you and everything, but can you pretend to be my boyfriend to get Malfoy off my back..." He slightly smiles "erm sure".

She smiles and mouths thank you to him. He smiles and she sits next to him and he puts his arm around her and they start talking. She'll look out the compartment to see if Draco is still looking and he is with a raging face.

After a while Athena falls asleep on Flynn's shoulder and Flynn smiles letting her rest. Flynn looks out and see's Draco is still staring at them and Flynn smirks and kisses Athena's forehead getting Draco even more furious. Draco starts walking over to them and Flynn is still smirking and then Draco yells waking Athena up.

She slowly wakes up "what are you playing at Potter!" she looks up at him still half sleep and then looks at Flynn for help. Then Flynn stands up "leave my girlfriend alone Malfoy" he smirks at Draco and glares at Athena and Flynn not saying anything "move along now".

Draco scoffs and leaves but before he does he turns around and looks at Athena straight in the eyes "you better watch you back Potter" he smirks and then leaves.

(At Hogwarts)

They reach Hogwarts and Flynn and Athena get off the train and go inside. She never saw Flynn around before so she stops him "um are you new.. because I've never seen you around before.." He smiles and nods "yeah I went to Ilvermorny before because my father didn't want me anywhere near death eaters"

She sighs and half smiles "so what house did you get" he smiles "Gryffindor of course" she smiles back at him "that's great Ill show you were to go I'm in Gryffindor to" He smiles and she shows him around the school.

Once all of the new 1st years get sorted Athena finishes dinner and she walks back to her dorm. She sees her best friends Grace Lupin they have been best friends since 1st year.

"heyy thena!" graces runs up and hugs her "gracieee!, I missed you" they both giggle and sit down. "how are you i haven't seen you all summer" Athena smiles " I've been good me and harry stayed at the borrow with the Weasley's".

Grace smiles and hugs her "omg i need to catch you up" grace giggles "okay so you know Enzo.." Athena looks at her with a shocked look "Enzo Berkshire..?" grace shyly giggles "um yess" Athena starts giggling " you talked about him all year last year, what's so special now".

Athena giggles and so does Grace "okay so... ME AND HIM ARE DATING!" Athena's jaw drops "no way!" Grace smiles and starts blushing. Athena smiles "awwwww grace.. how did it happen though". Grace goes over and sits next to Athena and tells her everything that happened like how they bumped into each other in Diagon Alley and how they spent the whole day together and stayed in touch after that meeting up and getting to know each other.

Grace proceeds to tell her all about how he asked her to be his girlfriend and how they spent the rest of the summer together. "awww grace that is adorable" graces giggles "soooo Thena do you fancy anyone.." grace smirks and Athena turns a bit red " I might have my eye on someone *giggles* but honestly I don't know yet"

Grace gasps "omg Athena! who" Athena smiles and looks down "he's new i met him on the train his name is Fly-.." Athena gets cut off by someone storming into there dorm. Athena and Grace look at each other and then back at the door.

Allie Granger walks into the dorm and goes to her bunk and curls up in a ball and starts crying. Athena and Grace look at each other confused and then back at Allie, Grace clears her throat "um Allie... are you okay.." Allie looks up and them and sighs "sorry.. its just the Slytherins were calling me a Mudblood again and I'm just so tired of it.." Grace and Athena sigh and walk over to Allie.

They sit down on each side of her and grace rubs her back and Athena talks to her "those filthy Slytherins are just stuck up, don't listen to them". Allie looks up and Athena and slightly smiles.

Athena sighs "those bloody Slytherin's will pay one day" Allie giggles and Athena and Grace Smile "come here". Athena pulls Allie up and hugs her and then Grace joins the hug. "feeling better?". Allie smiles and nods and then Grace and Athena look at each other and smirk, Athena gets up and takes out a bottle of Fire Whiskey and giggles.

Allie's jaw drops and then she smirks and giggles " now this is going to be fun" they all laugh and drink the Fire Whiskey and start to gossip about a lot of random things.

" oh my Allie remember when you hooked up with Theodore Nott" grace laughs and then starts to turn a bit red. "honestly he wasn't that bad" Athena and Grace gasp and spit there fire whiskey out "bloody hell Allie!" Allie giggles "what its true" Grace rolls her eyes "please you were talking about how if you could go back and erase any moment it would be that".

Allie giggles "no don't get me wrong I hated it but he's not a bad kisser". Grace and Athena giggle and then Grace turns to Athena "sooo Athena lets talk about you and Malfoy" Athena rolls her eyes " Pfft don't get me bloody started on that".

Athena huffs "today on the train I fell onto his lap" Grace and Allie gasp and giggle a little. Athena glares at them "it's not funny and then he grabbed my waist and made me sit on his lap" Grace looks at Athena with wide eyes "you bloody serious?" Athena sighs "yes but here this, so that boy I was telling you about I sat with him and i asked him to help me make Malfoy jealous and it worked he was so mad".

The girls all giggle and then grace turn to Athena "so what's his name" Athena smiles "his name is Flynn.. Flynn black". Grace and Allie's jaws drop and they stare at her for a couple of seconds "like Sirius Blacks Son?!" Athena shyly giggles "um yess..?" Grace smirks and Allie is still in shock.

Allie gets up and goes to the women's room and then Grace moves closer to Athena "so is he cute". Athena rolls her eyes playfully "erm yeah.." grace giggles and then she starts yawning.

Grace gets up and goes to her bed " I'm off to bed now, goodnight Thena" Athena smiles "goodnight grace". Grace quickly falls asleep and then Allie comes back with a hickey on her neck. Athena looks at her confused and Athena whispers "Allie!?".

Athena gasps "my god who did this" Allie still drunk giggles " I don't know". Athena sighs come here, Athena takes Allie to her bed and tucks her in "now go to sleep". Allie rolls her eyes but then eventually falls asleep.

Athena gets bored so she head down to the common room and see's Flynn is there to "can't sleep either i suppose" he jumps and Athena giggles "sorry did mean to scare you".

Flynn chuckles "its fine come.. sit" Athena smiles and sits down and they talk for a while about their lives and crazy experiences they've had.

Athena yaws and starts to slowly fall asleep, she gets up "I think I'm going to bed now good night Flynn". Flynn smiles "good night Athena". Athena goes back up to her dorm and lays down but isn't tired anymore.

She moves around trying to find a comfortable position but can seem to find one and then she hears a knock at her door. She opens the door and see's Flynn "um hey" she looks at him confused and then smiles "um hey.. what are you doing" he smiles "I was just checking on you i heard you moving around". She sighs "yes I'm fine thank you Flynn thank you".

He smiles and then head back to his dorm Athena goes back to bed and she cant stop thinking about Flynn and Malfoy. Why was Malfoy so jealous she thinks to herself and then tried to remember exactly what had happened.

She kept on thinking how she would get nervous around both of them. She kept thinking about how she got butterflies when Malfoy made her sit on his lap and how she felt Flynn kiss her forehead when she was sleeping.

After a while if thinking she starts to get tired and slowly falls asleep.
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