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(The Next Morning)

Athena woke up with a headache from the night before and she sat up and rubbed her eyes. She looks around and did see anyone so she got up and checked the time only to see that classes already started.

She quickly took a shower and got her robe's on and ran to her 1st class which was Defense Against the Dark Arts.

As she was running to her class she bumps into someone in the hall way making her drop her stuff "shit" she covers her mouth and gets up. "sorry" she looks up and see's she bumped into Draco Malfoy she rolls her eyes and mumbles "here we go again". She forces a fake smile and picks up her stuff and tries to walk away.

When she tries to walk away he pulls on her wrist tightly she can feel his rings digging into her skill turning it red. "not so fast potter, you aren't going to get away that easily". He smirks and pulls her towards him.

Athena starts to tense up a bit and straightens her posture to show that he doesn't scare her. He chuckles " you know potter being late won't be good for your house you could get points taken away". She rolls her eyes at him "why do you care Malfoy, oh wait you don't because you only care about yourself".

His smirk leaves his face and he glares at her "how dare you speak you me like that" he pushes her onto a wall and puts his arms on each side of her not letting her go anywhere. She looks into his grey eyes and she captivated by them.

He moves closer to her at this point she can feel his breath on her face. She starts to get nervous again and tenses up but tries her best not to show it. " I can speak to you however I please" she glares at him "now can you please move I have to get to class". He doesn't move and Athena starts to get mad. "I said move Malfoy" she tried to push him back but he doesn't budge because he's to strong.

She glares and him and he smirks " move Malfoy! now". He licks his lips and whispers in her ear "make me". Athena starts to get butterflies in her stomach and she stares into his eyes " I-" Draco chuckles " what's wrong potter cats got your tongue". He smiles and moves even closer to her now Athena can smell his cologne.

Athena looks around for anyone but everyone is still in class so she's on her own. She tries to reach into her pocket for her wand but it isn't there anymore she looks up and sees it in Draco's hand. "looking for this" he smirks again.

He takes a small step back and Athena lets out a long breath "give it back Malfoy". Draco chuckles "mhm let me think how about no".

Athena starts to turn mad she tries to slap Draco but he catches her hand before she can. He looks at her surprised and mad at the same time "your going to regret trying to do that Potter".

They both stare at each other and Draco pulls her closer to him she starts to turn red and she looks down at the floor. Draco pulls her chin up and looks into her eyes and goes close to her. She stares getting nervous again and she thinks to herself "is he gonna kiss me.. no he hates me... yeah he doesn't like me... but what if.." he moves to the side and whispers in her ear.

"that was fun we should do it again" he smirks and leaves not letting her say anything and she tries to process everything that just happened. She thinks to herself "did that really just happen.. what do I do now.." she sighs and decides to just go back to her dorm and skips her classes today.

(At the common room)

Athena had taken a nap and when she woke up she decided to head down to the common room. She saw Flynn there and she smiled and sat down next to him "hi Flynn" he looks up and smiles "hi Athena".

They start talking and Athena clears her throat "hey um how was your first day". He half smiles and sighs "um it was okay" she looks at him concerned "did something happen" Athena looks into his eyes.

"Malfoy.." Athena rolls her eyes and shakes her head "what happened.. what did he do.." Flynn looks down "he threated me saying he doesn't want be to anywhere near you". Athena's face goes blank (did he really just threaten Flynn not to see me.. why..) she looks over at him and puts her hand on his shoulder.

He looks up at her and stares and her eyes "don't worry about him Flynn it's my fault.. I dragged you into this.." he puts his hand on her thigh and looks up at here "hey don't worry about it". Athena starts to blush and then Flynn notices that he put his hand on her thigh and quickly takes it off.

" I- um sorry" Athena smiles and stands up and puts her hand out for Flynn to follow her "it's okay um do you wanna come to the Astronomy Tower with me?". Flynn looks up at her and smiles and takes her hand "sure".

(At the Astronomy tower)

They both go to the Astronomy Tower and Look out at the stars. Athena looks at Flynn and smiles "hey wait here I'm going to go get something". He looks at her confused and nods and waits for her to come back.

Athena comes back holding a bottle of Fire Whiskey and smirks and him "you wanna drink". He smirks back and nods playfully " Hell yeah". She giggles and they Drink the Fire Whiskey and watch the stars together.

Flynn turns to Athena "wow Potter I didn't think you were this fun" she looks over to him and rolls her eyes and Flynn chuckles.

They both look into each others eyes and Flynn moves closer to her. Athena smiles and moves closer to him, he pushes a stand of hair behind her ear. She blushes and smiles up at him and she puts her arms around him neck and he puts his hand on her hips.

He pulls her closer to him and he goes down and kisses her Athena smiles and kisses him back and they make out for a while. She slowly pulls away and hugs him tightly and he hugs her back. "um Athena..." she looks up at him and he puts his hand on her cheek and rub it with his thumb.

"Athena will you um.. go on a date with me.." She smiles brightly and kisses his cheek "i would love to Flynn". He pulls her in for another hug "um Astrid can you come with me somewhere" she looks up at him and nods.

He takes her hand running through the halls and they both giggle and try not to get caught. They both make it to the front of the school and grab there broomsticks "follow me" Flynn smirks and Athena follows him. He takes her to a hill and he puts his hand out for her to follow him.

She follows him and he lays down on the grass she looks at him confused and sits down next to him. "what are we doing" she giggles and he looks at her "just lay down and look up" she sighs and smiles and then looks up to see thousands of beautiful stars. "wow its beautiful" he looks over to her and smiles.

They both look at the stars for a while with out saying anything and then she moves closer to Flynn and lays her head on his chest. He blushes a bit and starts playing with her hair a bit "Athena...?" she looks up at him confused "yes Flynn". He looks down "um.. do you fancy me.." Athena starts to get nervous but she thinks that she might " I- um.. I think I might but I don't think I'm ready for a relationship I want to get to know the person better before I make anything official yet".

He half smiles and looks up at her " that's understandable" she half smiles and lays back down on his chest listening to his heartbeat. He smiles and kisses her forehead and lays back down. She blushes but doesn't say anything and they continue watching the stars.

Athena starts getting tired and sits up "um we should head back now its getting lat-" she looks at him and sees he's already asleep so she apperate's them back to her down and she puts Flynn on her bed and she sleeps on the couch. The other girls aren't there tonight so she locks the door and falls asleep.

She wakes up to Flynn moving around and groaning she looks up and him and goes over to and starts rubbing his back, he flitches as she does but then stops and starts sleeping calmly again. She looks at him wondering what he was dreaming about hoping it was nothing bad.

(The next morning)

Its the morning now and Athena wakes up before Flynn so she reads a book and goes to get ready. She comes back and as soon as she does Flynn wakes up and groans "ugh I don't want to go to classes" she smiles and sit next to him " well good morning to you to".

He looks at Athena confused "why am I in your dorm.. in your bed.." she chuckles "don't worry Black we didn't do anything, we were stargazing and you fell asleep so I brought you here".

Flynn sighs "oh okay" Athena gets up "um you should probably get going now classes start in a bit" he half smiles and goes back to his dorm. Athena walks to the great all and sits down with her brother and friends "hey Harry" Harry looks up and smiles "hey Athena" she eats and then leaves to go to her classes.

She goes to her Potions and sits down by herself and then Draco walks into class late and she looks around and see's all of the other seats are taken so that means he will be sitting next to her. She sigh and puts her head down and Draco walks over to her with a smirk on his face.

He looks at her and she just keeps on looking down at her work and then she finally turns to look at him "is there something wrong Malfoy or are you just going to keep on staring at me" he chuckles "ou someone is feisty" she rolls her eyes and keeps on working.

Out of no where Draco yanks the quill out of her hand cutting her and making her bleed. "wtf Draco?!" everyone turns and stares at them "Miss Potter, that language will not be tolerated in my class 10 point's from Gryffindor". She ignored Professor Snape and couldn't control her anger anymore and she stands up and slap Draco across the face with her bloody hand.

Draco glares at her and pushes her back making her fall " Mr Malfoy , Miss Potter detention my class". Draco rolls his eyes and storms out of class.

She gets up and leaves class too and goes to the hospital wing to wrap her hand up. She thinks to herself "how could i ever like such a pathetic twat like him he's cruel and only think's of himself".

She decides to just skip the rest of her classes for the rest of the day and she stays in her dorm and finishes reading the book she was reading when Flynn was there. she hears a knock at the door "who is it" she hears giggling "its us silly" she smiles and opens the door to see Grace and Allie.

They all talk all night about crazy things that have happened and they share stories with each other. Athena then tells them what happened in class that day and there jaws drop and they all start giggling " he totally deserved it" Grace giggles and then Allie speaks up " yeah I wish I was there to see it" they all laugh and talk for the rest of the night.

They all start getting tired so they head off to bed " good night guys" they both say it back and they all fall asleep.
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