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'Great, another transfer student, what is it this time' the student walked into the class. he looked like he had a lot of bandages on him. I wonder if he's like Reita. I started to try to read his mind. 'thats weird, I can;t read his mind.' he doesn't seem like Nendo. All of a sudden I heard a faint /I }}}}hurt}}}}}me}}}}}}lunch}}}}\ "Where are you from?"

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1 {Who's the new kid?}

This is my first book, I hope you all like it please dont go all ape-crazy for the grammer, as I am still in highshool. You are a male in this story Наслаждайтесь!

“...“=speaking, ‘...’=thinking, and this is saiki reading your thoughts. If the words are in bold and it’s italizized, then it’s lyrics to a song.

(I’ll link the song that I used at the end.)

Your POV

It was 7 when I woke up. I went down stairs to get breack fast and heard yelling. “Please shut up.” “Who told you you can speak you insolent little B*tch?” I walked toward the door so I wouldnt have to deal with this guys stupidity. “I didnt say you could leave!” I didn’t know what was happining. All I saw in that moment was a beer bottle being thrown at my face. It hit me. I quickly got out of the house as I knew that if I stayed in their for any longer, I would just get hurt a lot more I walked about for two minutes before I met a light blue messy hair boy with red bandages on his hand walking. I tried to go unnoticed. ‘mission failed’ “Hey, I have’nt seen you be fo- isn’t that my schools uniform? Do you also go to PK Academy?” I mentally slaped myself for bumping into this kid. “Yes, I just moved here, and today’s my first day.” “Thats cool, would you like to walk with my friends and I? My name’s Kaido by the way.” “Nice to meet you Kaido, also I would love to walk with you.” “Awesome”! We started to walk to the school, but I stopped when he started to skip up to two guys, one seeming to be talking about ramen. ‘Are those his friends?’ I wondered. My question was answered when Kaido yelled, “Hey Saiki, Nendo!” The two looked back to Kaido and me. I looked at the pink haired guy who had green glasses, and little balls on what looked like barretts. ‘Interesting.’ I then looked over at the one who was talking all about Ramen from before. He had what looked like he tried to make his own mohawk but failed so he shaved his head to make it look like one. The part that looked like a mohawk was a fake blond color. I walked over to the two, not wanting to actually get into the ramen conversation they were having. “Hey little buddy-, oh, who’s this?” I mentally sighed. ‘you didn’t notice me earlier?’ I thought. “I’m Moss” and you?” I’m nendo, and over there is my buddy saiki.” Nendo points over to the pink haired kid. ‘We’re going to be late if we don’t get going.’ “We should probably get going, or else we’re going to be late.” Saiki said.” “I agree with saiki, we should get going.” “Alright!” We continued our walk to school when Saiki asked what happened to my forehead. ‘My forehead?’ I touched my forehead and noticed there was blood on it. ‘I totally forgot about that. I need to get that treated, or else there’s going to be more blood’ “Oh, I just fell down the stairs, and hit my head when I got down from them.”

When we got to the school, I went to the nurses office to get the wound dealt with. I was glad I wasn’t asked any personal questions.I walked to class oblivious as to who I would run into, when I walked into the classroom. “Hello, my name’s Teruhashi, but you can call me Hashi!” I dead-panned. ‘I’m seriously in a class with a “perfect pretty girl”?’ It seemad as if the god’s were on my side today, as my nephew Aran came up to me to ask what I was doing here. “Moss, what are you doing here, do you ant people to find out were related to each other?” I sighed, “Mom and Dad fought, so now we moved here as a “vacation” and I’m still getting beat by them.” I whispered. “Why didn’t you tell me earlier, I would have let you stay with us, I’m pretty sure Uncle would be happy about it too.” I guess it wouldn’t hurt for one night, “so I guess I’ll walk with you back home, but on one condition.” “And that condition is?” “You have to confess to saiko, you like him, he’s even staring at you lovingly right now too. look if you don’t beleive me.” He looked back at Saiko. He quikly turned his head as if he didn’t do anything. “Ok fine, deal” ‘Two birds with one stone’. I walked over to where Kaido and his “friend group” was. I couldn’t help but think that I’ve seen the pink haired kid somewhere. I was brought out of my trance when a light/dark skinned girl, who I later found out her name was Auria, speak up. “Does anyone want to have a sleep over this weekend?” It’ll be like a welcoming party for Moss! Nendo chimed in. “Only if Moss is okay with it” Aran piped up. I sighed, he’s always been one to think of others feelings before his own. “Sure, it won’t hurt to have a welcoming party, as long as toritsuka or teruhashi doesn’t come.”

“I understand why you dont want toritsuka, but why not teruhashi? She’s nice and-” “I’m going to stop you right there, Teruhashi is too nice. I also don’t like her perfect pretty girl attitude either, so it’s better not to get involved with her.” “I heard someone mentioned my name for a party or something, so I decided to check it out.” “Yes,a party that your not coming to” I huffed. Teruhashi started to fake cry. “Teruhashi, are you okay?” Everyone started to bombard her with love, compasion, and remorse for her except for Saiki Aran and I. ”Suck it up" “Why would you say tha-” ”Suck it up" I was about ready to blow a fuse at her. “I was just askin-” Suck it up" “Hey there’s no need to get-” ”SUCK IT UP" “Споткнуться от тебя Запах Скромный и скромный Тебе Я не могу больше этого делать” “What?” ”учи русский язык” I huffed and walked out. “What did he say?” “He said learn russian you dip-wads...” ” did he say anything before that?” “Yeah, actually he said, Stumbled from your smell, humble and humble to you, I can’t do it anymore.”

Hope you enjoyed my story, my word count was aboutt 120-30 excluding author notes. and here’s the link I promised- just copy and paste, and you should be good.

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