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University: Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer, but in a University setting. Work in progress but there are a lot of ships in this little book. The main ones are Inosuke x Zenitsu, and Tanjirou x Giyuu, there are a few more added in later but these are the main ones I'm focusing on.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1: Zenitsu Agatsuma

I never thought I'd get to this point. I'd never once thought that I'd be standing at the entrance of this giant University that I would be calling home for the next few years.

But here I am... Standing in the entrance of a school some only dream of going to. But here I am, in front of it, with a suitcase and instruments in hand at the main entrance.

I had always associated the school's size with a castle of sorts. The dorms on the right-wing of the building, while the parking lot was around two-hundred meters from the courtyard.

I carefully walked up the brick steps, into the doors that were held open as if welcoming everyone inside.

The calm warming noises of students chatting amongst themselves echoing along the regal hallways, it was beautiful, to say the least. Photos after photos adorning the walls, proudly showing off the past principles of the school.

There was so much to take in, it was almost overwhelming. The thing that broke me out of my trance was when I heard a familiar voice.

"ZENITSU!" A familiar voice rang out as I saw a large head of brownish-red hair bouncing over to me.

"Hey, Tanjirou," I greeted shyly.

Normally, Tanjirou's smile never failed to make me feel calmer, but in this abyss of students, I still felt like I was suffocating.

"Amazing isn't it?" He said in awe while bringing his hands up as if pointing at everything.

I slowly nodded as I adjusted my hands on the hard Ukulele case I was carrying.

I could feel his gaze fall on me for a brief moment before hearing. "Jeez, how many instruments did you bring Zen?"

"...five? I think..."I adverted my gaze to the strap on my shoulder. "I have my Alto Ukulele, Guitar, and Violin on me, but I still have my Tambourine and Flute back at my Scooter," I explained while starting to walk towards the crowd of students that were huddled around a small desk.

"Inosuke, room 117. Here's your key." A small woman said calmly as she read off the list in front of her.
"Tomioka, welcome back. Here's your key, room 315." She smiled as she handed a small roundish key to the tall raven-haired man looming over her

Shinobu 253, Kanao 176, Genya 160, Mitsuri 327, Obanai 326...

The list could have gone on forever when we finally reached the front of the line we were met with a smile from the woman running the table.

"Zenitsu Agatsuma"

"Ah Agatsuma, do you want me to inform your Grandfather of your arrival?" She asked while scanning the list in her hand.

"No, I was planning to swing by his class after I got settled in," I replied rather quickly.

She just nodded. "Room 116."

She handed the metal key and I stepped off to the side to wait for Tanjirou.

"176." Her voice came, then He was next to me.

"I forgot you're Grandpa is a teacher here, what does he teach, again?"

"Mostly music major classes, I have one of them so I won't have to worry about not visiting," I answered with a small smile.

As we ventured around the hallways into the right-wing of the castle-like building we found the Freshman dorms.

My dorm happened to be off to the right while Tanjirou's was left.

"Well I'll see you later, I'll need to find my dorm over...." He pointed, "Somewhere." He laughed, I just nodded.

"Alright, see you later."

I turned off to the right looking for the 110 range, I was in the 150.

"130, 125-" I murmured before slamming right into the back of a student.

"WATCH IT!" The unknown person barked turning around. He bumped him off to the side making me fall back on my ass.

"Are you looking for a fight!?" He screeched.

"I-I'm so s-sorry," I muttered, embarrassed by my stumbling of words.

I looked up at the stranger who was busy yelling at me. He was honestly pretty if It weren't for his voice and his open shirt I would have thought he was a girl. He had long black hair that ended above his shoulders, the ends were all dyed a royal blue. His skin was pale making his beautiful green eyes stand out, even more than they already did. His entire chest was exposed, his unbuttoned shirt exposing everything leaving nothing to the imagination. Breathtaking...

I met his eyes once more as he loomed over me like a statue, his screams now incoherent. I quickly swallowed the saliva building in my mouth and looked away cheeks turning red as tears formed in my eyes. Even as pretty as he was, he was scary.

"I said I'm sorry, I don't wanna fight you," I mumbled while the salty droplets started streaming. God this was embarrassing, Crying on my first day...

He looked almost shocked as he watched tears rolled down my rosy cheeks, my breath kept hitching as I wiped the salty drops away from my eyes with the back of my sleeves.

"I'm so sorry... I didn't mean to let this happen..." I squeaked while getting up from my sitting position.

I mumbled another sorry to him before picking up my Ukulele case to walk to dorm 116, leaving the poor boy looking horrified.

Even despite my sour mood the dorm was decently nice and placed on the 2nd floor so goal, I guess. The theme was mostly white and yellow, which was expected since each dorm was decorated to fit the specific student.

The Kitchen though small was stuffed with everything you could need. An oven, toaster oven, microwave, fridge, toaster, coffee maker, tea maker, tons of cabinets, it was perfect for me.

After I set down my instruments on the I walked into the bedroom located on the left and smiled at the small room. A futon was fitted off to the side with a small tea tray next to it. The blanket covering the small rest mat was a nice yellow color fading off to sunset orange, and to top it off white triangles scattered across the fabric. The walls were painted a nice white that gave off a warm haze. There was a closet too which was already stuffed with the clothes I had brought the week before.

Moving over to the window, I opened the small slider by pushing it up. I took a moment to appreciate the breeze from the outside, that came with an amazing smell of nature from the forest that surrounded us.

I decided I should move to the next room, across the hall from the bedroom there was a small washroom which was compiled with a shower and bath combo with a small sink next to it. a small linen cabinet hung over the toilet, stocked with pale yellow towels.

I could tell I was going to love it here in this school.

I needed to grab my suitcase and the remaining instruments at my scooter then I could hang out around the dorms some more.

After walking downstairs to grab everything I settled in the lounge room for a little bit while drinking tea and reading.

In the lounge room, there was a small reading chair under a lamp surrounded by bookshelves in the corner. Across the room, there was a small television and a yellow sofa in front of it. The tele was a good brand, good enough that I could stream my music from it on UsTube.

I Mostly listened to a form of midnight city lofi since I enjoyed hearing all the normal city sounds since I was so far from it currently. I was in a school in the woods, an hour's drive from the cities I grew up in with my grandfather.

I kept the porch door open letting more breeze and sunshine flood the room I was in. I didn't even need the lamp on currently but It gave some extra light for the room, making it seem brighter.
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