The girl who knew<3 Hermione Granger x Reader


After a crazy summer at the Grangers, you might’ve brought home more than just your luggage..feelings? no it couldn’t be...

Romance / Humor
eriana <33
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The summer of 1995

“Coming mum!”
As your eyes started to open, you immediately recognized the pouring head and aching limbs. You started to recollect yourself, realizing where you were at what happened the night before. “Hermione’s house, summer, game night”, you mumbled.. that’s right..
“Come on then, y/n. Ive got something for your headache”. Hermione slightly yelled from the bathroom, ironically making your headache a bit worse.
Hermione always knew when something was wrong. It was quite crazy actually. You just woke up and she already knew your head was killing you. Looking around, once more, you get yourself out from under the warm sheets.

Balancing yourself again, you admire the view from Hermione’s window right about her bed. You seemed to get lost in a daze. You always loved nature and Hermione had the best views from her house.. even better than the Burrows.

“Come on.. I know the sunrise is pretty but I wanna get you better before Mom calls us down.”, Hermione whispered in your ear, grabbing your shoulders and leading you to the bathroom.
“What happened last night?”, you asked, not being able to remember any details. Hermione just laughed and looked in the bathroom mirror seeming to try to remember, herself.

“Ahh, remember, i planned a game night for us to bring summer to an end. We were watching a movie and playing monopoly! I think we had too much butterbeer though..”
Her sentence trailed off but you picked up the story where she left it off.

“Right.. that was super fun.. the room looks a mess though.” you said looking around at the pizza boxes and clothes all around the room. You two laughed as Hermione handed you a small glass with purple liquid slapping the sides back and forth..
“It’s a potion I made last night. I knew we might get a bit out of hand. It’ll take away all the symptoms of your hangover”, Hermione. said smiling and leaving the room to pick up the aftermath of last nights fun.

“You’re brilliant Hermione”, you slurred, bringing the glass to your mouth. She really was the brightest witch of her age. You had been friends with her since 2nd year when she offered to tutor you. You weren’t ever the smartest tool in the shed but with Hermione as a best friend, it was impossible not to learn 24/7.

Your face twinged as the sour tasting drink slid down your throat. All of it.. it went away. The headaches, the aching, the blurry vision, it all faded away. Looking back into the room, you said
“Wow Hermione! Aside from the sour taste, that’s amazing! Everything’s gone.” you smiled at her fondly in amaze at how lucky you were to have her.

“I tried to make it as tasty as possible but thanks! Ive been practicing a lot on my potion making.. still trying to impress snape” Hermione explained with a slight eye roll, which she didn’t do often.

You opened your mouth to explain that she doesn’t need to impress snape but it was no use. You knew it tore her apart to not be admired by everyone. The best you could do is give her a side look and go on with the conversation.

“Anyways, come help me make this bed! Not sure what happened last night but the covers are everywhere” you said walking into the room over to the bed, your eyes going wide realizing how weird that sounded..

“Yeah.. sure” hermione said,
smiling and slightly chuckling the whole time. “You’re the one that kicks in your sleep. I bet this is your fault!” she said lightening the mood away from the slight awkwardness.

Yes, you and Hermione had been sharing a bed this whole summer. But it was no big deal, you guys had been super close.. everything would be fine.

“There. Now, get dressed. Ron and Harry are coming by with Mr. Weasleys car to bring us to Diagon alley.. You need school supplies and I need more books.. i’m running out.” Hermione says heading out the room.

“Right... you need more books, I’ll be down in a bit”, you said yelling the last part and hoping she didn’t hear the first sarcastic comment..

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