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We Are The Odyssey


A student theatre director and her castmates try to survive the annual cast sleepover when a serial killer strikes. We are the Tigers but make it Be More Chill and Dear Evan Hansen.

Mystery / Humor
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Worst Cast Ever

"Look girl, you deserve it" said the first girl, flashing a bright, fake smile.

"I know, I just wish we could all be leads, you know?" The second girl replied, rubbing her arm.

"Girl, no, you're a star. Own it."

Suddenly, footsteps echo.

"What was that?"

"Whatever. Let's get back."

A knife is drawn and makes a sharp, quiet sound.

"Did you hear that?"

"No. Come on."

"Are you sure you don't hear anything?"

The second girl's ringtone goes off.

"Turn it off"

"I thought it was silent" Said the second girl as she struggled to turn off her phone.

"Well, turn it off!"


"...It's dead..."

Once again, a sharp noise echoes, but the second girl has no idea what is going on. She begins to panic.

"Hello?! Who's there?!

"Jeff? Is that you?"

"Something's jammed. Let us out! Help!"

Suddenly, "Hey bitch!"

The second girl turns to face the first girl.

"I want the lead"

Jared sits up on the couch, staring in shock at the TV.

"Oh, shit!"

The first girl stabs the second girl twice as she lets out a manic laugh.

"Oh, SHIT!"

Zoe turned the TV off, rolling her eyes and leaning back on the couch.

"We're not watching that crap."

Jared looked to her with his eyes narrowed.

"It's the mid-season finale," He fell back on the couch, "I'm going to have to mute Theatre Kill Cast on Twitter now or it'll be spoiled in, like, one refresh!"

Zoe turned to face Jared with an eyebrow raised. "That show is objectifying and sexualized and unrealistic. That has no place here tonight."

Jared sighed, "Calm down Zo, it's not real."

"uh huh," Zoe raised an eyebrow, "Hey Jay, I'm gonna need your full support tonight, okay? Not like a co-director exactly, but like a first mate. Can you do that for me?"

Jared saluted like a pirate, "aye aye."

"I feel really good about this year." Zoe smiled, "I think with the right kind of leadership, we might have an actual shot."

A scoff came from Jared, "at... what, exactly?"

"Anything, really. Like pulling choreo off correctly?"

He sighed, "I thought we weren't going to talk about that..."

"You're right," shuddered Zoe, "I just... see it every time I close my eyes."

Jared cuts her off, continuing while Zoe tries to stop him.

"And every time you open them. Let's see."

"Jared don't."

"Now it's got three million-"


"Four hundred and sixty-seven views. Oooh sixty-eight."

Zoe smacked her hand over Jared's mouth.

"It's in the past. After tonight, I want us to be a real cast family."

"Hey," Jared removed her hand patted Zoe's shoulder, "At least there's nowhere to go... but up."

Jared goes to sit down on the couch and continues to pull out his phone, opening twitter and reluctantly muting 'Theatre Kill Cast'.

Zoe starts to tidy up as her song begins.

it's only junior year
So let's go
Or we'll never make the mark
We need so they'll know
We were meant to make a spark
Or just at least show
That we're not the worst cast ever

Zoe's eyes meet her old mic from last years winter musical, grabs it and continues.

I had these great big dreams I pared down
When I realized that we're
The joke of the town
But it's no surprise
When all we've won is the crown
That declares the 'Worst Cast Ever'

She puts the mic in a box and places them on the coffee table. They'll be useful for the sleepover anyways since it could turn into a practice. She believed in her cast members, she only hoped that they believed so too.

But do you want to settle?
Do you want to sit back and watch life go by?
Do you want to settle
Or do you want to fly?
Do you want to wonder
If I'd only made it, who might I have been?
Do you want to wonder
Or do you want to win?

**--Scene Change to Michael and Jeremy--**

"Got your bag," Jeremy says, waving Michael's duffle bag in front of him, "can't escape now."

Michael just whined and thought of an excuse, REALLY not wanting to go to the sleepover.

"We could still go back to my place. We could get stoned and play games, it would be just as fun!"

Jeremy shook with laugher, looking at the smaller boy, "you are NOT leaving me here."

"Fine." Michael replied as he snatched his duffle bag back from Jeremy, "I'm quitting this stupid class next year, and I'm dragging you out with me."

"I don't know Micah, I think you're secretly dying to play a lead"

Both boys laughed and walked away, beginning to head over to Zoe's house for the sleepover.

Zoe continues to sing.
There's only two more years in your hands
Show them you're not director
Just 'cause no one else ran
No, you'll make things happen
Trust you've got a game plan
So we're not the worst cast ever

**--Scene Change to Brooke--**

Chloe pulled out her phone, leaving a voicemail for Brooke, once again.

"Hi Brooke, it's Chloe. I have no idea where you are, and we should be leaving now. So if you don't call me back, I will absolutely go without you"

Suddenly there's a knock at her door, it's Jake. Chloe smiles and turns away. "Jake, don't come in, I'm not dressed yet!" but the door only opens wider with Jake leaning against the doorway, smirking.

"Jake get out!"

Zoe sings on.
I don't want to settle
I don't want to sit back
And watch life go by
I don't want to settle
No I just wanna fly

**--Scene Change back to Michael and Jeremy--**

Michael spotted Jenna from afar, laughing softly to himself.

"What's Jelly doing here?"

Jeremy shrugged and looked at Jenna as well, "Did she finally make the cast?"

Michael smiled and both him and Jeremy turned away from her, "Good for her. After years of Rejection, I would've given up."

"Hey guys!"

Both boys winced and turned, only to be met with Jenna. They plastered on fake smiles, "hey..."

Zoe continues.
Do you want to wonder
If I'd only made it

**--Scene Change back to Brooke and Chloe--**

Still worried sick for her best friend, Chloe called Brooke's cell, leaving another voicemail.

"Brooke, did you DIE? We have to go! This isn't funny, and I'm not going to get in trouble again because you-"

Before Chloe could finish her voicemail, Brooke was calling her back. So obviously, she immediately answered.

"Brooke! Where on earth are you?"

In some random place in probably the city, Brooke answers. "I don't know. Where are you?"

"Brooke, this is not the time," replied Chloe, in distress, "We were supposed to leave ten minutes ago!"

Brooke raised an eyebrow and answered, now notable that she is drunk. "So leave ten minutes ago."

Chloe sighed, "We're on our way, where are you?"

Looking around at the club she was in, Brooke realized that she did, in fact, not know where the fuck she was. "I really don't know. I'm gonna drop a pin."


"How do you drop a pin?"

Zoe sings a bit more.
Do you wanna-
Do you wanna settle

Do you wanna sit back

**Scene Change to Michael and Jeremy--**

"Hey look, we got a new one." Jeremy pointed at Christine, who was wearing one of the biggest smiles he had ever seen on her face. She was obviously very excited to be a part of the cast.

"Great! Someone to replace Brooke," snickered Michael.

"No, Brooke's still on the cast." Jeremy pulled out his phone and showed it to Michael. It showed a message from Chloe. "Chloe just texted that they're going to be late."

Chloe: I just found out Brooke's in another county.

Brooke: oh shut im ub antoher contuy

Chloe: So I'm going to get her and we'll be right there

Finally, Zoe finishes for now.
Who might I have been
I don't want to wonder
No I just want to
Know I just want to
Know I just want to--

**--Scene Change back to Zoe and Jared--**

"Does everything look okay?'

Jared looked at Zoe and put his hand on her shoulder, "Hey, we all know you care." He grabs a random prop from the box on the coffee table and shakes it, then tossing it to her. "Why don't you show them you can have a little fun?"

Zoe catches it, her eyes not straying from Jared's. "I'm super fun."

Jared gives Zoe a blank stare. "you." He laughs "Wanna try that again?"

"I am!" Zoe places the prop back in the box. "Look, this is gonna be perfect."

Zoe was nervous and overreacting again, after so many years of knowing her, he could just tell. "Sure Zoe, what could go wrong?"

Zoe and Jared begin to sing together (followed by Michael and Chloe) ((which are then followed by Brooke))

There's only one more year
(It's only junior year so lets go)
So lets go or we'll never make the
((it's only junior year))
Mark we need
((So lets go))

soon, they all join together.

So they'll know
we were meant
to make a spark
or just at least show
that we're not the worst cast ever
((So let's show))
There's only one more year

And I try, sings Christine

Followed by Chloe, Am I okay?

If they never see you cry, Jeremy tries

With Brooke joining, then they might just go away

Chloe: I'm not okay!

Jared: Make a move

Michael: Take a second

Brooke: Close your eyes

'Cause the reckoning is here, Jenna adds

Michael turned to face Jeremy, singing, Hope all last year won't be remembered

they all join,

Stuck on
Stuck on
Stuck on
The worst cast!

Jared stepped outside to greet everyone into the sleepover. Well, everyone except Brooke and Chloe at the time.

"Welcome fellow actors, Party's downstairs."

Jenna tried to walk in but Jared stuck his arm out and stopped her.

"What are YOU doing here?"

Jenna looked at Jared, confused. "I got an invite"

Jared wanted to laugh. He wanted to laugh so bad but he kept his cool and glared at Jenna.

"This is an actor sleepover, you're supposed to be backstage where no one sees you."

Jenna clenched her hand into a fist, a faint anger in her heart.

"I'm part of the cast."

Jared stood there for a few more seconds, looking her up and down. He'd have to talk to Zoe about this later. He stood to the side and motioned for her to walk in.

"You can work the speaker."

Jenna sang, Do you wanna settle?
Do you wanna sit back?

Followed by everyone else

And watch life go by.
Do you wanna settle
Or do you wanna?
I don't wanna wonder
If I only made it
Who might I have been
I don't wanna wonder
No, I just wanna
No, I just wanna

Zoe ends the song,
No, I just wanna

“Welcome Everyone!” Said Zoe, with an exaggerated smile worn on her face.
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