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Severus snape x student reader


This story is about how a student by the name of y/n granger falls in love with her potions teacher Severus snape

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Chapter 1 intro and trouble

I felt his breath on my pale skin that has freckles dancing around my skin. I shot up as I saw that it's Draco Malfoy, my friend of 6 years, who's in the same house as me. We’re both slytherins but the thing is i'm a muggle-born or a mudblood as some people would say i hate how people think that im using draco for money or for power but i'm not our friendship is based on trust and use seeing each other as a mother and son as draco would call me mom, which i don’t mind at all i think it’s nice that draco trust me to the point that draco sees me as a parent. my name is Y/N granger, my sister hermine granger is in gryffindor, a house filled of boneheaded people who dont think a lot as for the other houses there ok, ravenclaws filled with nerds and for hufflepuff whos filled with pushovers but for slytherin it’s the best house to be in we're cunning people who will find any means necessary to get what they want and will not stop until they have it. Every slytherin as something they want and mines is that i want someone, professor snape or severus snape, my potions teachers i have fallen for him last year but this year i'm going after him and making him fall for me slowly until next year i confess my feelings because when your 17 in the wizindering world your counted as a legal adult but im only 16 right now. But as I feel my shoulder being shaken back into reality to see Draco trying to get my attention I gently smile at him as I feel my brown hair moved a little bit. I look at Draco and say, “do you need something draco?” Draco looked at me and grinned a bit as he started to talk, “yeah, for all the 6 years i’ve known you i have never seen you date anyone so do tell me do you fancy anyone at all?” I looked at him in complete shock and then once it finally regesterst in my mind I started to blush, I looked to see Draco now interested in what i'm thinking as he started to speak up, “so you do like someone Y/N! Tell me who it is. Wait let me guess is it that hufflepuff boy that keeps following you and trying to flirt with you too?” i look at draco and giggle as i shake my head at him, “n-no it's not him, but if i tell you do you promise not to tell anyone at all not even one word about it?” Draco nods his head as he understands. I sigh nodding my head as I look at him. I was blushing a bit, “ok it’s professor snape i know that he’s older than me but i can’t help but like him. Something about him attracted me to him and i don't know what to do about it.” I feel his eyes on me as his mouth is wide open not knowing what to say. I look down at the ground like it’s the most interesting thing in the world as I feel tears prick my eyes about to fall but I wasn't willing to cry not in front of Draco. That's when he spoke up, “hey it’s ok if you like him it’s ok, but i do want you to know that he’s my godfather so if you marry him that makes you my godmother which i don’t mind at all if i’m being honest.”
I start to giggle a bit i feel my name be called out but i was to busy giggling but i stopped when i hear my name be called out my a deep voice i shot up to see professor snape standing there my eyes widen as i look at him and my blush on my face as i continue to stare at him in shock i start to speak up, “h-hey professor snape is there something that you need?” he nodded his head as he spoke up, “yes professor dumbledore has told me that you want to teach potions and he has asked me to let you help me teach first years after lunch.” I nodded my head, showing that I understood the information that he was telling me about. I looked at Draco dead in his eyes as I spoke up, “how long was he there for?” Draco shrugs his shoulders once he does that and I start to panic a bit overthinking everything thinking that he heard me say that. Draco noticed the panic in my eyes as he started to pet my shoulder to try and calm me down. I looked at him a bit and got up. I looked at him and said, “Draco, I'm going to fly and calm down. Do you want to join me?” he shook his head but he did say that he wanted to watch me fly and i grinned a bit having a plain in my head to scare him a bit, so i called my broom as i hop on it and i started to fly into the air at high speeds then i let myself fall as i hold onto my broom until i was dangerously close to the ground then i pull up and i flew around the whomping willow making sure that i don’t get killed by the tree as i see professor snape watch me as i went into the sky again and dove putting a little spin in it once i landed on the ground safely draco came up to make and start to shake me while screaming, “are you mad women! You could have died when you did that!” i smiled at him and i started to laugh, “d-draco its ok im fine, i'm alive right. That’s how i get rid of my anxiety and make me calm.” I see that Draco has a worried look on his face. i look at him and say, “that revenge for making me so scared of what you think about my feeling about professor snape.” I start to laugh at his face as I look up to see professor Snape look down at me, “Miss Granger, detention at 8 oclock with me.” I looked up at him with shook written all over my face. “Pro-professor I must be hearing you wrong, you said for me to have detention? But why sir?” he looked down at me, “foolish girl, you did hear me right and the reason why you have detention is because you can’t fly when you're not in the quidditch pitch.” I let out a quiet groan as I nodded my head. “Yes sir, I will be there at 8 sir.” That's when he started to walk away as Draco looked at me sighing and then he started to grin. For a moment I looked at him then I spoke up, “ok what's on your mind because you only grin like that when you have an idea.” he nods his head not giving me an answer as he starts to walk away and I start to follow him.
“D-draco wait up what are you thinking about?” That's when he turns around as we walk through the halls all the way to the slytherin common room, “N/N why don’t you dress in something that will grab his attention, I don’t know maybe something that would get him excited if you know what i mean.” I start to blush as he nods his head yes then I sigh as I start to agree with him thinking it's my only chance to get with professor snape.
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