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Severus snape x student reader

Chapter 2 Detention with snape

It was now 7:55 o'clock i was blushing looking at what my wearing, it was a small lacy black dress that reaches midthigh that fits my figure well, i walked all the way to the potions class nerves with each step i take my black heels click that’s when i was in front of the classroom. My hands shaking as I knocked on the door hearing a come in as I walked in feeling Professor Snape's eyes on me as I heard his throat be cleared as I looked up as I started to blush even more. “You can clean and re-organize my shelves in alphabetical order.” i nod my head at his words as i start to walk up to his shelves, i feel myself start to blush as his cold dead black eyes staring at me, as I start to work on the shelves I realize that I wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelf. I turn my head to professor snape and spoke, “umm excuse me professor but I wouldn’t be able to reach the top shelf is there a latter that I can use?”
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