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{ haikyuu oneshots! }


title says it all! lemons/smut, intended lowercase. requests open!

Romance / Erotica
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tsukishima kei

i sigh as i lean my hand on my cheek, bored out of my mind as i swivel around in tsukkis desk chair. "are we going to do anything?" i ask, sighing again as i start to mess with one of his pens. "we are doing something." he says blandly. i sit up. "yeah? whats that?" i ask, my leg starting to shake, showing im aggravated.

"studying." he says it blandly yet again, not looking up from his paper. "i finished my stuff half an hour ago!" i say, showing how annoyed i was. tsukki sighs, and looks up to me. "well, study more." he immediately looks down again, writing something on his paper. "i don't want to! i already studied a lot last night..." i explain, brows furrowing. why would he let me come over when all we are going to do is study? i understand school is important, but hes so smart he doesn't need to study as much as he has been. and spending time with my blonde boyfriend is amazing, but sitting in silence is not.

"its doesn't hurt to study a lot." he shrugs, flipping to the next page he is studying over. "if i knew we would be studying the whole time, i wouldn't have come over..." i slump over in the chair, making sure i sound very annoyed. hes been doing this lately, ignoring me whenever im around him, busying himself with other stuff like work or talking to yamaguchi. i honestly don't know why, if i've done something to upset him or he just doesnt want to be with me anymore. what if he wants to break up? what if im not making him happy, maybe he thinks im annoying now? we started dating the beginning of last year, so it hasn't been as long as other couples, but still a while. we were happy together for most the time, but the past month has been terrible.

"so? i didn't force you to come over..." he grumbles, taking off his glasses and wiping them off before setting them back atop his face.. "i never said that!" i exclaim, sitting straighter in the desk chair. "i didnt say you did." he scribbles something on his paper again, a concentrated look on his face. "what the- fine, i'll just leave then...!" i jump up and quickly grab my books, shoving them in my bag. "what? i never said-" I turn around sharply and cut him off. "thats the problem! you've been so distant lately! you haven't said anything! " i try not to explode, knowing his mom is just in the other room. I sigh and look down, containing myself. "just.. nevermind, i'll see you tomorrow.." i look up just for a second, to see the shock on tsukishimas face. I rush out of his room, keeping my eyes down. If i can slip out without his mom noticing, it'll save me a few awkward conversations.

I'm about to rush out of the door, when I suddenly bump into something tall and large. I look up to see akiteru, tsukishimas brother. "woah there! whats the rush for?" he laughs, grabbing my shoulders lightly and pulling me backward. "o-oh my goodness im sorry! I d-didn't mean to!" I stumble over my words, cheeks heating up. akiteru examines my face, his eyebrows coming together in a confused look. "no no, its fine! are you ok? you seem upset? did my brother do some-" before he can get his question out, he gets cut off by a sharp voice.

"Akiteru" I turn around quickly, noticing tsukishima in the hallway. I gulp, wanting to leave more and more as each second passes. "stay out of it- it isnt your buisness." he snaps, and the surprise is evident on akiterus face. "oh, so something did happen? are you in a fight?" he asks, looking back and forth at us rapidly. "no, we arent." tsukki says, stepping forwards. "like hell we aren't..." I mumble, looking back down at the floor.

"I should probably stay out of the way.. are you staying the night, y/n?" Akiteru asks, probably looking at me. my cheeks heat up from sudden embarassment and shrug. "I dont know.. depends.." I say quietly. I peek at him through my curtain of hair. he is looking at me with a worried face, and nods. "okay well.. good luck... and tsukishima, be nice. listen to her for once." Akiteru says, walking to go find his mom. my head snaps up when I hear that, trying not to laugh at him.

"lets talk outside." Tsukki says, opening the door for me and waiting for me to walk though. although its freezing out, i agree and scurry outside quickly in fear he would get annoyed. the blonde follows and quietly closes the door behind him, not wanting to make a scene.

I trying not to make eye contact, and instead focusing on the empty flower garden outside of the house. "so, why are you so mad at me?? I don't understand what I did..!" I could tell he was upset, or getting impatient, which isn't good. I take a deep breath, trying to hold in my tears as best I can. "I.. well.. u-um..." my voice shakes without me meaning for it to, and I suddenly feel like the smallest person in the world. I fumble with my fingers, a nervous habit I have. "well what?! I don't undertsand, y/n! you got all pissy for no reason!" he sounds like hes scolding me, like I did something wrong.

warm tears roll down my cheeks as I listen to him. "I didn't get pissy, don't say that!" I yell. he looks shocked, and I couldn't tell if it was from me crying or me yelling at him for the first time in ever. "I'm not in the wrong here, tsukishima! you have been ignoring me, being short with me, avoiding me, for the past month! I dont know what i'm doing wrong?! do you hate me now? do I suck that much that you don't even want to be seen with me at school?! hell, the only reason you've been having me come over in the afternoon is because yamaguchi said something about your actions!" I yell, tears making my vision blurry. I wipe my eyes, not wanting to be seen as weak. i shiver slightly, the cold nipping at my bare arms and legs.

"I-if you want to break up, then fine! just tell me! don't leave me here, c-confused and heartbroken because you don't have the balls to tell me you don't l-love me anymore!" my voice is shaking, showing how upset I really am right now. I know im being loud, and I dont care if anyone hears. "do you even realize how short you've been with me recently!? Its like I don't even exist to you!" I cry, staring him right in the eyes. his face has a mix of emotions, shock, worry, and fear? he actually looks frightened. was he scared of someone hearing, or was he scared of losing me? my heart aches in my chest, beating rapidly as though it would jump right out of me. no, no way was he scared of losing me. he hasn't even been acting like he loves me. or is he scared? my mind races as I watching him trying, but fail, to say something helpful.

after about 30 seconds of awkward staring, i decide i've had enough. I adjust my school bag, and get ready to walk away. "fine, im leaving. don't bother texting me." I state, turning around and walk off his porch. the cold wind slaps against my face, making me wish i had a jacket.

"wait!!" he yells, stumbling after me. I try to ignore him and start walking down the sidewalk to my house. "wait! no, stop for a second y/n!" he grabs my arm, forcing me to turn around and look at him. his eyes look worried, his whole face is actually screwed up in worry. I've never seen him like that..

his large hand goes up to my face, quickly wiping the tears away. "listen, im really sorry. I didn't really think about how you would feel- I didn't really think about what I was doing either.. I really am sorry, don't leave.." he says, wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug. I hug back, shoving my face in his chest. I inhale his scent, trying to calm down. he smells like cinnamon, from his moms baking, mixed with the slight sent of his cologne. it makes me feel warm and welcome, a scent im used to.. "w-why.. why'd you do this?" I ask, my voice muffled.

I hear him sigh, and his hand rubs my back soothingly. "I... i don't know... I honestly just felt like..." he cuts himself off. I look up at him, confused. "like what?" I ask, wanting a proper explanation. "I just... I don't know.. I don't have any excuse, im sorry.." his hand brushes against my cheek, and pushes a loose strand of hair behind my ear. "I know you deserve a proper explanation, but I really don't have one. I promise I will be better, I made a huge mistake.." he says, stroking my hair softly. I feel my heart swell up in my chest, he has never been this kind to me. hes never hugged me for this long. never would i think that tsukishima kei would admit to his actions and feelings.

"....I forgive you. but if you keep ignoring me- or if this happens again, im not giving you a second chance!" I say bravely, smirking slightly. he holds back a laugh, nodding. "yes ma'am" he kisses my nose, and breaks from the hug, "lets go get some dinner, and warm you up. im now freezing and starving." he says, intertwining our fingers and smiling softly.

1714 words; slightly edited

Im sorry if he was kind of OOC towards the end, but I thought it was kinda cute:) soft tsukki? yes pleas

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