Hinata's Secret

Trip to America

Hinata’s POV:

It was a normal day in karasuno(that’s what she said) Kageyama was tossing for me The tree forgotten ones where on the bench Nishinoya and Tanaka were getting scolded by Suga-san and Daichi the suddenly “BAM” Takeda sensei busted through the doors panting Coach told him to take a breath so his did

“I have amazing news”(Takeda)

“what is it ?” (Suga)

"we have training camp in America for 3 months with Fukurodani, Aoba Johsai " (Takeda)

while everyone was excited I was busy thinking ′what if they found out. oh no no no” suga must have noticed me panicking cause...

Suga POV:

While we were celebrating I noticed Hinata was panicking so I went to him and asked him

"Are you okay ?" (Suga)

"Y-yes" (Hinata)

"Oh okay" (Suga)

then Hinata went to sensei and asked Takeda-sensei

"When are we going ?" (Hinata)

"Tomorrow" (Takeda)

"Go home and get some rest make sure to come 4:30"(Coach Ukai)

Hinata rushed out the gym doors and went home the others looked at him in shock.

Is it me or was my Khohai acting strange (Noya)

Go home(Ukai)


To be Continued...

Words: 200

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