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Shatter My Heart ; Fred Weasley


"y/n!!" shouted a voice, that echoed through y/n's head, it felt like nails digging into your head. Y/n looked around. Blackness, nothing, emptiness. It was strange, she knew she was in a room, because she was standing perfectly standing up, but there was nothing in sight. Just the sound of her name echoing throughout the place. Y/n looked around, her head spinning like crazy. "Y/N!!" a familiar voice shouted. Y/n jolted up, she spun her head to look at her surroundings, her sight was hazy, but she knew exactly where she was.

The Hogwarts Express.

It was her younger brother Neville Longbottom. A sigh of relief washed over her. It was just a dream she thought placing her hand over her heart to feel it rising up and down rapidly. "Okay you seriously sleep through anything" scoffed Neville, a soft chuckle followed shortly after. "Thanks, I didn't know that Sherlock" retorted y/n, as she stood up from the side of her head being placed on the frosted window. Suddenly Neville's footsteps became like distant patters while y/n was busy gathering her luggage and bird cage.

Knock knock the sound of a quiet knock on the side of the compartment filled the empty train. y/n turned her attention from under the seat, gathering her candy wrappers from earlier to see the two tall gingers peering over her hunched body. "Why hello there y/n. Miss us?" asked George with a smirk appearing across his rosy, freckled face. A similar smirk appeared on the other just as big and sarcastic. y/n groaned and rolled her eyes as she peered into their eyes from above. The gingers were leaning on either side of the compartment's entrance, practically blocking anyway to get in or out. "Oo mad are we? I thought you'd be happy to see us" chuckled Fred, as he glanced up and down y/n. "No, why would I be happy to see two idiots" y/n sighed, now with her cage and suitcase in her hands. Y/n never realized how tall they were, sure she knew she wasn't super tall, but the twins looked like towers compared to her.

Both twins stepped away from the entrance to let y/n through. "Why thank you....gits" y/n thanked sarcastically, then murmured the last part, as she walked down the aisle. "What was that?" Fred asked annoyed while he started to walk fast to catch up with y/n. "Oh nothing you'll have to worry about" y/n grinned at the gingers, as she stared up at them while being on the solid ground, and George and Fred being on the entrance of the train. Fred furrowed his eyebrows, as George glanced puzzled at his twin then at y/n. Finally y/n let out an exasperated sigh then finished with "omg all I called you was a git, it was meaningless. Jeez''.

y/n began to walk away from the two, since it was clear she was completely done with them. Before she could check to see if they were following her she grouped up with her brother and Luna Lovegood. "Hi y/n" Luna beamed, y/n responded with a small simple and began "hi Luna how was your summer?". "It was really good, I got more crystals I could show you" Luna responded, happy that someone was paying attention to her.

Something caught Luna's eye behind y/n's head that made her eyes go slightly wide eyed. "I'd love to" responded y/n. Seconds later y/n asked "what's wrong, are thing one and thing two behind me?" y/n added sarcastically. "No, it's someone new" Luna exclaimed as if she just won one million galleons. "Yeah there is something called first years" giggled Neville. "No like someone in seventh year" gaped Luna once more. Both Neville and y/n turned their attention to where Luna was gazing. There stood a girl with flowy snow white hair that had tiny pieces braided down her hair, and bright blue eyes. She was She was the definition of pretty. y/n and Neville's mouth fell open straight to the ground. Suddenly everyone turned their attention to the multiple carriages. "Well whoever she is, she is definitely my bi awakening" giggled Luna. Y/n and Neville glanced at each other and immediately bursted into laughter. "Oh my gosh...Luna" Neville said in between giggles.

* * *

The ride to the boat dock was frustrating and exciting at the same time if that's even possible. Y/n was stuck with Fred, George, Neville, Luna, and that new girl, along with the ferret (aka Draco). "Well look who it is" grinned Draco as he piled into the carriage, as Luna and Neville were already in with y/n. A loud whine escaped y/n's lips as she saw the gingers piling in with Draco. "Oh funnnnnnn more people" sarcastically beamed y/n. "Oh come on y/n don't be mean" smirked Fred as he sat across from y/n, with George and Draco on either side of him.

"Um, is this carriage taken?" a quiet but bold voice asked, everyone turned towards the entrance. It was the blondie. y/n hadn't even realized how cool her outfit was, she was wearing a dark green sweater that was definitely to big on her, with dark colorful flowy pants that had different shapes and lines all over, she was wearing tons and tons of colorful jewelry covering her wrists, neck, fingers, she wore platform doc martens, but she was still short. In the girl's hand was an old book and her bag. Y/n definitely felt under dressed in her leggings and hoodie. For a brief minute y/n and her made eye contact. "Yeah of course" smiled y/n. "Wow I don't think I've ever seen you smile" chuckled Fred, with Draco joining in, but Luna shot the Slytherin in a look of hatred. The blondie climbed up onto the carriage and sat in between Fred and George (which was the only seat available apparently).

"So what's your name?" Neville asked, clearing the uncomfortable silence. "Olivia. Olivia Lupin" she smiled. "Your Lupin's daughter?" exclaimed the twins, she nodded. Their faces relaxed after a few minutes of their mouth hanging open in shock."What's that?" pointed a disgusted and frightened Draco, to her bag that was seated by her feat. the carriage started to begin to move. The girl reached into her bag and pulled out a bright red furry creature. "Ah, this is my cat, Tom. Isn't he cute? " she grinned, giving everyone a glance at the cat. "Why is he red?" asked Fred, very confused. "Oh right! he changes color with certain emotions" Olivia explained to everyone, as she petted the fur ball in her lap. Suddenly the cat turned into a dark shade of purple. "What emotion is he now?" Y/n asked with wide eyes. She had never heard of anything like a color changing cat. "Relaxed" responded Olivia.

The rest of the ride to the dock was just small talk between Olivia and everyone else. She came to Hogwarts for her seventh year because she got expelled at Ilvermorny School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and Beauxbatons Academy of Magic for blowing up the potions classroom TWICE. Also how she was technically adopted, since Remus wasn't her real father, and how she doesn't know her parents.

Minutes later Hogwarts appeared into the seven kid's sight. The carriage stopped, and everyone hoped off. While they waited for the rest of the student's carriages as they were instructed by Professor Mcgonagall. The awkward silence crept over the kids, as they didn't really know what to say in the meantime. "Ooo I got an idea" exclaimed George. "What?" asked Fred quietly, George bent his face to Fred's ear and whispered something no one could map out. Fred's face completely lit up, freaking everyone else out, but no one seemed to care that much. "What?" y/n asked annoyed that he didn't tell everyone. "You'll see" was all that came out of the ginger twins.

y/n groaned towards Luna and Neville that were completely zoned out, looking far into the distance at the large stone school. Even Olivia was admiring its features, but they all snapped out of their trance once Hagrid appeared in front of us. "Well you all know thee drill, seventh years make your way across the water" Hagrid nodded towards y/n and her 'friends'.

Everyone began to separate into three's to each small wooden boat at the dock. Y/n realized that Luna and Neville had gone with the new girl Olivia. And she surely wasn't gonna go with ferret boy, besides Pansy and Blaise was with him. Then it hit y/n. She would have to go with the dimwit Weasley twins. She slowly dragged over to the boat they were already sitting in. "ugh, can I go with you two?" groaned y/n to the gingers. They both glanced at each other then back at y/n and nodded but with a creepy smirk on both their faces. y/n hopped in the back with Fred right in front of her. He smelled of marshmallows, firewood, and some sort of cologne, but not like Draco's, like earthy.

The wooden boat began to drift into the water with the other boats. The sun was setting now, it looked beautiful with the school in front of the sunset and the pink and yellow sky behind it. The water was dark blue and sparkled in the dim sunlight that was left.

y/n bent down carefully to feel if the water was cold or warm, but she didn't realize that George wanted to do that as well. When George bent down to touch the water y/n tumbled over the boat. y/n felt her body falling to the side. She let out a yelp as her whole body submerged into the water. To answer your question if it was warm or cold...it was below cold, it was freezing. y/n tried to open her eyes, but easily failed. She felt like she was sinking, drowning. She couldn't breath. Suddenly two large hands gripped her waist making her squirm. She felt herself flop on the boat again. y/n's eyes finally adjusted, everyone was staring at her. EVERYONE.

"Oh.....shit" was all she could manage to whisper, coughing up water as she spoke. Her gaze turned to the left and saw a completely dry George and a soaking wet Fred.


Let me know what you guys thought about the first chapter, like I said the first few are sorta boring it will get better promise.

D <3
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