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The Only Difference: an Outsiders Fanfiction


The story follows along with the lives of Ashtyn and Luna as they spend time and form relationships with the outsiders boys.

Romance / Action
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{00} Intro

The group of boys had been fond of hanging out with the two girls for a while. even with the difference in the "groups" they were all still amazing friends. I guess i should explain a bit more as to what im talking about. In our home there are two more prodominant groups. You have the greasers, and then you have the socs. I guess you could compare the two groups to jocks and nerds in a way, not to say any of the greasers are nerds. If were being serious here, the only real differences are the amount of money our families have, and our style.

Well im going to get back on track here, me and Ashtyn had never seen the real need for "social norms". I didnt particularly care what anyone said and everyone knew that fact quite well, and Ashtyn set her own norms in a way. The two of us both grew quite close to the boys, although I guess I should elaborate a bit more on what I mean by 'the boys'. There are Darry Sodapop Ponyboy, who are all brothers, Johnny Dallas Steve and Keith. I first meet the group of seven through Darry. I met Darry in high school before his parents accident. Even though me and Darry were friends before his parents death, we did not grow really close until a few months before. It was then I was introduced to the others. I meet Sodapop and Ponyboy first and became close with them before meeting Dallas and Johnny, then Steve and Keith. I guess you could say Ashtyn came into the picture a month or two after i meet the whole group. Me and Ashtyn had been friends quite litterally for our whole lives, well from what we can remember, considering I am a few months older than her. When she found out I had been hanging out with the group of boys she asked me to introduce her and she hit it off with them as well.

I was now 19, i'm going on 20 in a couple months. In a way I knew some strange, and sometimes questionable things would happen in the future especially considering I spent most my days with Ponyboy Darry and Sodapop. But if we're all being compleatley honest nothing could have ever prepared me and Ashtyn for what was to come.

I am Luna and this is the story of my life with the Curtis boys and their friends.

A/N- Hello readers! This is a new fanfiction that I am writing for my good friend, who is actually playing one of the charicters in this story! This is a birthday present of sorts that I have been working on for a little while so I hope you can all bear with me as I wright this story and work on updating my other ones.

See you in the next chapter!

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