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The Only Difference: an Outsiders Fanfiction

{01}A Glimpse into the Past pt.1, Before the Crash

I ran to the bench where me and my closest friend sit at lunch. I jumped onto the bench grinning before turning to my friend. "I don't know why your so excited Luna, we sit together every day" Darrel Curtis, or Darry said turning to me. "But you're so popular and lunch is the only time I can talk with you without getting attacked by your fangirls." He rolled his eyes at me shaking his head. "Yeah yeah, you say the same things every day at lunch. You could always come to the house, you know my kid brothers enjoy your company." I smiled opening up my lunch picking up my sandwich."You know I might take you up on that offer."

Darry chuckled shaking his head at me. You see, while Darry was my best friend he was also insanely popular. He was the football captain after all. He easily gained the attention of most of the females in the school. Putting that all aside Darry and I had known each other since freshman year, before the popularity and the sports. We stayed close over the years and here we are, hiding from his crazy ass fans so we could eat in peace.

I smiled softly before beginning to talk again. "So, how do you think the next game is gonna go?" He smiled taking a bite out of his lunch before answering my question."It should go great, as long as they remember the game plan."

~Time skip~

I was walking outside of the school heading to my car before Darry started to walk beside me."Want to hang out at my house?" I turned to him smiling, "sure why the hell not? It's been forever since I've seen your little brothers and I can give you a ride home too." Darry hummed in agreement grinning at me. I slipped into the driver's seat of my car turning it on as Darry slid into the passenger seat. I pulled out of my parking spot driving to his house rather quietly. He looked out the window watching things pass by in the windows. soon enough we reached his home. I pulled my car into the driveway of the house and parked it turning the car off and getting out. "I'm surprised you still remember how to get to my house considering you haven't come over in so long." I laughed shaking my head at his antics."Don't tease me, Darrel Curtis."

Darry chuckled walking into the house, me following behind him." You know you didn't have to use my full name right?" I closed the door behind me raising an eyebrow at him."Are you sure about that? I'm almost 100 percent certain that you never listen when I don't Darry." He laughed at me as Ponyboy raced to the door smiling when he saw me. "Luna! You finally came back to see me!" I laughed at his reaction hugging him tightly when he got to me." It's only been a month and a half since I dropped by Pony." Ponyboy looked up at me narrowing his eyes. "Yeah, a month and a half too long Luna." I laughed as Darry shook his head walking to the kitchen. I followed as soon as Pony let me go.

~Time skip~

It was the last day of school and I was sitting on my usual bench, but there was one change. I was alone. Darry had dropped out of school to take care of his brothers. The boy's parents had recently died in a car crash. I honestly felt really bad, although from what I last heard from Darry, he would be getting custody of his two younger brothers. I haven't heard from Darry since then, but he had recently picked up two jobs to support the boys. I had considered bringing food over but I didn't know when they would all be home or who they would have over. Soon enough lunch was over and I was rushing over to my next class and continuing to move from class to class throughout the day until it was time to go home. I was home soon enough entering and greeting my parents before going to the house phone dialing Darry's home number. It rung for a few minutes before someone picked it up. "Hello? " Sodapop's familiar voice answered the phone. "hey Soda, it's Luna,"

Sodapop's pov

I was sitting on the couch talking to Dally when the phone started to ring. I got up looking over to pony to see if he had any ideas who it was but he simply shook his head. I picked up the phone before answering. "Hello?" I asked before a familiar voice responded. "Hey soda, it's Luna." I smiled."Hey, we haven't heard from you in a while, where have you been?" Pony looked over at me weirdly." With Darry being so busy and not knowing who all you'd have over I didn't want to just show up and knock on the door. How are you and Pony?" My question had got the attention of the others with them all now starting at me. Pony was the first to speak up."Soda who is it?" I looked over at him before speaking to luna again. "Why don't you come over and find out? Darry should be home soon and I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to see you right now." I heard her laugh through the phone as I grinned at Pony. "You sure? I can always come some other time." At this point, Pony was confused as to why I was inviting someone else over since everyone but Darry was here. "Yeah come on, none of us have seen you in a while, it will be good for us." I smiled as she gave in. "Fine I'll be there in a half-hour tops, bye." With that, she hung up and I put the phone back. I turned to Pony smiling." Luna's coming over to see us." The boys looked at me in confusion having never met the female, but Ponys face lit up excitedly. "Really? She's coming over? She hasn't come to visit in forever!" The boys looked at him in confusion as Darry walked through the door looking around. "Okay, what's up?" I turned to him smiling. "Luna's coming over to visit, she said she'd be here soon." Darry stared at me for a second smiling once he realized what I had said."Luna's really coming over?"

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