Family Comes First


The Story of Miley Buckley and her adventures with her family and friends. FOX own's 911, CREDITS TO THEM.

Drama / Other
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Hii everybody! I’m very excited to announce that the first chapter of my new book will be coming very soon! I’ve been working on the first chapter for a couple of weeks, and I think it’s finally ready to publish. This book is based on 911, you’ll be going through the first season of it. Let’s just get through some quick info about the book and myself.

1. I have changed some of the plots, so don’t even try and accuse me of copyright

2. I’m always learning and trying to improve my writing, so please tell me if you see a grammar mistake. Thank you

3. This is a FANFICTION so I do NOT own the show/series 3. I only own the tiny bits of plot that I changed

4. A new chapter will be posted every week(at least that’s what I’m starting with.) I’ll also give you guys a heads up when I will not be posting that week.

5. All credits to Ryan Murphy, Brad Falchuk, Tim Minear, and FOX

About the author

Hello again! My name is Miley, I’d prefer you to call me “my”. I’m really sorry that this wasn’t a Miley book, but I do plan on making my next book a Miley book. because you are the main character😩 NEVER let anyone think you aren’t. You can find most of my all about me on my profile.

Anyways I understand if you don’t like the book. I’m also open to constructive criticism. welcome to my new book, and thank you again.


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