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Tommyinit x reader fanfic This is about soulmates. And here soulmates can hear each other’s thoughts. Will they find each other or will they just forget about each other. There is only one way to find out. Also this is a dream smp fan fiction.

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"Hey chat today I will be doing the usual. You guys give me songs to sing while I try to beat Minecraft." Alex says as she sets the seed.

Then a robotic voice said "Can you sing Sunkissed and or Bim Bam toi"

"Sure I will sing the second one first and sorry if I sing it wrong" Alex answers

Then she started to sing it and when she finished it she started to sing sunkissed. After about 1 hour of songs she finally beaten the game.

"I'am going to end the stream here chat" Alex said before a donation can in

A robotic voice said "hey you are a really good gamer"
"Thanks, ok on that note I am going to stop the stream bye see you guys later" Alex replied

Then she ended the stream. And went to bed.


When she started to go though tiktok and the voices started again.

"Hey why don't you reread Percy Jackson" the voice said "Or you can put music on and put your self in the book and put other people in the book too"

"Hey voice that is a good idea" Alex said

After 1 hour of walking back and forth

"Have you eaten Alex" the voice said

"No" Alex said

"When was the last time you ate" asked the voice

"Lunch" Alex said

"And that was at around 10:25 and it is 5:35" the voice said like it was lecturing me "Go eat"

"But mom is not here and last time I cooked I burned it" Alex said

"I'am home Alex hunny" Alex's mom said "Come and eat"


"Coming mom" Alex said

Hope you liked it and I might no post that often so don't get your hopes up.
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