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Hogwarts AU year 1


Luciana Black-LeStrange and Darcy Potter-Malfoy are first year Hogwarts students. The cousins are incredibly excited to learn all of the magic spells and tricks that the generation before them got to experience. The universe had made extremely large exceptions for them to exist, earning them the titles "children of destiny". It seems though, as they discover the secrets of Hogwarts they will also discover the secrets of themselves and their bond to each other,

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Chapter 1

~ Darcy’s POV ~

“FATHER!! I CAN’T FIND MY FELIX FELICIS!!”, I yelled across the house, panicking because I couldn’t find my good luck potion.

I never go anywhere without it, I mean, it’s never failed me before. I keep it on a string tied around my neck so it acts as a sort of necklace.

“Coming darling!!” my father, Draco Malfoy, yelled back to me. Today was mine and my best friend, Luciana’s, first day at Hogwarts. Both my father and my dad, Harry Potter, went there. I remember wanting to attend when I was just a small girl.

My father came into the room. “Where would you like to start, dear?” he asked me.

I shrugged my shoulders at him. He walked toward my dresser, and then tripped almost knocking over my furniture. I suddenly saw something glow out of the corner of my eye.

I gasped, picking up the necklace, “Thank you father! You’re the best!!” I held out my hand and helped my father to regain his footing.

“Glad we found it, sweetheart. Luciana is waiting in the living room, she was ready half an hour ago!” he said teasingly.

I rolled my eyes and grabbed my luggage, heading out of my bedroom door. I saw Luciana talking with my dad.

She saw me and exclaimed, “What took you so long?! We might miss the train because of you!!”

“I don’t think that’ll be a problem, girls.” my dad said, holding up a bag.

He handed it to me and went into the kitchen. He came out seconds later, holding two identical bags, most likely containing snacks. My dad was always the one to pack extra food, even though there would be a feast after the sorting ceremony. He took the bag from earlier out of my hand and opened it. Luciana and I looked at each other, excited for our first time using floo powder.

He stood in front of us, and clearing his throat, he said, “Now girls, you have to be very specific about where you want to go. Diagon Alley. Got that?”

Luciana and I both nodded in sync. He held the bag out in front of us, and motioned for us to take a pinch.

Luciana went first. “Diagon Alley”, she said, sprinkling the powder over herself. She disappeared in a puff of magical smoke.

I was next. I took a pinch of Floo Powder from the bag and went over to stand in the fireplace. I must have looked nervous, because both of my parents gave me a reassuring nod.

I took a deep breath, and said, “Diagon Alley”. I then sprinkled the powder over myself, and the journey began.

~ Luciana’s POV ~

I was wondering what was taking Darcy so long, when she appeared in a puff of smoke. I smiled teasingly at her and said, “Took you long enough.”

She rolled her eyes jokingly, and looked around.

“Cool, isn’t it?” I asked.

She nodded, and her dad came in a puff of smoke behind us looking at his communicator. He had received a message from one of the teachers at Hogwarts . Honestly, I had forgotten he was the Headmaster of Hogwarts. Shortly afterwards, her father came too.

He said, “Well girls, we should hurry, shouldn’t we? We don’t want to be late, especially to the sorting ceremony.”

Weren’t you late to the sorting ceremony once, dad?” Darcy asked him. Uncle Harry replied, “Well, yes, but not to mine.” We all laughed and began to walk towards Ollivanders.

We arrived at the door and Uncle Harry held it open for Darcy and I. We stepped inside and our senses were filled with the smell of wood. Uncle Harry walked up to the counter and began to talk with the man behind it.

“I have two first years here who need wands.” he said.

The man replied, “Mr.Potter! I haven’t seen you since you were but a wee lad!! Are these your daughters?” My heart stopped. I knew I wasn’t his real daughter, but he still treated me like I was.

“Yes, this is Luciana, and this is Darcy.” Uncle Harry said, pointing to us as he said our names. The man nodded, “Who would like to go first, dears?”

“Ooo ooo, me!” Darcy exclaimed, practically jumping up and down.

She walked up to the counter, and the man, who I assumed was Ollivander, pulled out a long box and held it out towards her. With an expectant smile on her face she lightly touched the wand.

“This particular wand is a 12 3/4 inches Laurel Wood with a Phoenix Feather core,” Olivander said from his side of the counter. “It seems very suited to your personality.”

Everyone in the room seemed to hold their breath as Darcy gently caressed the wand before picking up the wand and… Slamming it on the table!

“I- What the heck Darcy!”, I shouted, taken completely by surprise.

“Darcy Potter-Malfoy, what is the meaning of this?” Uncle Draco asked sternly.

She ignored all of our protest and whispered to the wand, “Wake up you lazy bum, your master is here”.

I noticed that Olivander did not seem upset, or even surprised, he just watched with interest.

The wand sputtered, as if waking up from a long sleep. The room was suddenly filled with darkness. In the darkness you could see small bright stars. Entire galaxies seem to spread across the area.

Darcy tapped her wand, satisfied, “Good wand”. The wand vibrated slightly before repelling the illusion, pleased to have been praised by their new master.

She turned to me, wand in hand, “Look Luciana! I have the same core as dad!”

I smiled, “I’m proud”.

While she turned to receive her praise from her parents I walked up to the counter, eager to find my match. When I finally stopped in front of Ollivander he hummed, still staring at Darcy’s bouncing figure.

“She’s a prodigy alright”, He stated simply before turning to me.

I looked at him straight in the eye and raised my chin, “I know”

The second he made eye contact with me he paled.

“A- are you-” He stuttered slightly.

I held my hand out ignoring his question, “My wand?”

He seemed to have snapped out of whatever spell he was under. He nodded before reaching under the table and pulling out a fancy looking case. He held it out towards me. I grabbed the case and opened it excited to touch the wand.

“This one is 10 ½ inches long, apple wood with a unicorn hair core.”, Ollivander explained the wand stats.

Hardly listening to him I waved the wand in the air and waited...

And waited...

And waited some mo-

“Why isn’t anything happening?” Darcy asked from somewhere behind me.

I looked at Ollivander, desperate for an explanation.

He just smiled, “Don’t worry, that just means that this wand isn’t a match.” He took the wand from me before giving me another one. This one was a more basic design.

Ollivander told me the stats again as I flexed the wand before tapping on the table.

Again, nothing happened, I gave him back the wand in exchange for another one. This one’s case was different shades of blue. He didn’t even bother to explain what this one was made of, this time opting for silence. Once again the wand refused to acknowledge me.

Finally after this happened four more times Ollivander sighed, “I was hoping it wouldn’t come to this but I guess only one wand will work for you.”

He then went into a separate room leaving me at the counter.

I turned to my family dejected, Uncle Harry patted my shoulder, “This happened to me on my first time too”

Uncle Draco spoke up from next to me, “It’s true, this is actually quite common. Though, of course, it didn’t happen to me”

Uncle Harry looked over his shoulder to glare at him.

Uncle Draco cleared his throat before rephrasing, “What I meant was there is no shame in this, it just means that your wand will be all the more unique.”

I nodded, not entirely convinced. We stood in silence, waiting for Ollivander to return.

Eventually Ollivander came out of the other room with a case in his hand.

Not entirely confident, I reached out to touch the case. It was black velvet with silver trimmings and a silver deathly hallows symbol in the center. I gently held the warm case and took off the lid to reveal a 13 ¼ inch Yew wood wand with a dragon heartstring core. I didn’t know how I knew that but it sort of just came to me.

Ollivander leaned into my ear so that only I could hear, “It came from the same heart as your mother’s”.

I took a deep breath, lightly caressing the wand and blacked out.

Ch. 1 end

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